The website is to flow or high conversion

website has a large number of clicks, keyword ranking was enhanced, and into the flow of the other pages can promote the keywords ranking, and ranking on the site, natural flow will also change, this is a benign cycle, and according to a study of data information provided by the teachers Road explosion also, the website is natural PV and the conversion rate is proportional to the charge is not to get the result of this

traffic and conversion rate of all sites is pursuit of things, but also evaluation is an important index for a web site, said the site is going to flow or high conversion of this problem, I believe many web site optimization personnel have met, today the author according to their own experience to talk about some personal views. read more

Three principles of website promotion can not blindly effect

first, promotion is a complementary process, not in a way to go black. In the actual operation process, we will find a lot of friends blindly believe some of the popular products, such as WeChat. Watching others do WeChat marketing to earn money, he will do, to promote their products, but the money is not, in the end even at WeChat is not. In fact, try to see the problem from many angles, those suitable for WeChat promotion basically is a common thing in life, such as mask, watches, sports shoes such as rigid products. The rigid demand for this kind of thing is relatively large, but the price is not very expensive. We accept them is more appropriate, if you are a home appliance, then you go to the road of WeChat marketing is clearly not appropriate, contrary to the forum Post Bar do some marketing effect will be better. This is a very simple truth, not on the Internet which product is the most suitable for promotion, some means of promotion or to see their own product attributes, but we have to understand that the promotion is steps and techniques, we cannot expect a means of promotion can not only bring us flow can also bring the conversion rate, we should combine multiple channels together. Do you like the beauty of marketing in WeChat, then after the drainage will need to do some keywords ranking in the search engine, make brand credibility. This is the whole promotion process must pay attention to. read more

Entrepreneurs don’t come first The new district is not your Utopia300 thousand headlines monthly a

in income, 300 thousand account accounts, 30 million yuan

the distance from Beijing West Railway Station to Xiongxian is not more than 1 hours. A sales office was filled with ">"

I understand that

Zhang Yiming believes that the content of gold mining text can still, after a short video content business become the next outlet, the reason is: in the video of the "production" and "distribution" and "interactive" 3 links, great changes have occurred. read more

According to Shanghai dragon feature production and optimization techniques

for network editor, according to different material selection often need to make corresponding topics, which has become the essential skill of network editing. However, at present our editorial in making thematic only from the topic of the content and appearance of the page, often overlooked on the topic of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. Although the promotion project, Shanghai dragon is just one but not all, but if there is no Shanghai dragon concept promotion do always feel lack of essence. This section, from the special day edge for everyone in the making of code optimization, content selection, etc. briefly expounds the forum layout. read more

f one day we lost the search engine site will decide on what path to follow

is not a site

search engine is a kind of get traffic channels, all of the

remember, as a search engine, it is just a channel or get traffic tools, it is not all of the web site. Or some people think it sounds unbelievable, left the search engine you can do what

review: June 22nd domestic search engine boss love a large area of Shanghai K station, many grassroots webmaster in this hot summer a bit of irritability, head of the forum every day is unusually hot, eight or nine owners have been affected. After many webmaster love in retaliation for Shanghai set up anti love Shanghai alliance crazy click on PPC ads. read more

Keywords Guiyang website optimization ranking takes a long time

, 4 popular keywords


is generally popular keywords do home time is 6 months or 6 months or more, the popular keyword search volume every day nearly 1000, and the emergence of a large number of popular search keywords love Shanghai auction sites at home. For example, the "plastic" this word is generally popular keywords, the average search volume over 1000, and there are a large number of bidding links. Another feature is generally popular keywords is the home page column page rank or station. read more

Google officially launched over optimized penalty algorithm for foreign trade winter is coming

background: at the beginning of March nobility baby Engineer Matt will punish the excessive use of search engine optimization Website

3 at the end of period, a large number of owners received non natural link "noble baby Webmaster Tools" to inform

algorithm optimization excessive punishment

for Google friends, this event is certainly no stranger, called as death declaration, the general content: Dear XXX贵族宝贝 website owners or webmasters: we detected some of your site’s pages may be used in violation of nobility baby webmaster guidelines technology. Specifically, it is possible to find artificial or unnatural links, these links to your site and attempt to manipulate PageRank. For example, buying links to pass PageRank or participate in link schemes, these are non natural link behavior. We advise you to make changes to your site so that it meets our quality guidelines. Make the corresponding change, please submit your site for noble baby review. If you find to your site that you are unable to control or remove unnatural links, please provide the details in your reconsideration request. Then received the notice of the site are different degrees of punishment, it can only say that you violated the algorithm of Google website. read more

