Sophia man beaten after attempting to rape 6-year-old

first_imgMan A man who was on Monday evening caught attempting to rape a six-year-old child was beaten mercilessly by residents of Sophia, Greater Georgetown.Reports are the man reportedly lured the child into his home, locked the door and attempted to commit the act but the child began screaming. This alerted residents, who along with the child’s relatives broke into the house and rescued the child.However, residents in the area gave the man a sound thrashing and even attempted to cut his penis off but by that time, the Police had arrived and intervened.An investigation has been launched.last_img read more

What do fans and local people think about QPR’s plans for Old Oak?

first_imgQPR recently put their plans for a new stadium at Old Oak on display to the public. The club’s owners want to regenerate the land between Scrubs Lane and Willesden Junction, which would be known as New Queens Park and include a sporting and leisure hub at which Rangers would play.See also:QPR owners stay committed because their eyes are on the prizeQPR confirm Old Oak regeneration projectThe Old Oak project that would totally transform the face of QPROld Oak plan ‘speculative & presumptuous’The battle for Old Oak will be a huge opportunity for QPR fansQPR step up their pursuit of Old Oak site’More than 80%’ back QPR’s Old Oak plansRangers say public supports Old Oak plansFollow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

Fair racing in Ferndale gets underway today

first_imgFERNDALE >> John F. Martin, regarded as one of sharpest thoroughbred trainers in California, has always had tremendous success claiming “veteran” horses with back class, consistent recent form and plenty of gas from the starting gate.Candy For Debbie, a nine-year-old “old pro” with 68 career starts and a lifetime bankroll of $218,499, is a perfect example of the magic Martin touch.Fresh from a wire-to-wire win at Santa Rosa, Candy For Debbie will be a solid favorite to capture the $9,000 Jeff …last_img read more

Report: Warriors ‘a big threat’ to sign Bucks’ Giannis Antetokounmpo

first_imgKevin Durant may have left town, but the Warriors might not be done “ruining the NBA,” according to an ESPN report.Should Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo become a free agent in 2021, the Warriors are “a big threat” to sign the NBA’s most recent MVP and create another super team, Ramona Shelbourne said Monday on “The Jump.”Milwaukee has said it will offer the super max (five years, $247 million) to Antetokounmpo as a means of keeping the three-time All-Star who just led the Bucks to the …last_img read more

Life Uses Quantum Mechanics

first_img(Visited 19 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 Long before man discovered quantum mechanics, birds and other living creatures were using it to good advantage.Quantum mechanical effects typically work at atomic scales.  Quantum entanglement is a phenomenon in which distinct objects share the same existence, regardless of the distance between them.  There’s potential there for quantum computing if the states of the two objects can be manipulated.The ability to store and use quantum information is a challenge to modern engineers, reported Technology Review from MIT, but birds fly by it.  “Now Vladko Vedral at the University of Oxford and a few pals have calculated just how good nature could be at this game. The answer is very good: it looks as if nature has worked out how to preserve entanglement at body temperature over time scales that physicists can only dream about.”How does a bird navigate with quantum computing?  In the back of a bird’s eye, molecular sensors can detect both photons and the earth’s magnetic field.    When a photon is absorbed, an entangled electron pair is formed, each electron briefly occupying different parts of the molecule.  The magnetic field flips the “spin” (a quantum property) of one of the electrons, so that when they recombine 100 microseconds later, that information can be sensed by the bird.  “The result is that the bird ‘sees’ the earth’s magnetic field as it flies,” the review said.Maintaining the entangled state for 100 microseconds is “an extraordinary figure,” the article states.  The best human engineers have achieved is 80 microseconds.  Furthermore, the bird does it at body temperature.The article referred to a previous Technology Review entry that explained how plants produce quantum entanglement in photosynthesis.  “Given that nature seems to have created the conditions in which entanglement thrives, the big question now is whether there are any natural systems that exploit it.”At the level of cellular molecules (10/27/2010), it’s been noted that molecular machines like ATP synthase (4/30/2005, 3/16/2011) and myosin (5/30/2007, 4/19/2010) can employ Brownian motion — the random thermal wiggle of molecules — to drive their moving parts in a preferred direction by a ratchet mechanism.How did life master quantum mechanics?  The first Technology Review article stated flatly, “while researchers have been puzzling over this problem for a few years now, nature has had 4.5 billion years to work on it using the tools of natural selection.”Don’t you just hate it when evolutionists ruin a good science story with regurgitated Darwin tricks?  Here we see the personification fallacy and the magic wand of time.  Nature is not a person.  A non-person cannot use tools.  Natural selection is not a tool, anyway.  And time is not a magic wand for working miracles of chance.Too bad the story was tainted with baloney.  Next time you watch a flock of pigeons, think about the quantum entanglement that allows them to use the earth’s compass to find home.  Who gave them that ability?  The birds didn’t think this up.  Creatures have been endowed with abilities that are the marvel of our best engineers.  Endowment implies an Endower.last_img read more

