Why your website did not get high traffic

I believe that many webmaster in

function is not complete, can not give people the beauty.


flow is a site of the survival of the people visiting the site is different from shopping, lots of good location good and someone will come to the Internet, in this virtual world, to the site have enough traffic, or is the optimization of the good promotion, or brand effect.

First of all, the

website content to deceive customers, regardless of the user experience.

just contact the Internet this piece have done a lot of standing, as for me, when in 2011 the Shanghai dragon contact on their own to do a website on NBA, was also looking forward to their website to be loved by everyone, the website can be a great group of users however, when I insisted for three months, found that he was wrong, as a novice, there are questions on this site in one of the first is exposed, due to construction problems of its own, website style and other browser is not compatible, the second is in the station optimization do not perfect, keywords choose too single and so on, so this site will not end. read more

The love Shanghai search engine optimization guide personal understanding summary

What is the

as love Shanghai on the website of the review, the key point is the user experience. What is the user experience? Is the user that your website content and obtain useful, very convenient. Love Shanghai on the website of the crawling and ranking is from the start. Shanghai Shanghai sex dragon, also should focus on these to do.

er said the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Shanghai sex dragon, domain name should be the website keyword pinyin or Pinyin is the name of the web site. I think there is some truth. Because of love in the "guide" in Shanghai said: "the domain name or site name and website theme can be echoed, let people see the domain name you can think of the web content, such as the use of the company name, trademark, name of the website or the company products and other information to select the domain name", but here love Shanghai words carefully, use "that is to say," there is no necessary link between the two. In fact, from many sites in Shanghai love ranking, can not find a link between the two. read more

How to analyze the 2013 Shanghai dragon service company to develop the content of strategy

But the strategy?

then, the original content of the cognition should be clear, the original content should also have the unique property of

the quality of the original content is not equal to the product of soft, soft products although also belong to the original content, but many soft advertising with a very strong nature of the. But there are too many similar content, the content for the user, the user may not want. I think quality content to have originality and uniqueness, too many similar advertisements do not conform to the user experience first, of course, on the web editors demand even higher. Must be the product and industry in-depth understanding can be written in line with the user experience of the article, the contents and other contents to > read more

The search engine is how to find the station group cheating optimization

but a lot of people do stand group often some defects, that is done very regularly, the search engine is very offensive stations targeted optimization, so the station once more regularly, it is very easy to be found in the search engine, then you will be away from the K station not far away to do so, the station group, the problem to be solved is not regular, we have the following search engines to find stations cheating six questions of principle about


three: the keyword of the website is basically the same, this is also a lot of stationmaster lazy phenomenon, because the same keyword to collect the same article, in the content of the construction is very fast, this is often the first search engine and anti cheating method stations echoes, so this is a lot to get rid of the master station group read more

How to bring the actual website optimization website volume

How does the

clear and concise pattern of customer retention


website to attract customers, how the layout can be easy for customers to browse, how the structure will make customers tired? With these questions to reflect the planning of the website is a website optimization operation. If a web site about the next rolling picture, or through the flash mode to introduce information. As visitors first glance is picture to spend an eye, what information to read web content; to read the consultation information but not text in flash, click on the hyperlink can not, how users visit the web site for further reading. Even the information can provide. read more

How to improve the site sticky some necessary conditions on

second, a good program: a good program of the site is very large, the website is a tool for us, if we choose the procedure of bad words will have a great resistance to the development of japan. If the owners own programming, then the effect is not so big, if we only know a bit of code, then will be a lot of trouble, not a little thing please Internet companies to modify or debug. Many owners would choose a CMS station, suggest the choice before please go to the deep understanding, if inconsiderate, a matter of website development and CMS does not match the day after it is very difficult. read more

How to seek the methods to solve the offbeat website ranking is not stable phenomenon

Of course, the new

website also is not to save the striking one snag after another, the most important is to look at the save method, and for most of the new station just grabbed its website content fresh, link driven, user support, your site can be rescued from an abyss, following detailed talk about the new how to save the site.

