Sony designs Dragon Tattoo DVD to look like a pirate copy

first_imgIf you asked any executive working in the movie industry what the biggest problem they face is, you can guarantee the answer would be “piracy.” Whether that’s true or not, it’s clear movie studios hate piracy and are willing to go to great lengths to stop it (DRM, lawsuits, lobbying for greater control on the Internet).So it took me by surprise when I saw the design for the DVD release of the movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Someone in Sony took the decision to make the actual DVD look like a pirate copy. You can see it pictured above.I can see this decision having two outcomes, both of which those high up in Sony’s ranks aren’t going to like one bit. The first is people purchasing a legitimate copy of the movie, getting it home, and being furious they’ve been sold a pirate copy. The design is such that it looks good enough to be a fake, if that makes sense.The second outcome is the individuals who sell pirate copies of the movie copying the design. All they need is blank Sony DVDs and a marker pen. With a bit of practice it shouldn’t be hard to perfect the handwriting from the legitimate copies. If they print the same artwork from the packaging it will be quite difficult to tell the real from the fake when having a browse.The design on the DVD makes sense as far as the plot of the movie goes. The main character, Lisbeth Salander, does perform some hacking and data theft after all. As for the actual implications associated with releasing a commercial disc that looks like this, will it go unnoticed or cause more than a few returns to stores by confused consumers wondering where the “real” disc is?via Midwest Tapelast_img

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