Montreal therapists citizens raise awareness of compulsive hoarding

first_imgMONTREAL – Mitsou Lefebvre-Lafrance never realized that the piles of books, papers, clothes, collectibles and craft supplies that covered every surface in her Montreal apartment were a problem until she needed to move to a smaller space.But as the move approached, she suddenly realized she just couldn’t, or didn’t know how to, let anything go.“For me, (hoarding), it was a kind of protection, a void, an identity, too,” said Lefebvre-Lafrance, 43.“Objects that were given to me represented people, and it felt I was rejecting the person when I threw out the object.”On Thursday, citizens like Lefebvre-Lafrance joined doctors, social workers, city workers and emergency services in Montreal for a symposium on compulsive hoarding disorder, with the goal of creating awareness of the little-understood condition.The disorder, which is believed to affect between two and six per cent of the population, occurs when a person forms such a strong attachment to the objects around them that they can’t discard them, even as their spaces become unlivable, doctors say.The most common objects are clothes, books, cards, documents and household decor, but can include almost anything, even animals or food.Pierre Rondeau, a mental health physician who spoke at the symposium, characterizes it as a “hidden disorder” that most sufferers are reluctant to discuss with their family or doctors.“People are ashamed of their situation,” he said.“They could be functional in their life, but living in a non-functional house. But they don’t talk about it, or bring people over.”But for Lefebvre-Lafrance, ending the isolation brought on by the disorder was key to breaking its hold.Like many compulsive hoarders, she also struggled with other forms of mental illness, including anxiety, depression and social phobia.As she sought treatment, she met others like her, which helped her to begin addressing her attachment toward her possessions and creating a functional living space, although she admits she still likes having things around her.After seeking help in 2006, Lefebvre-Lafrance helped to form a peer support group that is run out of a local health clinic in Montreal’s Verdun borough.Since then, their initiative has expanded to include a 30-person committee that includes community workers, therapists, fire services, building inspectors and compulsive hoarders.The goal is to lobby for improved services and support for people with the disorder, as well as encouraging them to reach out for help before things get out of hand.Natalia Koszegi, a clinical psychologist who studies the disorder, says that too often, interventions only occur at “crisis level,” when a person is facing eviction or extreme pressure from landlords, family or building inspectors.But while people may feel clearing the home is an emergency, she says what’s needed is patience and the co-operation of various actors, including city workers and firefighters enforcing city bylaws.“It takes authority, so the hoarder knows that’s it’s serious and they have to (get rid of the) clutter, but it also takes help to support the person, to work with them,” she said.“It’s a job for a lot of people.”While hoarding runs in families, it’s unclear whether that is due to genetic or environmental factors.Koszegi would like to see more studies on long-term treatment options, although she stresses that people can generally manage the disorder with a combination of self-awareness, therapy, and support from family, friends and peer support groups.Encouragement, she says, is better than criticism.“A person who succeeds in taking out one bag of stuff is a victory, and family and friends need to realize that and encourage it, even if there are 50 bags left to do.”last_img read more

Annie Lennox To Take Part In Google Hangout For World AIDS Day

first_imgIn the lead up to World AIDS Day 2012, three passionate advocates for an HIV-free generation will come together in UNAIDS’ first Google+ Hangout to talk about how the world is moving towards zero new HIV infections among children by 2015 and keeping their mothers alive.On 27 November at 2:30 pm GMT (London), 9:30 am ET (New York), Annie Lennox, UNAIDS International Goodwill Ambassador, Michel Sidibé, UNAIDS Executive Director, and Florence Ngobeni, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation Ambassador, will share their insight on the global effort to end new HIV infections among children in the next 1000 days.The Hangout will be broadcast live on UNAIDS’ Google+ page.Viewers can submit questions to the three panellists via Twitter, using the hashtag #ZeroHIV and by posting on UNAIDS’ Facebook and Google+ pages.last_img read more