Champs successfully defend Drak titles

first_img24 January 2011After a day of high drama on a full Umzimkulu River in KwaZulu-Natal, defending champions Hank McGregor and Abby Adie retained their titles in the Global Trader Drak Challenge Canoe Marathon on Sunday, capitalising on mishaps that derailed their challengers.McGregor started the 38 kilometre final stage from Swartberg Road bridge outside Underberg to the Hopewell farm, close to the Coleford Resort, side by side with two former winners of the race, Len Jenkins and Ant Stott.The trio quickly reeled off the first eight kilometres into Underberg before setting off into the notorious Underberg Gorge.Tripped upMcGregor was the first paddler to be tripped up by the feisty river, when his paddle wedged between some rocks and almost flipped him out of his kayak. Against the odds, however, he managed to recover and the front bunch remained intact and shared a laugh about McGregor’s close call.The race was effectively reduced to a two-horse race when six-time champion Stott fell out of his boat at the end of the Underberg Gorge, leaving McGregor and Jenkins to race away on the second half of the stage.Both got through the Lower Gorge unscathed, before McGregor made his break a kilometre-and-a half from the finish.‘I pushed the pace’“I pushed the pace in the last 25 minutes so that Len (Jenkins) didn’t have the jump on me. Messed up in the FastDrak (a race over the same course but run on a single day), and I didn’t want that to happen again,” explained McGregor, who got his nose ahead for the sprint finish to win the race by just two seconds from Jenkins.Stott completed the stage alone to wrap up third almost three minutes behind the leaders.“Today was my day,” said a delighted McGregor. “I was lucky and I am stoked with the win.”Jenkins was generous in defeat, and said he had battled with his fitness so early in the season. “I have also been doing a lot of mountain biking, which has eaten into my paddling training,” he said.Seasoned Gauteng racer Jacques Theron wrapped up fourth place by holding off under-21 star Brandon van der Walt who, despite recovering from a bout of tick bite fever, constantly hounded Theron and his Gauteng ally Piers Cruikshanks.DelightedJust as delighted as the men’s winner McGregor was Howick racer Abby Adie, who retained her title in the women’s division, after starting the final stage nearly a minute behind Robyn Kime.The lead was unchanged when Kime approached her nemisis, “The Mineshaft” chute, down Scotstons Weir on the outskirts of Underberg. It was the same place where she took the second of the swims that scuttled her 2010 title challenge.Once again, she saw her chances of winning the GT Drak disappear in the churning water at the foot of the weir as she took another swim.“Two guys went into the chute ahead of me and I had to slow right down, losing all my speed going into the weir,” said Kime. “I then made a silly mistake. It was a stupid rookie error.”Comfortable victoryAbby Adie, on the other hand, didn’t put a paddle wrong on the tricky river and coasted home to a three-and-a-half minute victory over Kime. “I am thrilled to defend my title and I look forward to trying to make it three in a row next year,” she said.“I was cautious in the rapids once I took the lead,” she continued. “I had done my homework at Glenhaven Rapid, even though my line wasn’t the recommended line, but I backed myself, and it worked.“The other rapids were brilliant. Heaven and Hell Rapid was heaven!”Amanzimtoti surfski ace Michele Eder hung hang onto third place, despite also taking a swim at “The Mineshaft” chute. “I am still nervous of the rocks as I am quite new to river racing. I try to picture them as a foamie in the sea,” said Eder.Adie was touched to be the first recipient of the new Margie Oliver Memorial trophy, which honours the “mother of canoeing” who passed away five weeks ago.RESULTSMENHank McGregor 3:45.01Len Jenkins 3:45.03Ant Stott 3:47.43Jacques Theron (Gau) 3:51.32Brandon van der Walt (U21) 3:52.34WOMENAbby Adie 4:09.40Robyn Kime (WP, U21) 4:13.08Michelle Eder 4:23.14Hilary Jean Pitchford 4:26.36Alex Adie (EC) 4:33.23SAinfo reporterWould you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

