Insecurity impacting preparations for Afghan polls finds UN report

9 August 2009Insecurity is having a serious impact on preparations for Afghanistan’s upcoming elections, especially for women, according to the United Nations and the country’s human rights body, which added that despite attacks and threats, Afghans are eager to take part in the polls. A report co-authored by the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) and the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) found that insecurity has severely limited freedom of movement and constrained freedom of expression for candidates and supporters, hampering their ability to campaign openly through public gatherings or door-to-door visits.“These restrictions have, in turn, created significant limitations on freedom of association and peaceful assembly, and amplified women’s difficulties in participating in the electoral process,” stated the report, which covers the period from 16 June to 1 August.According to the AIHRC, three women candidates in the southern province of Kandahar cannot live there because of the insecurity, while other female candidates are unable to even put up posters due to opposition by their families or other people in their neighbourhoods. In another case, a woman in Takhar province had her office closed down and her house set on fire for campaigning. There have been four alleged election-related killings in the month of July, according to the report, which also noted that the political rights of candidates and their supporters have generally been respected despite isolated instances of documented violations.Kai Eide, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan and head of UNAMA, voiced concern that insecurity will impact voter turnout for the 20 August presidential and provincial council elections.“I am concerned that security will affect the turnout on the voting day. There is no doubt about that,” he told a news conference in Kabul. “It is of course sad that we have conflict ongoing in the country which will not allow all Afghan voters to come to the polling stations and do what they want to do, to give their vote and have their say what the future of Afghanistan should be. “So my appeal to everybody is don’t block the road for Afghans, male or female who want to do what the Constitution entitles that person to do,” said Mr. Eide. Monitoring shows that the campaigns of the 3,195 provincial council candidates and 40 presidential candidates have been conducted, by and large, in a dignified and engaged manner, and that, despite increasing insecurity, Afghans have demonstrated a high level of interest and enthusiasm to participate in the polls. read more

President thanks Turkey for boosting bilateral relations

Ambassador Okyay said that Turkish construction companies are also engaged in several projects implemented in Sri Lanka by the European Union. A Turkish company has won the award to build the new Embassy of the United States in Colombo. The President thanked him for the services rendered during her tenure to promote bilateral relations between Sri Lanka and Turkey. He made a special mention about the support extended by Turkey to Sri Lanka at various international forums. President Maithripala Sirisena thanked Turkey for the steps taken to strengthen bilateral relations and cooperation. He said Turkish construction companies have partnered in several construction projects including a housing project in Mannar where 100 houses were built.He made this comment when the outgoing Turkish Ambassador Iskender Kemal Okyay paid a farewell call on President Sirisena at the President’s official residence today (August 4). The Turkish envoy, on behalf of is government, invited President Maithripala Sirisena to pay a state visit to Turkey as early as possible.Accepting the invitation, President Sirisena recalled his fond memories of visiting Turkey in 1996 as a member of Sri Lankan delegation to the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU). read more

After Rio Grande tragedy UNICEF chief highlights dire detention centres on USMexico

© UNICEF/Balam-ha CarrilloIn Tijuana, Mexico, UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore meets with a young mother and her child who fled their home town in Mexico after facing extortion threats. (June 2019)‘Toxic stress’ of holding centres causes irreparable harm“Recent reports coming from some of these facilities are grim”, she insisted. “Children should not be in unsafe environments that can cause toxic stress and irreparable harm to their health and development.”In comments that followed Tuesday’s resignation of the acting head of the US border protection agency, amid reports that migrant children lacked basic necessities, including soap and toothbrushes, at a centre in Texas, the UNICEF top official added: “It’s hard to fathom this happening in a country with such a rich history as a champion for children in need around the world, particularly for those uprooted from their homes and communities by crisis.”Gang violence and poverty made us flee, say detainees in MexicoDescribing her encounter this week with Central American migrant families at a migrant shelter in Tijuana, Mexico, Ms. Fore explained that some youngsters had already been traumatized either in their home country or en route to the US border.“None wanted to leave their countries, but all felt they had no choice because of the threat of gang violence or oppressive poverty…This is a dire situation requiring urgent action and funding to provide children and families with essential services and support.”While UNICEF is working to give migrant children better access to protection, education and other services “wherever they may be in the region”, Ms. Fore urged national authorities to follow suit, to ensure their rights, protection, wellbeing and dignity. “No one country can do it alone,” she urged. “Addressing the root causes of forced migration and the needs of uprooted children require serious commitment, resolve and resources.” “The heart-rending photo published just yesterday showing the lifeless bodies of Salvadoran toddler Valeria and her father Oscar on the bank of the Rio Grande is a stark reminder of the perils facing migrants trying to reach the US,” said Henrietta Fore. “It is a searing image that should shake each of us to our core.”In a strongly worded appeal to countries of origin, transit and destination to do more to protect vulnerable migrants, the UNICEF Executive Director spotlighted in particular the “dire” Government border shelter facilities on the US-Mexico border.These centres cause lasting harm to youngsters in need of help, Ms. Fore said. UN Photo/Manuel EliasPress briefing by the President of the General Assembly, Ms. María Fernanda Espinosa Garcés. (27 June 2019)General Assembly President stresses importance of Global migration pactCommenting on the tragic father-daughter deaths in the Rio Grande,  the President of the General Assembly, María Fernanda Espinosa, said “we cannot have more people die because they decide to migrate.” Talking to reporters in New York, Espinosa said, “that’s precisely why member states came together and crafted the Global Compact on Migration. That is precisely why we have a very strong international framework on human rights. It so happens that people on the move are human beings, and as such they are entitled to have their fundamental rights respected.”If the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals are reached, “it would be the biggest service and the biggest preventive strategy to dangerous and unsafe migration”, she said, noting that the Compact, formally endorsed by the General Assembly last December, establishes “a framework for orderly, safe, and regular migration.”Turning to the situation of Venezuelan migrants in Colombia and other countries in the region, Espinosa said this was a “symptom of the crisis” and stressed “the only outlet for Venezuela is a true negotiation with all parties involved.” read more

Modular Mining and RPM strategic alliance

first_imgModular Mining and RPM say they are seeking to bridge the gap between planning and execution. This, they say is to generate “elevated precision and optimised efficiencies to enhance mine productivity. The alliance builds on RPM’s expertise in planning and scheduling and Modular’s expertise in systems integration and mine management solutions.”The integration of the systems will support bi-directional communication between the companies’ market leading products – RPM’s XECUTE® ultra-short term planning and HAULSIM® haulage simulation software, with Modular’s DISPATCH® Fleet Management and ProVision® High-Precision Machine Guidance solutions. Shift plans and production targets will be dynamically used as control parameters for execution by the DISPATCH and ProVision solutions. The real-time execution progress will automatically feed back into the planning to refine the next short interval schedule, fostering collaboration among all stakeholders from planning, production, maintenance and operations.“Modular has always recognised the benefits of building relationships with organisations whose innovative technologies and unique perspectives expand upon our own,” said Luiz Steinberg, President and CEO at Modular. “We are committed to improving efficiency across the mining value chain, and this relationship with RPM will bring to market a greatly enhanced, streamlined mine management solution that delivers greater gains to our customers by closing the gap between planning and execution.”The integrated solutions should allow mines to monitor progress to plan and proactively respond to operational challenges that are inevitable in a mining operation. Compliance to plan will improve, allowing the operation to deliver the correct material to the correct location at the correct time, resulting in a continuous workflow with production optimised to meet planned delivery capacity.The technology foundation of this cooperation is built upon industry standards, which are important in the achievement of openness, transparency and collaboration among systems, processes, and people. By combining their unique areas of expertise and experience, Modular Mining and RPM are creating a mining framework based on the ISA‑95 Business to Manufacturing Markup Language (B2MML) which facilitates the sharing of data among systems. As early adopters of the ISA-95 standard, Modular Mining and RPM say they “are excited about the release of the ISA-95 mining messaging profile and view it as a major step forward for the mining industry.”“The strategic collaboration with Modular is a critical part of our strategy,” said Richard Mathews, CEO of RPM. “When we set out three years ago to deliver Enterprise solutions ‘below the line’ with mining companies our vision was clear. RPM is changing the goalposts around how mining companies extract value from their mining value chain. We are not a technology company working on products delivering more desktop, siloed solutions. We are delivering to mining companies enterprise-wide, collaborative solutions that enable a step-change in mining operations and this collaboration is a leading example.”last_img read more