As Disney swallows Fox a new era dawns for Hollywood

first_imgNEW YORK, N.Y. – After years of tremors, the earthquake that had long been predicted finally shook Hollywood.Disney’s deal to purchase most of 21st Century Fox ends the era of the “Big Six” major movie studios, toppling one of the industry’s most famed studios and dramatically redrawing the Hollywood map.Disney’s move — to pay $52.4 billion in stock for Fox assets — has countless reverberations. But by effectively absorbing Fox’s film studio, 20th Century Fox, Disney has rapidly accelerated the industry contraction that many considered inevitable in an era of flat-lining ticket sales and new streaming competitors like Netflix, Amazon and Apple.The Big Six are now the Big Five — and the mightiest of them all has just been supersized.The Disney deal hasn’t just made 20th Century Fox’s 3,200 employees anxious about their future within Disney. It’s sent shockwaves through an industry that has until now bent under the pressures of the new digital landscape, but not broken. Now, Hollywood as an industry is quite literally shrinking.“The strongest will get stronger and the weaker will fall off or merge with other entities,” said Exhibitor Relations analyst Jeff Bock. “The future is right now and it’s pretty obvious what’s going on.”Many analysts consider further consolidation simply a matter of time. Before Rupert Murdoch earlier this fall began shopping Fox, most expected the first studio to fall would be either Viacom’s Paramount Pictures (5 per cent of the market) or Sony Pictures (8.8 per cent), both of which have struggled in recent years and replaced their chief executives. Lionsgate and CBS are also frequent sources of speculation.Fox is bigger, though. Founded in 1935 by the merger of Twentieth Century Pictures and Fox Films, 20th Century Fox is the home of “The Sound of Music,” the original “Star Wars” and the highest grossing film of all-time, “Avatar.” The studio has generally ranked either third or fourth in market share. This year, it’s fourth with 12.3 per cent, following the market-leader Disney, Warner Bros. and Universal.Fox isn’t necessarily disappearing. Disney will lease its fabled Los Angeles lot for the next seven years. But 20th Century Fox will be folded into Walt Disney Studios. Its movie-making operations will be reduced and likely restructured.As a studio, Disney is already based on several distinct silos of brands: Disney, Marvel, Pixar and Lucasfilm. Its strength in intellectual properties — especially “Star Wars” and its library of animation classics — has made the studio dominant. In a conference call with investors Thursday, Disney chief executive Robert Iger suggested Fox may function similarly as a label within Disney.“We have not only respected the culture of those organizations but respected and appreciated the talent that came with those acquisitions,” Iger said.Before it sold a ticket for “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” Disney already has three of the top six movies of the year: “Beauty and the Beast,” ”Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2″ and “Thor: Ragnarok.” It has used its might to enforce more onerous terms with theatres on films like “The Last Jedi.” Disney is requiring many theatre operators to share a higher percentage — 65 per cent — of ticket sales. The film is expected to come close to grossing $500 million worldwide this weekend.The combination of sensibilities between Disney and Fox, has intrigued others. Though it’s easy to see the planned quartet of “Avatar” movies under a Disney banner (“Avatar” already has a place in Disney theme parks), many of Fox’s franchises, including “X-Men” and “The Kingsman,” are well off-brand for the family-friendly Disney. It hasn’t released an R-rated movie in four years.“Time to uncork that explosive sexual tension between Deadpool and Mickey Mouse,” Ryan Reynolds tweeted after earlier reports of the Disney-Fox deal.Disney, which sold Miramax Pictures in 2005, has lacked other kinds of films, too. Fox’s specialty label, Fox Searchlight, is among the industry’s art-house leaders. Two Searchlight films — “The Shape of Water” and “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” — along with Fox’s “The Post” have made the studio the leading company of this year’s awards season, at least with the Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild Awards.Iger voiced his support for maintaining those businesses. “We like being in the business of making quality movies,” said Iger. “We fully intend to stay in those businesses.”The deal also, perhaps crucially, gives Disney the extensive Fox library for Disney’s planned streaming service, set to debut in 2019. Disney is now better armed to compete against deep-pocketed digital competitors. Netflix has said it will spend up to $8 billion on original content next year.“It’s really a battle about the future of streaming,” said Peter Labuza, a film historian and researcher at the University of Southern California. “Disney needs all this material outside of its own brand which now is its own Disney product, Lucasfilm, Pixar. But this can fill in a lot of the space in a streaming site that can compete with, essentially, Netflix.”That’s a component of the deal that will strike fear in the hearts of exhibitors. Disney has pursued an almost completely event-movie strategy (it’s releasing only eight movies this year), and it’s expected to cut back Fox’s theatrical slate. That’s reason for concern for already struggling theatre owners. Box office revenues were up just 1 per cent last year, and are expected to slide this year.“They can’t be pleased,” said Bock of exhibitors. “Less product just means less revenue in their minds.”But Disney has also, up until now, been a staunch defender of the traditional theatrical window. For that reason, as well as its reputation for quality, the world’s largest theatre chain, AMC, hasn’t sounded any alarms over the purchase. Last week on CNBC, Adam Aron, AMC chief executive, applauded Disney’s track record. “AMC has made a lot of money partnering with Disney studios,” he said.Whichever direction Disney chooses to go, it will have the sway — with approximately 40 per cent market share — to set the course for the entire industry.Hollywood may have shrunk into not the Big Five, but the Big One.___Film Writer Lindsey Bahr contributed to this report.last_img read more