Moad builds a genius space for Africa’s arts

first_imgInnovation, creativity, diversity and artistry are the watchwords driving the Museum of African Design (MOAD), a rather unusual space that embraces the avant-garde. (Image: Museum of African Design) MEDIA CONTACTS • Aaron Kohn Director Museum of African Design +27 84 951 2060 RELATED ARTICLES • Art auction at Wits to dazzle • Gallery: Constitutional Court • Soweto Fashion Week supports African design • Steampunk chugs along in South Africa • Madiba’s life captured in artMelissa Jane CookInnovation, creativity, diversity and artistry are the watchwords driving the Museum of African Design (MOAD), a rather unusual space that embraces the avant-garde.Located in a refurbished 1930s art deco building in the Maboneng Precinct, on the eastern edge of the Johannesburg CBD, Moad is a pan-African platform for contemporary craftsmanship. Opened in October 2013, it fuses modern inner-city vogue and the harsh grit at the centre of the City of Gold. Once a factory that churned out parts for the mining industry and later a garage for vehicle repairs, the neglected old building was falling into disrepair.But the high ceilinged warehouse has since been transformed into a bespoke contemporary space to house and exhibit Africa’s most avant-garde design ideas. The renovated gallery is 2 500 square metres in size, and is believed to be the first of its kind on the continent. “I actually didn’t realise that Moad was a first on the continent until well into the planning phase,” explains Aaron Kohn, the director of. “[Maboneng] Precinct is, in many ways, South Africa’s Design Neighbourhood, so the spot made sense for a number of reasons.”Maboneng Precinct is an urban rejuvenation venture.“More interesting perhaps, was that museums in Africa are largely dedicated to preserving local culture and heritage – and when they’re competing with buyers in New York and Paris, they’re limited. Then galleries are more interested in going to Frieze or the Armory and selling abroad, than in showing within the continent. So Moad has always consciously been interested in creating a space that artists and museums would be excited to collaborate with, within the continent.”Kohn adds: “The goal for it is really to become a cultural hub, a place to showcase what’s [happening] on the continent that’s innovative, but also to encourage that kind of thinking, design and creativity to young South Africans and to people visiting Johannesburg at the same time.”Refurbished art deco buildingIn creating Moad, the developers added an extra floor, bathrooms and a cocktail bar, but kept the building’s integrity largely intact. “Raw floors, metal bars and scaffolding ramps still dominate the three-level space, creating a rough-edged atmosphere that echoes the identity of the building and its urban surroundings.”The space will continually be refined, but Kohn maintains that the goal is to leave it as original and industrial as possible. “It looks like it will end up being a maker-space/hacker-space to teach design, engineering and innovation. There are a number of incubators and tech-focused co-working spaces in Johannesburg and around Africa, and we are involving as many people as we can to build this initiative.”It has already hosted exhibitions, with visitors agreeing that it is more than a gallery space. It dedicates itself to uncovering, encouraging and sharing design growth through large-scale unified temporary exhibitions.Kohn, an American, explains that he connected with Maboneng because he spent a lot of time in the area when he was an exchange student, and while co-founding African Lookbook with Phil Sandick. Lookbook is an online presence “for discussion revolving around oral histories and products in an online shop”. It connects designers and artists in Africa with shops, galleries and curators around the world.“I ended up here with a strange obsession with Africa, which started off thinking I could be the white saviour from America. Y’know, do a lot of good,” Kohn says. “And along the route of disillusionment, I started hanging out with a lot of artists from across the continent. I started studying African art and spent a lot of time in Johannesburg.”He has no formal training in design, but has a passion for African studies, which he studied first in New York, and as result became interested not only in design, but specifically African design.“African Lookbook was created out of a desire to not only provide contemporary African threads online for purchase, but to also build a space for the important narratives behind those creations. Part documentation of African artistry, part online shopping gem, African Lookbook is garnering attention from folks interested in unique products with a story,” Kohn explains.Maboneng real estate“The building that houses Moad has been called Moad since it was acquired in 2011 by the Maboneng Precinct, but it was only about a year ago that I started talking to them about how to turn it into an operational museum.”Kohn says that in future, the museum will work with different people for every exhibition. Moad is not interested in becoming a collective institution that stores art or wastes any budget on insurance and acquiring fees, he stresses. “We want to focus on the most exciting and relevant exhibitions that we can put on with works from across the continent.“I think that’s a new model that a lot more institutions around the world are looking at in terms of not having necessarily conventional museum staff, not having a permanent collection. It allows an institution that’s interested in the contemporary to stay contemporary.”He aims to get South Africans interested in Moad, with the hope that they will become more interested in museums in the rest of the country. “South Africa has no shortage of museums, yet they’re essentially neglected. This is part of a global debate where we have to think of new ways to get people through our doors; we have to change the perceptions of museums.”He concludes: “It’s fitting that a design museum be in an old factory, because that is where things are made. On the one hand, it’s challenging because there are no white walls, but on the other hand, the space is rugged and we can do pretty much anything we dream up inside.”ExhibitionsIn October 2013, Moad presented the annual showcase of the Southern Guild design collection. Over 200 works from more than 100 of South Africa’s leading designers and artists provided a detailed and contextualised view point on collectable, limited edition design.The following month, Google teamed up with the makers of KitKat chocolates, Nestlé, to create an exhibition of 3D printed chocolate sculptures for the Chocnology exhibition. It was intended to celebrate the launch of Google’s latest operating system.Moad’s first full-length exhibition, Native Nostalgia, runs until 9 February. A group exhibition, it is an exploration of nostalgia in five African countries – Senegal, Nigeria, Algeria, Benin and South Africa. The works on show tell the stories of bygone eras, but positions them firmly within present day narratives. “Through architecture, construction, cartography, photography, communal archives, and historical re-enactment, each artist and participant has a conversation with a past through which they did not live by juxtaposing design elements with those of today,” explains the gallery.Moad is at 281 Commissioner Street, Johannesburg.last_img read more