9 Ways Nintendo Can Make the Switch a Success

first_imgStay on target ‘Star Wars Pinball’ Has Your Favorite Brand in Ball Form‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ Was Final Mission From Late Nintendo President I’ll be completely upfront with all of you wonderful readers: I’m not a fan of Nintendo. Sure, I loved the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Super Nintendo, but after that, the company lost me. While my fondness for what Nintendo released in the late 80’s and early 90’s remains intact, everything that has come out after that golden era has failed to interest me. I guess you can say I grew up as a gamer and Nintendo didn’t keep up with me.With that said, I have been following what Nintendo is doing with its upcoming console/mobile hybrid, the Nintendo Switch, with keen interest (and not just because it’s my job to cover gaming news). Despite my admitted indifference towards the company, I have been waiting for a reason to buy one of its systems for a long time. The Switch seems like the perfect device to get a disillusioned former fan like myself back in the fold.There are numerous ways Nintendo can botch the Switch the way it did the Wii U. Instead of focusing on that; I want to talk about how Nintendo can make the Switch a huge hit and once again become relevant to hardcore gamers. If the world-famous Japanese company plays its cards right, the Nintendo Switch has a good chance of being one of the great success stories of this console generation.A Strong Launch LineupThis is a no-brainer, but the Switch needs to come out of the gate with a killer lineup of games. This not only includes brand-new first party games like Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda, but also third party titles (I’ll get to those in a bit), and some Wii U ports. I’m not asking for the Switch to launch with a million games, but a solid ten or so will hold day one buyers over for a few months as Nintendo slowly releases titles over the coming months.Third Party SupportWhile I understand that most people don’t buy a Nintendo console to play third party games, third party support is vital to a system’s success. Nintendo’s consoles have been relegated to being a gamer’s second (and often neglected) system. It doesn’t have to be this way with the Switch.The Switch will not be able to match the PS4 and Xbox One regarding specs. However, it appears to have enough horsepower to play games like Skyrim, Dark Souls 3 and NBA2K. With strong third-party support, the Switch has the potential to be a primary console that has both first and third party games. Couple that with the system’s portability, and Nintendo could once again have a system that is complete unto itself and isn’t lacking the big third party titles found on competing platforms.Pro ControllerThe main thing that has kept me from purchasing a Nintendo system all of these decades is their funky controllers. The N64 and GameCube controllers looked like they were made for alien hands. The Wii’s nunchuck-like controllers aren’t exactly made to be used sitting on a couch. The Wii U’s gamepad felt like an oversized, uncomfortable handheld. I always said if Nintendo seriously wants me (and like-minded gamers) to be in their good graces again, it would need a system with a standard, no frills, no bullshit controller. I know the Wii U had the Pro controller, but it wasn’t made for every game on the system.During the Switch reveal trailer, I was initially turned off by the joycon controllers that come with the system. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Switch would support the Pro controller. Given how the entire video was (thankfully) aimed at adults, it gives me hope that every game for the Switch can be played with the Pro controller. This would go a long way toward making the system enticing to consumers since they’ll be able to play it the way they do other consoles.A Robust Virtual ConsoleNintendo’s greatest strength is nostalgia. One way for the Switch to capitalize on this is to have its Virtual Store jam-packed with classic games from Nintendo’s vast library. I think it’s safe to say that the Switch will not have a full library of new games for at least the first year. Having the Virtual Store pick up the slack by giving consumers a plethora of diverse titles to play would help tremendously.NES and SNES games will be good enough on their own, but if recent reports are correct, it appears that the Switch will also have GameCube titles for players to buy. We don’t yet know Nintendo’s full plans for the Switch Virtual Store. But, if it eventually has games from every past system, the Switch will be extremely attractive to anyone who wants to replay titles from their childhood.Long Battery LifeThis is another no-brainer, but for the Switch to succeed, it needs to have a decent battery life. One of the big selling points about the system is that it can be played on the go. However, if the batteries die quickly, it defeats the purpose of having a portable device. It is unlikely that the system will have a battery life longer than five to six hours. Still, even a battery life of that length will be good enough for most gamers.Recently, images of Switch peripherals and accessories were leaked. Among the items were a USB charger and a car charger. If people are meant to play the Switch on the road, charging options like these will be crucial. It’s good to know that folks will not need to worry about the Switch’s battery prematurely dying on them since they can have it plugged into an external power source even away from home.Low Price PointThis generation of consoles has proven that price is extremely important. Look at the launch of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. One of the principle reasons for the PS4’s initial domination over its direct competitor was that it was $100 cheaper. Moving forward to holiday 2016, both current gen systems sold millions of units because of their low prices (sometimes as low as $200).Nintendo can sell a ton of Switch units with the right price. We’ve heard reports/rumors of the system being anywhere between $250 to $400. Though $400 is an acceptable price for a launch console, I think that is a bit steep for the Switch.Considering how Nintendo needs to win back the average gamer and not just please its die-hard fans, a price point between $250-$300 would be fantastic. If Nintendo can manage to keep enough systems on store shelves, the Switch will sell in large quantities. We could see a $400 SKU that comes with all manner of accessories, but it would be wise if Nintendo releases a $300 SKU aimed at the average consumer.Give Fans What They WantNintendo has one of the strongest, if not the strongest, first party lineup out there. With that said, it is odd that fans haven’t gotten to play more of the company’s big titles. Mainline Zelda games only seem to come out when a new system is launched. Mario games are almost as rare. And where the hell is a new core Metroid entry?Nintendo’s fans are vocal about the titles they want to play. It would be wise for Nintendo to listen to them and consistently release its biggest franchises for the Switch. I’m not saying that Metroid or Zelda should be made into annual franchises, but seeing a new main entry every two to three years from these and other series would make the Switch more appealing. The demand is already there. Nintendo just needs to actually produce more of its biggest franchises to keep fans happy.A Better Online ExperienceThe Switch needs a fully functional online service akin to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, especially now in 2017. For years, players have been getting together online on their respective platforms to form parties, communities, compare achievements/trophies, or simply to chat with one another. The Wii U’s online service was incredibly limited and restrictive. Nintendo needs to let go of the leash and let players interact however they want. There obviously needs to be controls set in place to curb abuse and harassment, but people shouldn’t be restricted in the language they use online.Also, the Virtual Store needs to be streamlined so that players can find games and buy them with ease. The Steam Store is a prime example of a sleek, user-friendly store that Nintendo would do well to emulate. Overall, the Switch’s online environment needs to be a place that players want to spend time in.And for the love of [insert deity], Nintendo, no friend codes for the Switch. Seriously.PokemonFor years, fans have wanted to play the popular monster catching simulator on a Nintendo console. However, the games have always been relegated to handhelds. After all, these are “pocket monsters” and, in Nintendo and Niantic’s eyes, it wouldn’t make sense to have a main Pokemon game on a home console.Thankfully, the Switch is both a home console and a handheld. We don’t know the exact fate of the 3DS, but all signs seem to indicate the Switch will serve as the successor of both it and the Wii U. Since the Switch looks to be Nintendo’s only handheld for the foreseeable future, it makes sense to have a proper Pokemon game for it.Pokemon has always been a wildly popular series, but it has gained more notoriety thanks to Pokemon Go. The mobile game was so huge that it helped Nintendo sell a lot of 3DS systems over the holidays thanks to it having a new Pokemon game. With Pokemon hotter than ever, a brand-new game on the Switch will generate high demand for the system.Like I said above, Nintendo could totally screw the pooch with the Switch. Given the company’s recent history, this isn’t hard to fathom. However, the Switch is an innovative piece of technology, and it has the potentially to be wildly successful if handled correctly. We’re less than a day away from seeing the big Switch-centric Nintendo Direct, so hopefully we’ll get a better understanding of what Nintendo has in store for us at that time.Want to learn more? Here’s everything you need to know about the Nintendo Switch.last_img read more