Council wont increase the tax rate in 2019

first_imgJoy said, “What is curious is why did BC Assesment increase the property values in the first place and then so quickly revert it back.”Although Commercial buildings were the highest number of rates that changed, Council did not want to punish everyone for a discrepancy that came from B.C. Assessment. Mayor Lori Ackerman said B.C. Assessment may catch on, as Council shared other businesses have the right to file against their property values as well.According to City Staff, in January, each year the BC Assessment Authority provides Local Governments with their projected assessments. Those numbers are used to determine what the annual LEVY will be. The levy is the number of tax dollars the city collects as well as the number used to balance the budget.BC Assessment final numbers are provided to municipalities at the end of the first quarter of the year. Local governments then finalize their budgets — the year. Local governments then finalize their budgets.To watch the Council’s decision, CLICK HERE FORT ST. JOHN – Counc has decided to transfer funds from the City’s tax stabilization reserve rather than increase property taxes.Council agreed unanimously that City staff increase the 2019 Return on Investment Income by $350,000 and transfer $251,514 from the Tax Stabilization Reserve to cover a budget shortfall of $601,514.David Joy, General Manager of corporate services said he received a final report from the B.C. Assessment Office last week.  Assessment appeals doubled from 99 in 2018 to 171 in 2019. The appeals saw the total assessed value of properties drop by $37,249,546 from January.last_img read more

Server glitch causes registration delay

A server problem early Monday morning caused delays for first-year undergraduate students registering online for fall courses at Brock University.About 10 minutes after registration opened at 6 am, problems developed which triggered a sequence of failures and stalled the University’s system. At that point students would have been prevented from registering online.Registration was paused while ITS staff checked the multiple servers in the registration system, and located the problem. They then had to restart the system.By 8 a.m. registration was restored, and by 8:30 more than 1,500 students had registered online.As is the case for all high-volume registration days, staff from the Registrar’s Office, ITS, Recruitment, and Communications were on campus prior to registration opening in order to oversee the process and respond to student questions. read more

Doctoral research supports holistic approach to treating inflammation in spinal cord patients