Analysis of competitive keywords acquisition and optimization method

‘s own goal

2. 5-10 "pre target keywords, the keywords in the list or noble love Shanghai baby natural ranking of the top ten websites, and websites strength.

website space needed to support URL rewriting, this is the need to pay attention to the choice of the host. In fact, URL’s purpose is very simple, just to make the site pseudo static, one can increase the website access speed, loading web content on the other hand also can let the spider more easily, make the URL become friendly, improve the user experience. The most common URL rewriting usage is a group of URL hierarchical structure into a string, query string URL, for example 贵族宝贝ww> read more

48 hours into the love of Shanghai top three reliable

now love Shanghai update algorithm, this principle is also useful for

3. ad

this is as much as today is a dry cargo, Shanghai dragon skills (贵族宝贝e276贵族宝贝/), is the Shanghai Dragon technology such as ranking tenth, index 100, you click every day 500 times, will make you feel your ranking? You say one or two times that you click every day, then you may not be 480 hours before three. That should see what? Say, has recently been a real.

Webmaster Tools need to pay attention to what? read more

2012 noble baby prophecy and domestic copycat Watch

3, remember the image search application? It will be applied to the noble baby pictures on the web search, and analyze the image and identify the objects and characters. This is not something to copy the domestic enterprises, the concept of hope to the noble baby 09 years of the transparent plate continues to move.

noble baby Doodle

< >

4, Music will become a noble baby subscription service. The content of this I still can not intuitively understand it. But the noble baby Music has been based on genuine music in a way to bring you high quality service, but the service only for U.S. users, if want to experience, only try to visit U.S. agent. Music subscription service in China is actually a lot, the best performance is the music website launched radio service. read more

Dry cargo the line on the site before do


site: site plan, prepare a target and planning


in medical plastic industry also has a full two years old, because I have PHP, so in the procedure is also a little to understand it, this also allows me to accelerate the Shanghai dragon to get started. One day, on a whim, simply do a plastic three party website, because of Chengdu’s plastic industry is too much, I stand in the user’s point of view to think, if I want to go to do surgery, how should I find myself I need? So I’ll follow this paper (Chapter I is think of one thing to write a bit, so some unfluent places should also contain). read more

For those on why site is k or drop right and keywords ranking disappeared people

please look at the latest Shanghai love what update? Can love Shanghai Webmaster Platform look, or A5, search outside, behind, Chinaz forum to look at


stable Mentality — please think carefully you at this time, what did the operation on the


actually I want to say is, when a web site is a problem, as a Shanghai dragon Er

then I see good people answer in general is "you site garbage outside the chain too much, your article content quality is too low, you optimize excessive, your server stability is not stable, your friend chain is not affected by the" and so on, here are. They have the possibility to answer, but do you think they will carefully analyze your website to give a reliable answer? To answer the 80% people do not look at your site. Even if they do, they can better understand this site than you? The answer is no! So instead of wasting so much time, why we do not seriously analyze? You might say you’re looking for, did not identify the problem, so I ask for help, this is right, but I want to say is you I undertake to the website analysis? You don’t tell me, I see my site outside the chain is no problem, this is not a problem, the site does not exist unopenable phenomenon and so on, these are actually self consolation! More than speech on behalf of the donkey brother personal thoughts, don’t hold me read more

A good Shanghai dragon must have the ability and technology

: capacity:

3, keyword:


The ability to choose

4, website data analysis:

is a website with the above 4 abilities, it is like a frame of your house has been built, so how we can live comfortably and call a friend to say, there must be refined optimization techniques:

from the primary school we started to contact the text, can really come in handy, want to write text, then the effect is amazing. Some of the same text through the combination of different results, it will express a variety of all sorts of strange things. So, you know, no one does not know the master of Shanghai Longfeng editor. read more

Examples the site is in love with gross return altitude January

Before the The

data because no reservation has been unable to find. Until September 6th, our love is still in Shanghai included 0. K to the sea is love not left, we do the following things. Speak before want to introduce a pen by the K site. The site with almost all static page generation, appearance is not good, but because of various reasons, has not yet to be improved. N long site is not in the basic state of renewal, but because of the chain accumulation and Months and years pass by. white hat Shanghai dragon brings the website keywords natural ranking is quite good. Key words basically can industry keywords and web site on the home page ranking not, until August 13. read more

A how can we let on regular and timely update snapshot

method is only suitable for the home page is dynamic website, if it is a static website simply can not achieve the random effect, you can not always generate home in the background, so the second method is the exchange of several Links, each other’s love of Shanghai is of course the more new snapshot better, exchange Links everyone be able to do the key is the selection process.