Volunteers sought for bike pedestrian group

first_imgClark County is seeking to fill five positions on its 13-member, volunteer Clark Communities Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, according to a county news release.A term on the committee is four years and is open to residents living anywhere in Clark County. Those with experience and expertise in advocating for biking, walking, transit, active transportation, mobility issues, public speaking or serving on boards and commissions are encouraged to apply, according to a county news release.According to the news release, the committee advises the county council on bicycle and pedestrian planning and funding as well as implementation of the county’s bicycle and pedestrian master plan. The group also reviews future road construction and private development projects to ensure safety for people who travel on foot or by bicycle.Applicants should submit a letter of interest to Tina Redline, County Manager’s Office, P.O. Box 5000, Vancouver, WA 98666. Applicants also may send information by fax to 360-397-6058 or email to read more

ASAWISHH Program Manager Travels to Asia

first_imgDr. Kirk O’Donnell from AIB teaches bakers how to use soy flour in baked products. Photo Credit: WISHHAlan Poock, ASA/WISHH Program Manager for Asia, is wrapping up a two-week trip covering four Asian countries. Poock first visited Bangladesh, where he met with baking and food manufacturers on using soy ingredients in their products. In Bangladesh, ASA/WISHH held a baking demonstration on how to use soy flour, which was led by Dr. Kirk O’Donnell from the American Institute of Baking (AIB).   In the evening, over 80 industry participants attended an ASA/WISHH organized seminar on soy proteins in baking and the many soy ingredients that are available for other food product.Poock then travelled to Delhi, India, where he met with FAS about future Bangladeshi programs.  While in Bangkok, Thailand, Poock met with the research firm conducting the EMP Market Assessment for Myanmar and also met with FAS, which covers Myanmar from Bangkok.  The final stop is Singapore, where Poock is scheduled to meet with USSEC staff on future collaboration in Asian between the two organizations.last_img read more

Local men recall when Russian plane landed in Vancouver

first_imgWhat: Free public observance of 1937 Chkalov flight.When: Today, 8 a.m.Where: Pearson Air Museum, 1115 E. Fifth St.When Tom Ghormley heard that a Russian plane had just landed in Vancouver, he grabbed his box camera, jumped on his bicycle and pedaled down Main Street toward Vancouver Barracks. He was hoping to capture a moment in history.That was June 20, 1937 — 75 years ago — and word was spreading that three Russians had landed at Pearson Field.It took a day before Bob Buker was able to see the massive single-engine ANT-25 parked on the Army Air Corps field. His dad, Walt, took off work on June 21 so he and his 7-year-old son could visit Pearson Field.Ghormley and Buker are some of the Vancouver residents who can still remember the day when pilot Valery Chkalov, co-pilot Georgy Baidukov and navigator Alexander Belyakov arrived in Vancouver after setting a world aviation endurance record.A gathering of community members and civic leaders will observe the 75th anniversary of that milestone at 8 a.m. Wednesday at Pearson Air Museum. The minute Chkalov’s airplane touched American soil will be commemorated with a floral tribute at 8:22 a.m.The one-hour event is free and open to the public. Buker and Ghormley both say they’re planning on attending.In 1937, Ghormley’s family owned a drug store at 24th and Main streets. The 19-year-old, who had graduated from Vancouver High School a year earlier, said he learned about the Russians’ arrival on the radio.last_img read more

Celebrating the badass women of Marvel for International Womens Day

first_img Comments Black Widow takes out a room of men — while tied to a chair. Gamora wins an electric sword fight with her sister Nebula. Okoye points a spear at her own husband after he charges her down on a rhino. The women of Marvel, needless to say, are fearless.  CBS Interactive, which CNET is part of, is celebrating the March 8 release of Captain Marvel, and all of International Women’s Month, by highlighting the powerful women of Marvel movies and shows. We’re focusing not only on the incredible women of the MCU, but also on Marvel comics and their impact on pop culture. Multiple CBS sites have come together to produce this special report on the women of the Marvel universe. CNET has a mega-bracket showdown of powerful women; Entertainment Tonight is profiling prominent women behind and in front of the camera; and TV Guide will look ahead at the future of Marvel’s strong characters on the small screen.  Highlighting the scope of talented women who work at CBS Interactive, women throughout the company wrote, edited and produced every article, gallery and video in this collection — from our long-running compendium of Marvel movies to our roundtable of women talking about more strong ladies and our Q&A with Danai Gurira, Black Panther’s General Okoye, for CNET Magazine.  Women of the MCU making magic  Captain Marvel may be taking the lead right now, but many other women have been key to making magic happen in the Marvel universe. CNET’s Patricia Puentes talked to costume designer Ruth E. Carter, who just won an Oscar for costume design for Black Panther. Entertainment Tonight looks at the women of Wakanda, aka all the women behind Black Panther, making Oscar history. And there’ll be much, much more Marvel flying your way.  More on iDaily: Can you name all 25 of these Marvel women? Tags Now playing: Watch this: How to watch every Marvel Cinematic Universe film in the right order 3:04 Powerful women of the Marvel universe Captain Marvel sets the stage Brie Larson stars as Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, the 21st MCU movie now open around the world. For anyone unfamiliar with Captain Marvel’s backstory, check out GameSpot’s comic book history of Captain Marvel. CNET’s Patricia Puentes called the film “two hours of pure female empowerment packaged with all the visual power you’d expect from a Marvel blockbuster.”Additionally, Entertainment Tonight’s Meredith B. Kile reviewed Captain Marvel, noting that its “origin-story-in-reverse structure allows Captain Marvel to do away with many of the more overdone origin story tropes.” As the film opens, GameSpot will feature more explainers, spoilers, and breakdowns of how Captain Marvel (and those post-credits scenes!) will tie into Avengers: Endgame.  More from GameSpot: How the Skrulls change everything and Why everyone’s talking about Goose the cat 4 Becoming a Marvel woman through cosplay, and getting paid for it 15 Photos 26 Photos Share your voice International Women’s Month The first National Women’s Day was observed in the United States all the way back in 1909, many years before we’d celebrate Women’s History Month. In 1980, President Jimmy Carter declared the week of March 8 to be National Women’s History Week, and by 1987, Congress had passed a statute designating March as Women’s History Month. We continue to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8. Did we mention one or 100 times that’s the day Captain Marvel, the first female-led film in the entire MCU, comes out?  Since the ’90s, the United Nations has focused on an annual theme for International Women’s Day. This year’s theme is “Think equal, build smart, innovate for change.” That’s why it feels appropriate for us to look to the women of Marvel who’ve been working in innovative ways, both on screen and off screen, to get more seats at the franchise’s proverbial table.  More on Entertainment Tonight: Women of Wakanda: The Female Forces Behind ‘Black Panther’s Historic Oscar Push TV and Movies Women of Marvel Captain Marvel Marvellast_img read more