Brock University student David Allison believes in taking a holistic approach when it comes to treating different disorders.His research looking at inflammation and its influence on mood following spinal cord injury earned him a third-place award from the American Spinal Injury Association (ASIA).Allison, who is graduating with his PhD from the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences, was recognized for his research during ASIA’s 2016 international scientific program, which brought together spinal cord injury researchers along with medical, rehabilitation and community-based caregivers to explore a broad range of topics.“At the foundation of my research, is the importance of taking a holistic approach to the treatment of different disorders. While traditional pharmaceuticals typically focus on a single target, my work considers the benefits of alternative, perhaps less traditional, systems as potential targets for intervention,” says Allison.Allison’s research examines common health complications following spinal cord injury including depression, cognitive impairment, neuropathic pain and somatic nerve deficits, and how chronic inflammation potentially contributes to them.“Each of these disorders are highly prevalent following spinal cord injury, and are notoriously difficult to treat using traditional pharmaceuticals. The fact that each can be influenced by chronic inflammation may make the immune system a viable target for intervention,” says Allison.Allison looked at the effectiveness of a three-month anti-inflammatory diet for the treatment of such disorders following spinal cord injury. In doing so, he was able to successfully reduce levels of chronic inflammation in this population leading to improvements in both depression and neuropathic pain. This work has helped to establish interventions such as diet as viable treatment options.David’s work in the area of inflammation and how it affects many physiological systems after a spinal cord injury could have a profound effect on how depression and neuropathic pain are treated in this population.Kinesiology professor David Ditor supervised Allison throughout his masters and doctoral work. He encouraged Allison to present their research at the ASIA conference.“David should be extremely proud of himself and the work he’s done. I hope that the award he received at ASIA helps him put his research into context. It’s easy for researchers to underestimate the value of their own work and having it well received by various experts in the field can be very gratifying and encouraging,” says Ditor.What sets Allison’s work apart is, this is the first time anyone has taken an anti-inflammatory approach to depression and neuropathic pain after spinal cord injury, explains Ditor.“David’s work in the area of inflammation and how it affects many physiological systems after a spinal cord injury could have a profound effect on how depression and neuropathic pain are treated in this population. We observed an approximate 40-per-cent reduction in both neuropathic pain and depression by lowering inflammation, and that compares very favourably to pharmacological approaches in this population,” says Ditor.Allison is now shifting his research focus from spinal cord injury to pediatrics in order to examine the inflammatory basis of depression in children.“Over time, chronic inflammation can lead to irreversible changes in the brain that can contribute to symptoms of depression later in life. For this reason, it is critical to explore this relationship in a pediatric population and implement preventative strategies before such complications have time to develop,” says Allison.Ditor intends to keep working in the area of targeting inflammation for the treatment of depression and neuropathic pain and is hopeful this could lead to new dietary guidelines for people with spinal cord injury. read more

Iowa suspends playbyplay broadcaster for hot mic comments

IOWA CITY, Iowa — Learfield Sports has suspended Iowa play-by-play broadcaster Gary Dolphin for two games for negative comments directed at Hawkeyes guard Maishe Dailey that inadvertently made it to the air during a commercial break on Tuesday.Iowa announced on Wednesday that Dolphin, who has broadcast Hawkeyes games for over 20 years, will miss Friday’s game against No. 22 Wisconsin and Monday’s game at No. 9 Michigan State after comments dismissive of Dailey’s play aired during Tuesday’s 69-68 win over Pittsburgh.Iowa athletic director Gary Barta says the suspension is because of those comments “as well as some ongoing tensions that have built up over the past couple of years.”Dolphin apologized for his comments after the win over the Panthers.Dolphin did not swear or use inappropriate language but sounded exasperated as he criticized Dailey for dribbling with his head down into a double team.___More AP college basketball: and Associated Press read more

Yes We Talked About Chess On A Sports Podcast

More: Apple Podcasts | ESPN App | RSS | Embed FiveThirtyEight Embed Code Welcome to the latest episode of Hot Takedown, FiveThirtyEight’s sports podcast. On this week’s show (Nov. 15, 2016), we chat about the Pittsburgh Steelers’ loss to the Dallas Cowboys and ask whether the correct strategy is to always go for 2 points. We then turn to college football’s many upsets from last weekend and ask whether this season is just a ceremonial procession that will eventually lead to Alabama’s being crowned champion. Finally, the World Chess Championship is happening in New York, so we call up FiveThirtyEight’s Oliver Roeder to discuss draws, the history of Elo ratings and whether computers are better than people at chess. Plus, a significant digit on cricket!Links to what we discussed:Chase Stuart says more teams are going for 2-point conversions in the NFL, and that’s as it should be.ESPN’s Kevin Seifert explains how the NFL’s new extra-point rule has changed the game.Neil Paine says last weekend’s college football upsets were some of the wildest in history.You can find FiveThirtyEight’s college football predictions here.Marc Tracy in The New York Times says this season’s Alabama team is phenomenal.Oliver Roeder breaks down the action from the World Chess Championship.Even a chess draw can be gripping, Roeder writes.Significant Digit: 246 for 20. That’s the number of Australian runs scored for the number of wickets lost in the team’s recent defeat to South Africa. It’s Australia’s worst aggregate score in a home test match since cricket’s greatest ever player, Don Bradman, made his debut in 1928. read more