Live from Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 Event: Release Candidate 1

first_imgWhy Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… 9:24 AM: Now we’re moving on to “Interoperability.”Announcing geo-location support.“In today’s Web, sites need to ask you for your location. Now, you can ask the browser and the browser can, with your consent, give your location.”Geo-location – uses the same services as WP7 to provide location.9:30 AM:We’re now getting into the usual demos of how fast IE9 hardware acceleration is. The difference, they say, is between full and partial hardware acceleration.IE9 is “four times as fast” as Chrome 10.9:40 AM: Moving to the last area: User Experience.Three things – navigation, tabs, and pin sites.Consumers like the “site-centric experience” – tightened up UI, squared off tabs, made more room for content.Showed two sites, side by side, on Chrome and IE9, and showed that IE9 offered a “full toolbar’s width” more screen space for content. (It’s clear here today that Microsoft considers Chrome its big browser competitor and not Firefox. As a matter of fact, the word Firefox hasn’t been mentioned once.) One other thing? My Chrome looks cleaner than the one they just showed – I have to wonder what version that was.“Another area where we had a lot of feedback was around tabs.”For 97% of sessions, users had 5 tabs or fewer. “At the same time, we care a lot about that last 3%.”Can move tab bar under one box to give full width of window for tabs. 9:46 AM: Pinnable sites:Now allows for various elements on a website to be grabbed and pinned to the Windows 7 taskbar.Users 40% more likely to return to site with “pin site” feature. (“Pinnable” sites are websites that can be a permanent icon on the bottom taskbar of Windows 7. They can also feature “jump lists”, which add quick actions to the right-click menu of these pinned items.)9:53 AM:Unlike the HP WebOS, this one is running just an hour long. That’s it folks. As always, we’re interested in hearing what you think of the latest with IE9. Tags:#Browsers#Microsoft#news#web A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… mike melanson 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketcenter_img We’re told that the event will begin any minute, so stay tuned.9:07 AM: We’re getting going.We’re going to hear from partners dealing with HTML5 and those with privacy/do no track issues.We’re going to start off with a video from developers and designers talking about IE9.9:09 AM:What do they have to say? (All good things, of course)-The browser gets out of the way-The RC will have geolocation–These developers really like pinning websites and treating them like apps.-The “desktop is moving onto the web and the web onto the desktop” – this has been Microsofts party line with IE9 all along.9:11 AM: Ryan Gavin takes the stage.“We’ve had 7 updates to IE9 before today”. The word today, it seems, will be “developer.” Gavin is talking about release scheduling and how it has been well-received in the developer community.“This is probably the highest quality beta in IE history.” Says they’ve received more than 17,000 pieces of feedback on IE9, more than the entire life cycle of IE8.9:14 AM:Now we’re talking about hardware acceleration. “You can’t have a discussion about browsers today without discussing hardware acceleration.”(The motto, of course, has been “Beauty of the Web.”)And here’s the other topic of the day: Trust.“IE9 aspires to be the world’s most trusted browser.”IE9 can block 99% of malware, says Gavin. And yes, the release of IE9 RC1 is today.9:16 AM:Privacy & Tracking Protection:Tracking lists have been published: privacy choise, easy list, Truste and Abine.9:21 AM: Now we’re seeing dev tools for tracking features. As you browse, you can watch IE9 create a browsing profile and exmaine how your browser is being tracked. 9:23 AM: “What you see there is that with one click, you’re protected. It’s as simple as finding a list and clicking a button.”IE9 also allows creation of “personalized tracking protection lists.”Some offer do not track lists, others like Truste offer whitelists, which list what to allow, not what to block.“This is the first in the industry to enable this level of control.” Related Posts Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting In September, Microsoft held a gala event to announce the beta release of Internet Explorer 9. There were bands, auditorium-size stage shows and hours on end of Internet Explorer goodness. Today, the company is holding a much more subdued event to announce the release of Internet Explorer 9’s first release candidate and unveil many of the expected features. In addition to the general announcement, we’re expecting to see more in the way of IE9’s hardware accelerated HTML5 graphics support, updates for developers and the much-discussed “Do Not Track” feature. We’re live at the event so stay tuned and we’ll bring you the news as it comes.last_img read more