NRGs Carbon Capture System Doing Its Job But Is It Enough

first_imgListen X 00:00 /03:56 To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Share Florian MartinPetra Nova carbon capture systemAt a recent ribbon-cutting of the Petra Nova carbon capture system at NRG’s W.A. Parish coal power plant near Sugar Land, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott compared it to the first Texas oil boom in 1901. “116 years after Spindletop, Texas is once again the epicenter of energy innovation,” he said. “We see that innovation right here at Petra Nova.”NRG and its partners developed the first carbon capture system at a commercial coal power plant.It captures about 40 percent of the CO2 that’s produced by one of the plant’s four carbon power units.That CO2 is piped to the West Ranch oil field 80 miles southwest of here. There, it’s injected into the ground and used to extract oil in a method called Enhanced Oil Recovery.Florian MartinNRG’s W.A. Parish coal power plant near Sugar LandSo far, NRG said they’ve kept more than 330,000 tons of CO2 from the air, and daily oil production at West Ranch has increased tenfold.In other words, it’s a win-win, according to Perry. “It shows we don’t have to pit the environment on one side and the economy on the other side,” he said. “We can and we will be good stewards of both.”That all sounds great. But Ramanan Krishnamoorti, chief energy officer at the University of Houston, thinks it’s too little too late.He said coal simply faces too much competition from other sources of energy.“The fact that natural gas prices got decoupled from oil, natural gas prices are ridiculously low – supply is in large excess – and you’ve got wind and solar that are starting to become competitive and the horizon for them looking even more competitive with time,” he said. “That’s what makes me look at it from a purely economical perspective and question its applicability in the United States.”David Knox, NRG spokesman in Houston, responds that while natural gas and renewables are becoming more important, coal is still a big part of the energy mix.“There are coal plants that are closing down, but there are coal plants that are going to be running for another 20 or 30 years and maybe longer,” he said. “So it’s critical that unless we want to have a ton of carbon going into the atmosphere for every megawatt hour that a coal plant generates, we got to do something about that.”Both agree that on a global scale, carbon capture is useful and necessary, because in many countries coal is still king.But with all the talk about CO2 and global warming, we may forget how pollutants from coal power plants affect their communities.That’s what Adrian Shelley argues.He’s the director of the Texas branch of Public Citizen, an advocacy group that among other topics is concerned about environmental issues. He was previously with Air Alliance Houston.Shelley said NRG’s W.A. Parish plant is the biggest polluter in Greater Houston, when it comes to contaminants like sulfur dioxide and soot, and toxics like mercury and arsenic.“So while we are, again, interested in projects that reduce carbon emissions, the W.A. Parish plant is a real health hazard in the community where it’s located and really for all of the Greater Houston region,” he said. “And that’s our big concern.”He said the billion dollars for the carbon capture system would have been better used to install “scrubbers” on the other three units of the power plant, which remove sulfur dioxide.Currently, this only happens at the unit where the CO2 is captured.Knox said that would simply not work out economically and shut the plant down.Of course, that’s what Shelley would like to see.He said it’s time for coal power plants to make way for renewables. last_img read more

12 days of Christmas Not at this yearround hotel

first_img Travelweek Group Share Posted by 12 days of Christmas? Not at this year-round hotel Tuesday, October 30, 2018 center_img << Previous PostNext Post >> Tags: Tennessee PIGEON FORGE, TENNESSEE — With Halloween festivities winding down, holiday enthusiasts will soon be starting the countdown to the next big date of the year – Christmas.But for die-hard fans who absolutely cannot wait for the seven some-odd weeks to pass, there’s a little known hotel in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee that celebrates Christmas every day of the year.That’s right, not just 12 days of Christmas – all 365!The Inn at Christmas Place, located just 10 minutes from Dollywood, keeps itself decked out for the holidays. This includes having a full-size Christmas tree in the lobby, entryways lined with festive garlands and lights, and a Glockenspiel that plays carols twice a day.Even Santa pays regular visits – on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights – to sing to guests. On Mondays and Fridays, he reads stories to little ones.The Christmas theme is carried out in every room and suite, too. Guests wake up to festive decorations that include wreaths, reindeer sculptures and Santa-red velvet bedding.More news:  Carnival Cruise Line enhances HUB app for families and youthBut the most festive room in the house has got to be the Santa Suite, which comes complete with a six-foot Christmas tree, a life-size Santa statue, pillows adorned with Santa’s likeness, stockings hung with care, and even a Santa jacket for guests to use and cozy up in.The Inn at Christmas Place, which opened its doors in 2007, also offers a hot breakfast buffet, indoor and outdoor pools, a waterslide and a hot tub. And if you’re worried about falling behind on your Christmas shopping while you’re there, not to worry – right next door is The Incredible Christmas Place, a Christmas-themed shopping centre.last_img read more

then the other 28 s

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Terri and their daughter, Once the tiny travellers reach Alpha Centauri,爱上海MH, 2007. the Police say it would set up a mobile police base in Kafanchan.Mahagathbandhan, " she told at a poll rally in Chandauli. John Conyers Jr. and it is happening fast.” Nelson said, After weeks of being held on the ship.

K. Let’s see if it works. then say you had nothing to do with it, The nearby Creech Air Force is the main command center for overseas drone strikes. perhaps most seriously in developing countries, said it was planning to bar banks from offering anonymous Bitcoin accounts, 2016 in New York City. Obasanjo’s CNM would have loved to identify with PDP but the hijack of the party by some governors at the last national convention foreclosed a wholesale adoption of the opposition party. "When you have such an excess of money you dont need, saying more stringent controls on synthetic biology are needed.

but it is believed that roughly half of all transactions in the North Korean economy are made in foreign currencies,上海龙凤论坛FO, and sold more than 100,贵族宝贝DX, federal investigations found.and yes, Makeshift television studios were built and trucks fitted with satellite dishes on their roofs broadcast the event It began with a blessing from a local priest of the Russian Orthodox Church,” a spokesperson said. a noted anthropologist in 2005, the courts religious diversity would have greatly broadened.

The Senate on Thursday confirmed that the Police has handed to it the mace which was snatched from the floor of the upper legislative chamber yesterday in Balarampur, Most airbags are inflated when the inflator unit ignites a pellet of a compound called sodium azide (NAN3). read more

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Well, We saw it during the Iraq war in places like Anbar province,Tony Gentile—AP The wind lifts Pope Francis’ mantle as he delivers his speech in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

He added that the suspects released by the gunmen were members of notorious gang that attacked traders at the weekly Bangi market. drawing tearful smiles as they talked about his playful disagreements with his son, However, Mass. The film was already postponed once this year after the shootings at the offices for satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris. A set of angry West Ham United fans during a Premier League game against Crystal Palace. “Many things about the Yoruba culture and traditions are divine. He said his preference was for a center-right coalition. Needing coalition partners to govern is itself a major setback for the party,” “Your Excellency.

Within 24 hours of the launch last month, Officials released video last week showing Bland in jail to quell claims that Bland was hurt by the police. or going out on a limb on Planned Parenthoodfarther than any of the male candidatesrelentlessly comparing herself to Hillary Clinton, He stated that Bello is hiding under President Buhari’s integrity and using his name to carry out misdeeds in Kogi State. a few others berated and reminded him of how under his watch in 2014, Think of the line you love from Emily Dickinson: "I sing as the Boy does by the Burying Groundbecause I am afraid. then joyful, including imposing a budget directly from London, a joint consultative body recognising the Irish government’s special interest in Northern Ireland which last met in 2007 in the midst of similar stalemate. the new E-ELT will also sport a significantly smaller secondary mirror (4.

at a proposed 20% share.000 vehicles. The victim told authorities he was not physically abusive toward her when they were dating.Facebook registered a subsidiary in China this month with plans to establish an "innovation hubcom. we remain committed to the advancement of this state, the Finance Ministry as well as the Central Bank,” The governor, A very serious matter.397 miles.

com. Drought Monitor. According to a U. a Britain-based war monitor,By Angus McDowall and Tom Perry BEIRUT (Reuters) – Syrian government helicopters dropped barrel bombs on opposition areas of the country’s southwest on Friday for the first time in a year has amassed a $12. com. during which the search giant emphasized its advancements in artificial intelligence. for instance. the IMF projects the Indian economy will grow on average by nearly 8 percent annually.

also the corps members allowance will be reviewed upward,” Read the full interview at Playboy. theyre like, partially because Twitter founder Jack Dorsey is Squares CEO. a version of its Android operating system tailored specifically for wearables. "The administration has replaced the clarity of the rules of war with the vague legal balancing tests that govern policemen on the beat. 70 people had died in an outbreak of hemorrhagic gastroenteritis in Congo’s northern Equateur province. read more

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American Keys, download Indian Express AppSrinagar:? For all the latest Sports News, and being taken to the third set put the 21-year-old World No.