Statkeepers Call the Shots But They Cant Agree on Them

In the third minute of added extra time in Tuesday’s Belgium-U.S. World Cup match, Belgium’s Kevin De Bruyne took a pass in the box, dribbled to his right and hooked the ball into the left side of the net. Finally, after 31 shots, the Belgians had broken through. Or … wait. Was it 32 shots?It depends on which Twitter account you follow. ESPN’s Stats & Information Group tweeted that Belgium had scored on its 31st shot of the day. OptaJoe, the U.K. Twitter account of the soccer stats company Opta, said it was the 32nd.At the World Cup, shots are in the eye of the beholder. At least three major soccer stats companies are logging every match, and they have yet to all agree on each team’s number of shots and shots on goal. For every one of the 58 games so far, the companies can’t quite get their stories straight. Sometimes their counts have differed by as much as two or three.Even small discrepancies like these have repercussions beyond mere trivia. Advanced analyses of the sport, such as my colleague Benjamin Morris’s magnum opus on Lionel Messi this week, rely on match loggers for shot counts and characteristics. Some teams base tactics and personnel decisions partly on stats. And the disputes are proxy battles for soccer’s more philosophical debates: If a shot is deflected in a forest of defenders, was it on target?According to World Cup organizer FIFA, it was; but according to Opta and Prozone, two of the companies that employ analysts to log every match of the tournament and provide data for media coverage, it wasn’t. That disagreement is responsible for the bulk of the numbers mismatch. Through the round of 16, FIFA’s official match stats — which are being collected by the Italian company Deltatre — included 68 percent more shots on target than Prozone’s, and 74 percent more than Opta’s.1I used Opta data compiled by TruMedia Networks, which provides stats for ESPN. Prozone emailed me their match reports and other data, which — along with match statistics posted on — allowed me to compile shots and shots on goal for every match so far during the World Cup. Remove blocked shots, though, and the discrepancies drop to 4 percent and 8 percent, respectively.And what about a ball crossed in the box near the goalie — does it count as a shot or a cross? In the 120th minute of the Belgium-U.S. match, DeAndre Yedlin kicked the ball well wide of goal as the U.S. hunted desperately for an equalizer. Was he trying to score, or just to cross the ball? FIFA thinks the latter, but Opta thinks the former. Short of interviewing every player immediately after every subjective touch, the statkeepers are left to guess at the intent, divining purpose in actions that may have been performed instinctively, rather than with premeditation.With 58 of the tournament’s 64 matches in the books through Friday, there have been 116 opportunities to compare the three data providers on a team’s shooting profile in a match. There have been just 14 times, or fewer than one out of eight, that all three organizations counted the same number of shots and shots on goal for a team in a match — and none for both teams in the same match.The counts appear to reflect genuine disagreement over tricky cases — touches that look like passes to some but shots to others, say. Or, a shot that hits the post or crossbar and goes out. Typically these don’t qualify as shots on target, but they can if they are deflected onto the woodwork by the goalkeeper, who then gets credit for a save. If they are blocked onto the woodwork by a player other than the goalkeeper, that’s a block. The stats, then, pivot on an arbitrary criterion: Was the player who deflected the ball a goalkeeper or did he happen to play another position?My analysis showed that, overall, the companies weren’t consistently stingy or generous in their statkeeping. No provider consistently tallied many more shots or shots on goals than another. The major philosophical divide was over (unblocked) shots on goal: Deltatre sees more than Prozone, which sees more than Opta. But that amounted to only about one additional shot on target counted in every three matches.The disputes have touched every team, to similar degrees, but teams with less active offenses tend to have higher differences among statkeepers because one uncounted shot matters more in their overall percentages. These include the U.S., England and Cameroon. Analysts attempting to study whether Cameroon threw its matches, as Der Spiegel has reported, might get subtly different results depending on which set of stats they consult. So might England manager Roy Hodgson and U.S. manager Jurgen Klinsmann as they assess how to improve their teams.Discrepancies between data providers don’t stop at shot counts. Most soccer events are subjective. Someone must decide, was that a tackle? Was that shot weak? Was that attack a dangerous one? Possession stats also differ by provider, as Slate noted last week.Shooting stats have particular relevance for one form of analysis that tries to divine a team’s true skill by gauging whether or not they’re getting lucky. It’s a technique that’s based on the theory that generating chances is the part that teams can control — converting them is based more on luck (unless you’re named Lionel Messi). Teams that convert and save a high percentage of their chances are due for a regression in their results. Change the underlying data, and any conclusions about which teams are good and which are just lucky could shift.When I spoke with Garth Lagerwey, general manager of Major League Soccer’s Real Salt Lake, in a telephone interview last week, he said data discrepancies are a prevalent problem in soccer stats at all levels, not just a World Cup anomaly. When I contacted the companies, they declined to comment or didn’t respond to a question about why their numbers differ. In other contexts, they tout the training they provide to match analysts; the consistent guidelines they enforce across analysts, competitions and time; and the oversight of experienced checkers. Some shots just might not look like shots to everyone.Other sports’ stats also require subjective judgment: errors in baseball; assists in basketball. But in baseball and basketball, the official scorer’s decision is what goes into the record book and, generally, what fuels advanced statistical analysis. In soccer, with different leagues and competitions worldwide at varying levels of stats sophistication, third parties with standardized methods report alternative numbers to the official ones. Opta and Prozone are scoring every match alongside the official scorers and releasing their numbers in real time to media organizations — hence the potential for conflicting tweets like those about Tuesday’s Belgium-U.S. match.2ESPN Stats & Info typically uses FIFA for shot counts, and Opta stats — via TruMedia — for everything else.“Shots should not be that subjective, let alone shots on goal,” Lagerwey said. On the other hand, “A lot of companies use human beings to code this stuff. It’s easy to understand how you’re going to have an error rate.” read more