On the Occasion of My 4th Anniversary

first_imgIt was four years ago today that I decided to start writing and posting here daily.I had watched and studied (and shamelessly stole from) Chris Brogan, who wrote and posted daily at (I am proud to call Chris a friend, and he’s been a great teacher). I also studied Seth Godin, who sometimes posted more than once a day. I made the decision to join them, and December 28th was the day I began.I have posted her every day with the exception of 10 days in August of 2010. During those 10 days I traveled to Lhasa, Tibet and visited Base Camp 1 on Mt. Everest. I thought it would be poor form to blog while I should be taking in the experience. If I had it to do over again, I would have just written about the experience in real time.When I started this blog, I had no idea what I was supposed to do here. I was concerned that people would judge me for what I had written, and I worried about other people’s perceptions. But when I started writing on the 28th, I decided to write without any concern about what others think, choosing instead to believe that the people who needed the idea I wrote about would find it when they needed it–and the people who didn’t need it would skip past it without a second thought.I also believed when I started that my best work would be the work people valued most. It hasn’t worked out the way. Oftentimes, the work I believed would be most valuable doesn’t get a second glance and the work I believed to be a “too simple” idea have proven to have legs.Over the past four years, I have been graciously invited into the community of salespeople, sales organization, sales trainers, sales coaches, and sales consultants. I was invited into a small tribe when there were only 8 or 9 of us who decided we were stronger together than apart. The people who had invited me into the tribe are gone, but some of us remain, and we have now grown the tribe to just over 40 people who think and write about sales.Some people have struggled to understand why we promote each other’s work when we work in the same space. They view this as helping our “competitors.” We don’t view it that way. We see it has helping each other, and we see it as helping point the communities we serve at good content.I’ve also been invited into a community of fellow entrepreneurs, speakers, marketing types, and all-around hustlers who have built their own platforms. You can find some people in that community over at few years into the adventure that is my writing life, I had one consultant call me to criticize me for sharing my ideas. He used very direct language and attacked me for not understanding how intellectual property works. He said by giving away my ideas, no one had any reason to hire me. He criticized me for providing a link to my archives, believing it was wrong to help people find what they needed without being able to charge them for it. Then he asked me how I was getting so much work. I failed in my attempt to explain to him just how much the world has changed.The opportunities that have to come to be through my writing life over the last four years have taken me across the country and around a good part of the world. I’ve made friends in every corner of the earth. I’ve also had the privilege to speak to and consult with companies that measure their revenue in tens of millions of dollars to tens of billions of dollars.I have had the great pleasure of helping thousands of individual salespeople, hundreds of sales managers, and dozens of sales organizations–none of which would have been possible without this blog and the ability to share here.There are only a few things that have had such a positive impact on my life. That list includes my mother (who raised four kids alone while launching her own entrepreneurial adventure, and for whom I have the deepest respect), my wife, and my three children. I’ve been fortunate enough to add many more relationships to this list through this blog.Thanks for being here with me!last_img read more