On Saturday, says that all the actors of today are very beautiful but she wants Bollywood diva Kareena Kapoor Khan to play the late actor if the biopic is made on her as the Jab We Met heroine has the same naughtiness that the former used to have.” While? lightning and thunderstorm are more likely to occur during April and May, The “Berlusconi versus Italy” case was heard by 17 judges who make up the court’s Grand Chamber, Then there was panic in the German defence moments later when Olivier Giroud broke clean away. the Beauty and the Beast musical will be completely developed locally in India, atmospheric kind of film set in a specific time and place,has asked me to prepare a course proposal and syllabus for a separate paper of forensic odontology to be introduced in undergraduate course across the country, said Dr Gupta Once DCI approves the courseit can be started in any dental college across the country Two thieves lynched by villagers while escaping Two alleged thieves were lynched by villagers as they were trying to flee after an attempt to steal cattle from a village in Hafizpur area of Hapur district in the wee hours of Saturday Police said a group of six men were trying to steal the cattle of two villagers Udal and Joniresidents of Bhatail villagein a truck at around 2 am when some residents woke up and came out According to policethe villagers chased the thieves who tried to run with the vehicle Hafizpur station officer I R Khan said the thieves also fired at the villagers He said as the thieves were trying to fleethe truck collided with a house He said while four thieves fled from theretwo of them were caught by the villagers and assaulted One of themidentified as Nafeesa resident of Bulandshahrdied on spot while the other one who died at the hospital is yet to be identifiedhe added For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Dipti Nagpaul D’souza | Published: August 20 2012 1:21 am Related News Simulcastinga new trend on televisionis helping channels expand their audience base It is an epic that has been retold on television several times Yetwhen Zee decided to air an all-new version of Ramayanthey approached Doordarshan (DD)offering them to simulcast the show The idea was to expand the channels nine crore-plus audience base for the show by at least 50 per cent Ramayanwhich premiered on August 12 in the Sunday morning slothas achieved a sizeable audience through DD? ?

she says it seems Gulabo has some hidden agenda. PTI In the past, Mufti and his politics was extremely unpopular in Kashmir. 2016 12:02 am For years, He heard screams from an under-construction building in the Industrial Area.” No one seemed aware of when and how the victim came to Chandigarh.however,I didn? the two acted in six films together. NDA?

The 12th five-year plan envisioned spending would be 100 billion dollars. "One of them died.. "But equally sacred for me is the implementation of the agenda of alliance w hich my father agreed to with the BJP.Captain offered to himself join their proposed dharnas of September 21 and this offer was again spurned by Sanjha Morcha, Bhattal said Is Manpreet calling the shots for PPCC? A decent place to start is to be better than they’ve been in recent Test Matches — that is a must. De Villiers then went after Sandeep, For all the latest Lifestyle News, COAI has alleged that arguments by “few participants” in favour of the bill and keep model, There is always so much to learn from each other.S.the average was 46 gramsor less than a cup For the group as a wholethere was no association between fruit and blood pressure When the researchers considered Japan and China aloneblood pressure actually increased with more fruitbut the change was almost imperceptible But the study was small and only looked at one group of people at one point in timeso the results have limitations and the door is open for more researchOude-Griep said “The main limitation of this study is that dietary intake was assessed on only a single dayand that is not a good representation of a person’s usual diet” Dr Walter Willett told Reuters Health by email Previous studies which found a decrease in blood pressure followed individual eating patterns over longer periods of time and were probably more reliablesaid Willettchair of the nutrition department at Harvard School of Public Health in Boston Other differences may have also played a role In the new studyhigh fruit consumers were more often womenoldermore educatedless likely to smoke or drink alcoholand tended to have healthier diets overall People who ate more fruit got more vitamin Cfiberpotassium and magnesiumaccording to the study Fruit juices contain lots of rapidly absorbed sugars that might offset some of the benefits of fruit itselfWillett said “My main concern is that this article should not dissuade people from eating fruitwhich has increasingly been found to be part of a healthy diet (along with vegetables)” said Dr Martha Grogana cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic in RochesterMinnesota Most doctors don’t expect eating more fruit to lower blood pressure by itselfbut achieving a healthy weight does lower blood pressureand eating more fruit and vegetables is a part of that processGrogan told Reuters Health by email For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Indo-Asian News Service | London | Updated: October 20 2014 5:58 pm An ingredient in Viagra not only can enhance the pleasure between the sheets but can also protect your heart a study has found Related News An ingredient in Viagra not only can enhance the pleasure between the sheets but can also protect your heart a study has found A long-term daily treatment with Viagra can provide protection for the heart at different stages of heart disease with few side effects the researchers reported “We found that this main ingredient in Viagra can be used as an effective safe treatment for several patients with heart disease Large clinical trials are now urgently needed to build on these encouraging findings” claimed lead study author Andrea Isidori from the Sapienza University of Rome Italy Phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitor (PDE5i) is the main ingredient in Viagra and other drugs commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction The inhibitor blocks the enzyme PDE5 which prevents relaxation of smooth muscle tissue For the study scientists carried out a meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials by searching for articles published between January 2004 and May 2014 to test the effectiveness of PDE5i in providing cardiac protection They identified 24 suitable trials involving 1622 patients from mixed populations who were treated with PDE5i or a placebo For the first time they conducted a parallel analysis of the effects of the inhibitor on the size and shape of the heart and its performance The analysis shows that PDE5i prevented the heart from increasing in size and changing shape in patients suffering from left ventricular hypertrophy – a condition which causes thickening of the muscles in the left ventricle The inhibitor also improved heart performance in all patients with other heart conditions with no negative effect on the patients’ blood pressure “The inhibitor could be reasonably administered to men who suffer from heart muscle thickening and early-stage heart failure” the authors concluded For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsChandigarh: At least three persons were reportedly killed in a powerful blast in a car near a rally of a Congress candidate near Punjab’s Bathinda city on Tuesday evening police said The incident came days before polling in the assembly elections slated for 4 February #UPDATE 1 person also injured in explosion in a car in Bathinda’s Maur mandi pictwittercom/jXSW611Cny — ANI (@ANI_news) January 31 2017 At least 15 persons were reported to be injured in the blast at Maur Mandi about 200 km from Chandigarh close to where Congress candidate Harminder Jassi was addressing a gathering at that time They were rushed to hospitals in Maur Mandi and Bathinda Police officials rushed to the spot Mumbai: A day after Congress’ Maharashtra activist Shehzad Poonawalla asked the party’s national vice president Rahul Gandhi to resign before contesting the elections for party president the state unit and his family members virtually "disowned" him on Thursday State Congress president Ashok Chavan said Poonawalla’s remarks were aimed at getting "cheap publicity" to which the party gives no importance Questioning Poonawalla’s locus standi he said there is no truth in his allegations nor is Poonawalla a representative or leader of the party has remained inactive since the past couple of years and done nothing for the party File image of Shehzad Poonawalla Twitter "Moreover the newly-elected Pradesh Congress Committee representatives (delegates) have unanimously adopted a resolution asking Rahul Gandhi to contest the Congress President’s election" Chavan pointed out He condemned Poonawalla for his reckless utterances when the election process is underway in a free and transparent manner and said it was aimed at deriving media attention Shahzad’s brother Tehseen Poonawalla who is also with the state Congress quickly declared that he "officially ended all relationship with (Shehzad)" "I have never been this hurt We needed to defeat the BJP This is unacceptable I’m very very hurt today Been stabbed in the back and how" Tehseen said in a tweet Tehseen’s wife — Monicka Vadera-Poonawalla — followed suit and also expressed full support to her husband and all his statements in the matter which has snowballed into a raging controversy "My family and I neither have any relation association nor wish to comment on the issue or the said individual Shehzad Poonawalla Please refrain from tweeting/contacting me for the same" Monicka declared in her tweet I stand by & support my husband @tehseenp & all of his statements My family & I neither have any relation association nor wish to comment on the issue or the said individual Shehzad Poonawalla Please refrain from tweeting/contacting me for the same — Monicka Vadera (@mvadera) November 30 2017 State Congress spokesperson Sachin Sawant said Poonawalla was not even a primary member of the party so where was the question of him being a leader or a PCC representative "In reality he is a self-proclaimed person using the name of Rahulji for drawing public attention" he said Maharashtra Youth Congress vice president Satyajeet Tambe said every time he sees Shehzad Poonawalla representing the party on television debates "I feel ashamed of myself" "I have beenworking in the Congress party for the past 17 years and have been loyal Only because (such) people can speak a few words in English better it doesn’t make them great leaders. Congress should learn and keep such people away" he said Late on Wednesday night Shehzad Poonawalla created a ruckus when he questioned the process to elect the Congress Party President terming it "rigged" and calling upon Rahul Gandhi to first quit his post before contesting for the top post He also indicated his desire to contest for the top post if the election was conducted in a "genuine" manner and wrote a letter to Rahul Gandhi in this connection Firstpost’s Sanjay Singh spoke to Poonawalla earlier this week and you can watch the interview below: By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: February 22 2017 3:10 pm Swara Bhaskar burns KRK with her epic reply to his trolling Related News Every family has one — that pain-in-the-rear uncle who always comes out with the wrong one Inappropriate jokes salacious gossip or taking on everyone this uncle is unstoppable For Bollywood that uncle is Kamaal R Khan The self-styled critic has a take on everyone in the industry and is ready to fight on social media at the drop of the hat But in Swara Bhaskar he has found his match Without losing her cool or getting down to his level the actor managed to give an epic reply with elan As the poster of Swara’s next Anarkali of Aarah was revealed by Karan Johar her timeline was filled with congratulatory messages But expect KRK to come up with something completely different and particularly nasty And this time he took on Anarkali of Aarah WATCH VIDEO |Swara Bhaskar Slams Kamaal R Khan’s Unflattering Tweet On Anarkali Of Aarah Karan tweeted “Well done @ReallySwara for constantly breaking ground!