this problem is seen from the Shanghai dragon WHY forum, but I look very much the concern of the people, it is enough to prove that we are very tangled on this issue really ah. In fact, I long ago had sent a website "why long are not updated snapshot", this article mainly introduces my little knowledge on the snapshot and the importance of how to read, friends should know that I see on the snapshot is not too heavy, as long as according to the law of update is enough, of course, if updated every day, this is the ideal state. read more

Based on the process of my blog

finally I wish to put into practice. Do blog two things less, domain name and space.

blog, started to write something, waiting for the love Shanghai Collection >

I’ve always wanted to own a website, this wish in my contact with the network, especially with the blog after have such a desire, at that time always feel, with those big web blog template is really rich, but no matter how you get to get to the final, or someone. Freely give people free to work, there is, as the blog, traffic sources are opaque, they can not put statistical code, where exactly is the visitor, I did not know, just know that every day the data increased a little at a time. read more

BuzzFeed founder the success of social mediaThree business failure to give up

· how he should >

BuzzFeed’s office, the company now employs 175 people.

talked about the following:

Peretti’s office by the glass Wai built, however, the transparent block will not he and news editors are open in the studio. They are staring at the screen, interacting with millions of readers who read their articles, via computer screens.

a veteran entrepreneurs dream to throw the helve after the hatchet and even families. However, the reception of him was a continuous failure, and now he has nothing at all at the age of 32. Everyone is eager for success. When setbacks, most entrepreneurs have clung to the belief, try your best to try to reverse the crisis. However, the impermanence of things, and sometimes even if entrepreneurs have toughness, and then can endure hardship, and then can persist, it is difficult to save the failure of the outcome. Especially after several unsuccessful start-ups, the entrepreneur’s capital, energy and confidence will suffer a great blow. In this life and career crossroads, how should entrepreneurs choose read more

sh419 is careful to ruin the future by Trojan click deviceMobile apps 10 thousand for 1 million re

is located in Finland’s Remedy Entertainment once with a "true colour of a hero MaxPayne" fame, action game design skill of its strong technical strength and familiarity of the received industry recognition. "True colour of a hero" is the biggest characteristic of the "matrix" of the concept of time trajectory, and its application to perfect game action, its cool caused no small sensation at the time. Later introduced "2" also acclaimed true colour of a hero. But "3" is making the true colour of a hero is expected in May 2012 listed by Rockstar. And Remedy has other main directions…… read more

Do poineering work of 8 years investment dog to white people let VC take you to install B take you

2: try some new areas

< >

Some investors to choose

and contrary, but there are many Taobao customers do have this problem, the promotion of a product from a Taobao into the passenger circle began, until now still in the promotion of what kind of products, I have to admire his attention, but in fact some more attempts, also can develop some new product categories because, there may be a lot of competition in small markets, now to do will be very easy to do it. Do not hang in a tree, this is the first group in the situation, the first group is the beginning of fire, what to do, and this population is beginning to focus too much, especially a novice, attention is not necessarily a good thing, can find is the most suitable for their own good the. For example, Taobao had just started off, heard of slimming products with high profit, can do, but it is very difficult to find that in fact, the last few days for the doorway, pushed out of the one or two products, finally, how can not break, it is because you are not familiar with the promotion of weight loss products, or not enough the ability to do, you should keep in the basis of the original promotion, try to expand some categories, such as maternal and child products, toys, clothing and other products promotion, Chinese has a characteristic, is where is where together, what products to more people, more willing to promote. In fact, a lot of attention should be more categories, although the Commission is not so huge, but it may be a lot easier, guest friends around me a lot of Taobao is doing something to do you despise disdain, commission rate products, such as maternal and child class, these toy products, promotion is not large and the focus to promote several products, also do not have their own website, through the forum, group – > read more

Towel brother accused NetEase of strict infringement G20 for the same paragraph or unfair competiti

how big is the heart, and how big is the target?. The author thinks that the positioning and planning is the key to Wangzhuan, do not blindly easily action, do not go as far as possible the wrong way, inspection, analysis, research; look, optimistic, determined, firmly confident, sure of your interest, then go into action, insist again. A little brother of the author, the more than 20 year old young man, his Wangzhuan experience was worth drawing, here I will take him as an example to analyze, the hope can give you some inspiration. His current income situation is several thousand dollars / day, he confided that his goal is in the next three months to break through 10 thousand yuan / day income, will be bragging, everyone can come under analysis. read more