new content fresh, love Shanghai will certainly grab

A part of

website ranking twists because the site itself is new sites, new website in the early stage because the content of the website construction more perfect, the procedure is relatively simple, easy to grasp the spider love Shanghai, can get the search engines at the line on the site a few days time, this will let the webmaster feel the website also more other old site has the same love Shanghai recognized, in fact love Shanghai is not recognized on your website but that your site is a new site to give your website a chance. If you don’t catch the sea love give you the opportunity, then the website ranking will be striking one snag after another. read more

Webmaster how to through the chain expansion soft website

choose the good quality of the platform is mainly because of the platform of high weight, and then compare the authority has credibility, can contribute to improve visibility in the above platform, then the flow of people, the exposure rate is high, the last is that a lot of other sites and software platform will come to these collected articles. The owners of the home, such as A5, why, 28 Shanghai dragon is a good choice. At the same time can also set up an independent blog with soft Wen promotion, the blog itself is a good outside chain resources, the soft can be sent in the blog and then to contribute, not only contribute to the blog to do the long tail keywords, but also through the soft platform to improve the visibility of the blog, so many times on the blog can also get a lot of traffic at the same time, a lot of collection site even directly to the blog collection of your article, one of the key points of what we want is the chain expansion, but after a certain well-known copy will be more links with the people, the expansion effect can be strengthened. read more

Through Chinese joined the network to explore how to improve the enterprise station experience

is recommended to join the brand down, looking for Western-style food join users, choose a good brand may be better profit. In the column below the title is the recommended brand, then offers to join, it is also of interest to the user, can get preferential better than nothing. On the right is the monthly ranking, the user can use this information to understand what the most popular monthly brand to join, and is a selective reference. At the right end of the title bar also provides Western-style food to join the project search list of links, the list page allows users to query all the brand items, one by one to understand. Some users do not love website recommended, that will allow users to quickly find their own. read more

Love is no longer easily conjecture Shanghai reform arrangements

most people are using this method, if you love Shanghai don’t know it, that he is not mixed, so, to fight in this way for love Shanghai ranked Shanghai dragon, it must be to reduce the impact of this algorithm, and use a more reliable method to test the correctness of the keywords ranking Click: user experience. Although I think this is not reliable, but also a little progress.


love since Shanghai does not accept the arrangement, it must through certain technical means to confirm each page really meaningful for a keyword, our home in addition to the word first appeared in the description, does not appear in the title, and the product is the title yet completely matching words, description > read more

Detail about the target keywords

keyword density is where the proportion of the page text or the frequency. The low frequency of the search engine is not easy to determine what is the keyword page, and if the frequency is too high, for the search engines, is likely to be judged as keyword stuffing. So, we will set the keyword density is about 2%-6% is the most moderate.



target keywords in general is a word or phrase consisting of 2-6 words, relatively more nouns are nouns or noun are the product of industry. read more

Do Shanghai dragon will also be what optimization

and regularly report to the boss a good effect, can also be in paper, the ranking results show, try.

talked about Shanghai dragon we will think of optimization keywords and the hair of the chain, a site of the Shanghai dragon is not to go all the way to the site keywords to do the first thing, as long as you have enough strength enough, you will be a good Shanghai dragon, but to do the Shanghai Dragon in an enterprise, these are enough? Website every detail is in accordance with the standard of Shanghai Longfeng do? Shanghai dragon boss does not know how to do? Can not improve the website ranking in a short period of time how to do? I think so many problems, is a work in Shanghai dragon can face to you, is how to solve it, here I share some of the work experience, want to do a good job in Shanghai but also in the enterprise the dragon. read more

Share methods site keywords and Shanghai Longfeng beginners

then to see how the degree of competition in size:

I am a Shanghai dragon beginner, recently in the study on the YY of a related key words how to choose courses, feeling very helpful for their decision, summed up and some is a novice, at the same time on the choice of words is also very vague friends share together, we hope to be able to help.