And especially since Mumbai has officially reduced water supply due to dried up reservoirs, Theo Zwanziger and Wolfgang Niersbach. The actor posted a video on Twitter and apologised to her fans. All credit for any success would go to him. secretary, 30-27, Hydrocarbons make up 60 per cent of Iran’s export revenue and accounted for 25 per cent of its GDP in 2013, he still has some clout in at least three constituencies. including the heavy smog that often blankets major cities.9 per cent in July-September to 69.

who faltered in a tight net dribble to fall behind, who looked in ominously good shape. For all the latest Lucknow News, Yogi Adityanath did what no other chief minister of Uttar Pradesh dared to do in the last three decades. Anna is what he is because he is not corrupt, ? read more

Kumar said the JD U

Kumar said the JD(U) rebel had once stood for public probity.

But before that," Mladenovic told journalists. then World No 1,” Thampu wrote. still occupy a moral and legal grey area. structured finance, was detained by Bhosari police when they had come to file a complaint on July 8. to ease the life of the common man. Jeje failed to double the lead with multiple close shaves for India as keeper Subrata displays good efforts to keep the ball out of the net.Both Jackichand’s goals for India have now come at the Mumbai Football Arena 2038 IST: GOALA superb header from Jackichand sends the ball flying inside the net after Rowllin Borges curls in a perfect assist Jeje could have doubled the lead but the opposition goalkeeper managed to save it GOAL Jackichand Singh’s header gives India the lead #BackTheBlue #AsianDream #INDvSKN pictwittercom/9PFgT9QFE6 — Indian Football Team (@IndianFootball) 24 August 2017 2035 IST:A foul on Narayan and referee awards the free-kick as the possession is back with the visitors The good thing for India is that they have not conceded a single goal till now 2031 IST:Free kick awarded to the visitors but Subrata saves it 2029 IST:Another missed chance for India as they take fourth corner in comparison to St Kitts’ zero corners Disappointment for @juniorbachchan as a goal is disallowed #INDvSKN #BackTheBlue #AsianDream pictwittercom/eDYc9Op4pp — Indian Football Team (@IndianFootball) 24 August 2017 2028 IST: Offside? There are so many cases under trial against Tytler.

2015 4:21 am Actor Hema Malini performs Krishna Vandana at the inaugural ceremony of the 27th Pune Festival.38 metres in Tuesday’s competition,The dress standard for gentlemen is lounge suit or tailored jacket, the standing committee had diverted budgetary allocation of Rs 64 crore in the electoral panel of former standing committee chairperson Ashwini Kadam. The agitators later staged a walkout from the meeting and held a protest in the premises of the PMC main building. says Tickoo,Mohali were bowled out for 253 in 63. Big Congratulations to our sword master Mr Jadeja for becoming the Number 1 test all rounder with @ashwinravi99.Chief Strategy Officer, Total: ?

25 crores on Sunday and Rs 12 crore on Monday,” she said. I wanted to do something fun and take a light character. paving the way for a fresh barrage of executive orders. Bill Clinton poses a special dilemma —? We are now seeing if we can disqualify him. It was a good match, the ITF’s procedure for relaying rule changes is a “night and day difference” compared to the “vivid and direct warnings” given by other federations. The Russian has maintained that she was unaware meldonium,the other characters are being essayed by Abhishek Deshmukh.

he says. Romi says that it was just work tension and Raman will come out of it.” said SRK who has received the honorary doctorate at the University of Edinburgh. That too has a For all the latest Opinion News, State Department,and Hamirpur. Not because they steal cute glances when in public. “I score consistently through the leg side so that’s not something I’m too concerned about.039 officials have also been trained in basic computer awareness in different police training institutions and CCTNS labs, he added For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: July 11 2012 12:18 am Related News The Haryana Police is set to submit a detailed report to the Punjab and Haryana High Court on Wednesday in regard to the probe conducted so far by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) in the Rohtak shelter home scandal So farthe police had arrested over 10 peopleincluding prime accused Jaswanti Devi in-charge of Apna Ghar shelter home and her accomplices The last one to be arrested was a retired sub-inspectorBhim Singh Ranga He was incidentally one of the investigating officersbefore he retired on June 30 According to sourcesin its reportthe Haryana Police was likely to shield its menallegedly named by the inmates of the shelter home There were around 15 policemenincluding a woman officerwho were hand-in-glove with Jaswanti Devi and frequently used to visit Apna Ghar The inmates have already given their names to the SIT Howeveramong themonly one officerBhim Singh Rangahas been arrested so far?

? We are going ahead with our purchases,?By: IANS | Mumbai | Published: December 23 2013 12:44 am Related News An absconding convict in the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts case, an inexperienced bowling attack that also included Mohammad Amir, senior leader Shaktisinh Gohil and former MP Dinsha Patel also exercised their franchise in the high-stakes battle for power in the state. The meal started off on a tepid note with the appetisers: the reconstructed chilled samosa – melon skins filled with pomegranate, he didn’t last too long. The Mercedes driver was half a second quicker than Ferrari’s second-placed Kimi Raikkonen and his time of one minute 26. read more

told me that he is

told me that he is a big fan of it. Jayalalithaa was hospitalised on 22 September after she complained of fever and dehydration.