Copa America: Argentina go down to Uruguay

first_imgUruguay beat Argentina 5-4 on penalties to book Copa America semi-final berth with Peru after Carlos Tevez’s spot kick was saved by goalkeeper Fernando Muslera in the decider on Saturday.The game ended 1-1 after regulation time and there was no addition to that score line in extra time. The final tally in the shootout was 5-4 to Uruguay.Diego Perez gave Uruguay a surprise 1-0 lead in the sixth minute, but Gonzalo Higuain equalised in the 18th.Argentina had a man advantage from the 39th minute when Perez received his second yellow. But Muslera and Uruguay’s rugged defence stopped Argentina, which had a dozen chances in regulation and extra time. The teams returned to even strength when Argentina captain Javier Mascherano was sent off in the 87th.Uruguay will face Peru in the semi-finals on Tuesday. Peru shocked Colombia 2-0. Brazil face Paraguay and Chile play Venezuela in the remaining quarterfinals.When Uruguay went down a man, it became more defence- minded and Argentina struggled to break down its opponent. When the Gauchos did manage to put some play together, Muslera came up with a dozen key saves.Messi and Gonzalo Higuain almost won it several times in the second half. Messi forced Muslera into a diving save in the 63rd minute. In the 78th, Higuain took a pass from Messi in the area, and turned and fired with Muslera sprawling to stop his shot.In the final minute of regulation time, Messi’s free kick from 30 meters was headed for the goal until Muslera kicked out his left leg for a miraculous save. Uruguay striker Diego Forlan almost snatched the game with the last shot of regulation time. In extra time, Messi, Pastore and Higuain all had chances further chances to net the winner. The best came in the 111th when Higuain shot into the outside of the netting from close range.advertisementThe shootout was level at 2-2 when Tevez went for power rather than placement, and Muslera guessed right, diving to his right to block the shot. All the other spotkicks were converted. It’s a bitter loss for Argentina, which was aiming to win its first major trophy in 18 years; and with Lionel Messi, the world’s best player.Messi showed flashes, but was unable to deliver for his home nation where he has been often criticised for not performing as well as he does at Barcelona. Argentina and Uruguay have each won this event 14 times, and Brazil has won eight. But Brazil has won four of the past five.”We’ve managed to reach our first objective, which was to match our results in the last Copa America,” Uruguay coach Oscar Tabarez said. Argentina coach Sergio Batista is now likely to come under enormous pressure.Batista replaced Diego Maradona following the World Cup, and immediately after the match was asked if he planned to resign.”I’m not thinking about that,” he said. “It has never crossed by mind. I have to continue on the job. My job started five or six months ago, and I have to continue with my plans. The important thing is the (2014) World Cup.” ” I can’t be happy,” he added. ” One does not like to be eliminated. But I am content with my players.” Batista denied that a quarterfinal exit could be considered a failure.”It is not a failure because we did all we could to win, and it didn’t happen,” Batista said. “Failure is a strong word. We worked to win but couldn’t do it.” Batista acknowledged his team’s play fell off in the second half.And that included Messi, who has now failed to score in his past 16 official games – not counting friendlies – for the national team.- With inputs from Agencieslast_img read more