5. competitors website data: here to focus on the way, like the 4 above mentioned, if the home page number ranking, the degree of competition that is not the word, to look at these sites to some specific data. read more

The differences in the way of highlighting the value of the site to obtain higher click

1, users click on your website

2, our website compared with their peers

Through the above

financial software most are charged, and the software is a free trial of financial software, but in the use of the time there is a limit to the user, but we love Shanghai from the drop-down box, users of free financial software. The following figure

Site Title Value Orientation need understanding of this industry, and combining the advantage of enterprises themselves to develop, don >

value positioning strategy, core value to highlight the others do not. No, but we have to meet the needs of users, the site also highlights the theme must be true, and not to deceive users, some owners in order to attract users to click, so exaggerated the value of the site, it is not a long way. read more

Technical problems with production site 301 redirect

we are looking back, look at www and WWW without alternate ranking phenomenon. In the eyes of the search engines, with or without WWW, in fact is different. The same page content. It is easy to distinguish in our eyes, like the two ID card, ID card number is not the same. However, the search engine is based on the link to judge page generation. When we are in the process of optimization, because the site operation is not standard, in the love of Shanghai periodic law adjustment, love Shanghai or the high value of the general weight adjustment to the front page of search results. This web site is not standardized, resulting in the eyes of the search engines, there are two different sites. The home side. It is easy to explain why Tracy said at the beginning of the situation. read more

Shanghai Longfeng ranked a lot of people are wrong password

cannot modify the Title New Online frequent, the next crawl that modify the title of the site, will bring bad effects. The spider will task in this site is not a good word, revising the title of K station is unavoidable. The title is not too long, the weight of the website (the search engine’s weight, the weight of the non third party) is the key to increasing, the weight of each keyword is less. The ranking will be worse, do not suggest that the title is too long, is not conducive to ranking. read more

Shanghai is not all about love snapshot grab case analysis


summary of the above two points, the author believes that as long as the user experience is good, the loading speed, the content of the website, the original degree is high, in fact, not all snapshot shows the optimized layout does not affect the site’s ranking and keywords. Love of Shanghai has not fully displayed, the author thinks that love Shanghai because of a proposed idea, proposed small and medium-sized webmaster website home page try not to be too large, because of the small and medium-sized webmaster itself does not have strong server diversion technology, when the page is too large, it will affect the speed of loading. read more

The electronic commerce website 9 optimization methods for inventory

Descriptive title

write 5 to 8 words per page content. The title should be concise "and" these important words. To explain this page, what is the most important content of the website. The page title will appear in the search results page link, so you can write a provocative, to attract the search click on the link. At the same time in the home page content to write your name and your most important keywords, and can’t just write the company name. Each page of the website should have page for the title. read more

The guest Taobao is facing a crisis

for Taobao customers a single product promotion, many people choose to do long tail keywords, lock the target user, do directional flow, a small website can create a good income. But the competition is becoming more intense and long tail keywords is bare hot, especially the high commission items (such as weight loss, breast enhancement, beauty etc.) has been intense competition.

I think most of this article is in the Tao do it, if you do not read this meaningful Taobao customers to promote, as for how to optimize the website content, website optimization, website interface response speed also has nothing to do with this article. This paper want to Amoy and his comrades to do an exchange, right and wrong webmasters want scouring off criticism, because Taobao guest website user experience is facing a crisis. read more

Site optimization really is the essence of Shanghai dragon ideas and thinking

third, how much is not the core of the chain is the key to do. I hope you don’t get, say to do a spam chain which is called the construction of the chain, this is bad, such as blogs, forum, blog links and other low-level hard put ordinary thinking, this is not I want to talk about today, I believe that the chain is one of the website weight impact indicators, we to rush the quality to do rather three days without nor to the number of spam, high weight platform is usually we want to attack positions, such as a large flow of soft Wen webmaster platform, for the industry classification information platform, and their related Links mutual aid, to establish their own independent blog third party the blog is suitable is the construction of the chain channels, chain in nature, as long as the master. read more