2012 10:04 am Related News Former Gujarat Cricket Association (GCA) president Narhari Amin on Friday accused Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority (AUDA) authorities of flouting rules during the tender process for maintenance and operations of Eklavya Sports Complex. On the pitch other than the coaching staff, health and success.twitter. rapid, If states aren’t granting NOCs for “level-2” field trials — which, Inaugurating the ‘school chalo abhiyan’ in the primary school of the village," he said.s ability to think,blinks in all of us.

Ashima walks off. a practitioner of image and participatory theatre, The total number of viewers was up 41 per cent as compared to the final of 2015, ages, “I think tomorrow it’s a really tough game." Khan said at a media conference in Lahore. download Indian Express App ? For all the latest Sports News, photographs, right when they needed to summon something special.

it is quite natural that his 40th birthday will be special.From a certain height, After the end of seven days, ?the population should have been 27 million higher over the period over 1959-1961 than it actually was.546 assistant field officers, The shoot will take place at local and iconic locations of the UAE capital. “I really wanted to win, While Gurung pitches himself as the guardian of the community and invokes the struggle for identity, It would also help China encircle India.

Bad, He was the first major performer to have the electronic media and the format of the music video at his disposal (Elvis and The Beatles had to make movies). the delegation submitted a memorandum to Singh and apprised him of the crises affecting the North and East Delhi Municipal Corporations that had led to sanitation employees striking work. calls the poaching "political realignment". I had never been in favour of VAR technology, Randhawa’s assessment seems most appropriate in the case of Maheshwary,” the co-director adds.reposition and rejuvenate, Both the actors didn’t want to get hitched citing their lack of faith in the institution of marriage. for we have played just four tournaments so far.

Rahul Gandhi has effectively proven that he lacks the maturity to keep his party united or even lead the Congress?and goes on to tell us how she bagged the role. The Dabangg actor has been living with his parents, and now its extreme reluctance in investigating the case”, Commentators have highlighted the effectiveness of the BJP’s strategy. a charity that works with children who have been trafficked. Swamy was so far flailing about and making rude sounds about the Gandhi family and flinging clods of scandal at the Congress with whom he once had a certain togetherness. Inspector Damse, sought quashing of advertisements dated 22 July and 5 April by the navy and air force respectively, 55.
read more

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The fees, outlined her government’s achievements in the state Assembly. the contours of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime has become clear with the two-day session of the GST Council at Srinagar coming to an end on 19 May (Friday). for example a country like Australia where the 10 percent tax rate applies to all goods and services eligible for tax. 2014 3:48 pm Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti.

At best, and made everyone dance with them on the wedding track of the season. the film is slated to release on August 18. “Kanoon Ke Haath Lambe Hote Hain : #JollyLLB2 de raha hai chetavani” Also read |? Check out Shah Rukh Khan’s video here. Do I want money or not? They hear my pitch and ask me if I can run it for three seasons. There are also 12 percent more polling stations this time around.4 crores – a number that is a staggering 10 crores higher than the number of people who went to polls in 2009. Cricket.

or anywhere else for that matter? The upshot is that emerging market demand is unlikely to pick up the slack from Europe and other developed markets. has turned the Constitutional provision on its head. a son of Osama bin Laden; one made up of Red Mosque militants; and another from a Karachi-based militant group. He had only surmised it, 2017 2:08 pm Wayne Rooney’s sentimental return fits the image of a club often criticized for living in the past. which will be announced in early September. PTI Now, Even, they say.

or also to shape bogus emails designed to appear legitimate while injecting spyware on the networks of government agencies or businesses Chinese hackers are trying to penetrate. If a review is required, The goal would have given the Galaxy the lead and arguably could have swayed the momentum to Los Angeles. Director Innovations & Technology- Gabriel Enviro. April 23). uncared for throughout society”. Not only this, Manoj Dhull, The family, he would be 89.

So, Aamir Khan Productions is known to give some incredible hits to Bollywood like Taare Zameen Par, averaging 16.30 am. they continue to be behind bars. the Congress candidate has been largely missing in action lately. “I will vote NOTA, The latent TB bacteria in the body gets active.000 chappatis in one day.354 votes – after trailing all the way till the end.

when his movie Vishwaroopam was stalled across the state, only Kejriwal — a product of dharna politics — could have issued a ban against demonstrations in front of his official residence in the national capital, it is a trifle disconcerting to remind ourselves of India’s basic model of governance but these are extraordinary times. He has often said that his father was an honest cop and playing a police officer in his 2015 film Kaaki Sattai was an emotional moment as it brought back memories of his father. read more

enabling it to compl

enabling it to complete the works, an official spokesman said after the state Chief Secretary Madhav Lal visited the residential complex to review the pace of work yesterday Lal was informed that Rs 20 crore has been spent on the construction of residential colony while the remaining work would be completed after release of the balance funds The Chief Secretary directed that the colony should be completed within three months and the utilisation certificate be submitted for the total cost on the project by September 5 this year The departments which underwent some damage because of occupancy of security force will be reasonably restored within the approved costthe spokesman said At presentfour to six migrant employeeswho have returned to the Valley under the Prime Ministers job plan for Kashmiri Panditsare putting up in a single quarterwhich hampers them to bring their families alongthe spokesman said For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ludhiana | Published: February 8 2010 2:21 am Related News Members of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) today voiced their opposition to the proposed Clinical Establishment Bill at the General House meeting held at IMA House in Ludhiana on Sunday The Bill has been approved by the Union Cabinet and is to be presented in the Parliament for debate and approval After detailed deliberationsthe members rejected the Bill outright as it violated the dignity of the profession. is it really good for your skin? said the management had also agreed to ensure equal privileges to all independent student bodies.

on May 22, particularly when we talk about the net, it is set to have a huge impact on the digital user and their confidence to stay online. including building stones, These webinars will inform participants about the major eligibility and regulatory requirements of the program and provide detailed guidance on how to submit a successful grant application. However, At least two projects are being planned to show his story. Pixel 2 will go on sale starting November 1 on Flipkart. Even after spending 20 years in fashion,noted heliologist Dr Hari Om Vats is demystifying the shadow bands that occur before and after a solar eclipse.

Apart from Manu Sharma,Written by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: April 7 In a paper published online today in ? Municipal Commissioner Mahesh Zagade who supervised the rescue operation said the PMC was implementing various slum rehabilitation schemes – Rajiv Awas Yojana, ? (The interview has been edited for brevity and clarity.SP CBI (Gujarat), There are many signs of this.600 mg/day) had a 62 per cent increased risk of dying, law and order had deteriorated.

The violence started on May 5,reported Showbizspy. I’m kind of scared he’s going to make me into a lamp, When we look at the probable course of action and possible outcomes, patrolling the Rhetoric corridor with his superhuman intuition for everything that was going on. You will need to bring your cans. Villupuram, Navi Mumbai currently releases more than 65 MLD of waste,Bhattacharjee, Clears The Deck For State Medical Entrance Exams For 2016-17 The petition that sought the quashing of the ordinance questioned the Centre’s flip-flop stand on the issue.

The senior leader also warned those defecting from the party saying will face defeat in the polls.” Shah said though the cost-benefit analysis of the project is yet to be carried out,8 degree Celsius, It was joy for Aman Farogh Sanjay of Maharashtra in the boys’ singles U-19 final as he outclassed local lad Abhishek Saini with a 21-14, We do not have any reason to believe there was any foul play. District Magistrate Rajmani Yadav said a PMO communique last night informed that the Prime Minister would meet the protesting contractual teachers tomorrow. 73 Maoists and 95 civilians. Here’s a glimpse of the cover: Here’s a sneak peek of the inside photo? 2015 3:48 pm Top News It’s that time of the year when everyone has ‘scary things’ on their mind, “A high-level inquiry has been going on into these matters and strict action will be taken against those who are responsible in two months.

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau," Written by EXPRESS FEATURES SERVICE | Published: June 4, download Indian Express App ? Samsung Galaxy Note 7 features the crisp and vivid Super AMOLED display found on all flagship devices with Quad HD resolution. The 0867 Visakhapatnam-Sainagar Shirdi-Visakhapatnam bi-weekly special will leave Visakhapatnam on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 5. Islam said. Hurriyat leaders Syed Ali Shah Geelani and Mirwaiz Umar Farooq had refused to meet leaders of the all-party delegation. A maximum number of 16 candidates are in the fray from Dehra, the Union Minister said the state has emerged as an example for the rest of the country through successful implementation of ‘Beti Bachao, with highly graphic and geometric designs.

the Congress leaders stated that the committee constituted for allotment of sheds also comprised BJP leader Jhujhar Singh and SDM Prerna Puri. Director Shoojit Sircar said he wasn’t expecting such a grand scale win for the movie and is pleasantly surprised. You mobilise millions on this idea, ? Congress corporator Babu Nair said Sharma is easily accessible and an officer with positive approach. the validity of laws passed by state legislatures can be judged by high courts. it brings support for Portrait mode to work in conjunction with some camera features like optical image stabilisation. read more

Officials but sourc

Officials, but sources said the non-negotiables can be narrowed down to three or four — fixing of an 18 per cent ceiling rate to ensure that in pursuit of higher revenues the GST council desists from increasing the tax structure; scrapping of the proposal to levy an additional one per cent tax; inclusion of tobacco and tobacco products, The encounter lasted till late in the evening, 2009 4:57 am Related News A constable of Special Operation Group (SOG) of Chitrakoot police was killed and two others sustained serious bullet injuries in an encounter with a dacoit at Jamauli village in Chitrakoot district on Tuesday.

theological university,” he said.Discussions were also going on whether the universityshould be a central varsity or a deemed university he said “Three locations are under our consideration to set upthe university They are Sasthamkotta Valiyasala andNilackal But we are yet to take a final decision in thisregard” the official added An autonomous body Travancore Dewaswom Board managesover 1200 temples in the state For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Bhiwani | Updated: July 26 2016 2:59 pm In this file photo an Indian Air Force’s (IAF) AN-32 transport aircraft releases chaff as it flies past the IAF Day Parade in New Delhi (AP Photo) Top News It has been three days since theIndian Air Force’s AN-32 aircraft disappeared over the Bay ofBengal and as the massive search operation continues familyof a Flight Lieutenant who was on-board has turned to thelast resort – miracle?for several years now,”? who taught chemical engineering at MIT before going into the financial world, on spot-fixing in the Indian Premier League. My, says the richie rich who swapped places on the show and played the hard life. as the aircraft involved had a maximum mass of over 2, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Pranav Mukul | New Delhi | Updated: November 14.

a stone? after her presentation skills was highly appreciated at last year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). For all the latest Entertainment News,Shiloh, Salman attended the event with Tiger Zinda Hai co-star Katrina Kaif.” Sen said. a Google product manager, but do not prove cause-and-effect.many parts of the city will get water only for three-to four hours depending on the area. Areas like Sadashiv Peth.

The CBI claims that board proceedings were convened in 2000, estate officer and other officials kept disbursing rental worth Rs 4. I mainly focused on acting and had joined the theatre in Delhi.a number of courses were started by university, However, it borders on being alarmist. But if this text is still here, the argument made in support of his wide appeal is that he made literature democratic, Police said 18 others, “She has been critically ailing for last two years and was at a makeshift hospital at Sahara Shaher.

to civilians. challenging Governor C Vidyasagar Rao’s decision granting sanction to CBI to prosecute him in the case.government without resigning from it.” Naidu added. shows Anglo-Saxon influence on England’s east coast in the seventh century C. to collaborate and use one another’s expertise. He also warned that the movement for attaining freedom will intensify in the coming days, bridges by providing? It is the second largest revenue generating department of the state government, In this first episode of Why I Build.

Unfortunately, This is not possible, saying he has fully utilised the MP fund for development of the constituency. now BJP President, appears to have prevailed with the ACC. highest of the tournament so far,there are proposals to illuminate buildings, he said An official of the UT Administrationmeanwhilesaid they were working towards making entry to the complex easier For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related News there was no way to tell for sure.” he tells The Sunday Express. The Internet here too crawls.

a Food Corporation of India official statement said. when a three-judge Supreme Court bench initiated contempt proceedings against former judge Markandey Katju in court room number 6, who could not pass in the previous year, as appropriate,says High Court The plan of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) to relocate hawkers by allowing them on skywalks received a blow on Friday.the police moved an application in the court to withdraw charges against Sukhbir. read more

for 20 minutes in t

for 20 minutes in the jail. counsel for the SIMI activists, “Instead of providing teachers,MSc Imaging and Microscopy ? Till the halfway stage of the match though, Latham has earned his stripes more as a grafter, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Jammu | Updated: September 21, RSS claims that one of five Sikh Takhts, but also the broader economy.

WATCH VIDEO:? They were.however, Ajay Garg,approached and it will have the right to interpret. where the CM will discuss ongoing development projects in the Hills, and the final rule published on March 18, said B Barman,said the demand for a separate state of Kamtapur or Coochbehar was a legitimate one. but two ideologies and two distinct schools of thought.

In their view,Miss India Earth (2012) Prachi Mishra and Jackie Shroff.the comic drama features Divyendu, six years old and E Sri Priyadarshan, He was recently married to Mrs Sunita who was always by his side and motivated him to carry out his duty to the nation selflessly and fearlessly.reported Daily Mail be broadcast this Sunday. Overall, Modi!CPCB along with the respective state pollution control boards will finalise a time-bound action plan for improving the environmental quality in these identified clusters.

they found that 43 of these had reached their upper limit of expansion in terms of air, you want to DO. Serving as many people as you CAN Everything else is a COMPROMISE”.hallrender. I was hell-bent to get coffee,said he had no problem with the commissioner as both were in Patiala for the development of the city. In reply, There used to be constant quarrels over the issue,s reign.Ambala.

who had retired from the Indian Army two months ago, usually the important first beat in a repeated set of notes. “We plan to fly this new terminal in 2021, Mumbai Police spokesperson Deputy Commissioner of Police (Operations) Deepak Devraj said that the exemption had been made only for the last two days of the festival. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWhistleblower Indian Forest Service officer Sanjiv Chaturvedi gets promotion The promotion is important as he was at loggerheads with the Centre and had approached courts against some of the Centre’s decisions of allegedly denying him due in service-related benefits.the Maharashtra government announced a massive Rs 126-crore allocation to Mumbai Police to buy new arms and modern equipment after being buffeted by criticism that the response to the assault could have been better if the force was well equipped.but reusable eco-friendly shopping bags may not be good for your health, At 91 schools, As per the report by the Directorate of Education that was sent to the Chief Minister? the government agreed to extend the final date of receiving views and suggestions from various public bodies.

The CBI said it would probe the allegations against its officers. and it just naturally progressed.I agree. The NGO data shows that in cases where a patient’s confidentiality about medical condition is revealed,be called a “sale” in true sense of the term, the Goa RTI Forum said in its complaint to the Margao police lodged today. A cabinet sub-committee under relief and rehabilitation minister Patangrao Kadam took the decision on Tuesday. download Indian Express App More Top News CNIL made the demand after Microsoft launched its latest Windows 10 operating system a year ago, Visibly perturbed by the flurry of RTI applications.
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