Mitchell to keep drilling south at BHPs Olympic Dam coppergolduranium mine

first_imgMitchell Services has been awarded a contract extension at BHP’s Olympic Dam copper-gold-uranium mine in South Australia, which means it will continue with its underground drilling work until April 2020.Under the varied terms of the deal, which comes on the back of a sustained period of strong drilling performance, the company will provide up to eight underground rigs and will continue to play “an integral part in BHP’s plans to expand into the high-grade southern area of the mine as part of a broader growth strategy at Olympic Dam”, it said.Mitchell previously announced a material contract extension and scope increase in relation to its underground drilling contract back on September 5. This highlighted that the company would provide up to seven underground rigs and that the contract would be extended to April 2019.In its latest results, BHP reported that underground operations continue to progress into the Southern Mine Area of Olympic Dam, with record development kilometres achieved and the mine’s third decline becoming fully operational in the December quarter of 2018.last_img read more

Paybyweight bin charge delayed but its not being scrapped Minister

first_imgBin charges treble for customers as companies accused of operating ‘a cartel’>The debacle was the last thing the newly formed government needed, and resulted in the Housing Minister Simon Coveney (who was, at the time, responsible for the waste collection industry) putting a freeze on bin charges for a period of 12 months.Coveney set to freeze bin charges for 12 months>This was to give government and the sector enough time to negotiate a new charging system.From 1 January, householders were due to get dual-invoices, which would outline their bin charge that they regularly pay, but also specify what they would be paying when the new system is introduced.This has now been delayed by Naughten (who took over responsibility for the industry after the price freeze).Speaking to reporters today, he confirmed the dual pricing invoicing system which was due to kick in in the new year is not going ahead.He said the reason for the delay is because discussions between government officials and the waste industry are ongoing.Naughten denied that waste companies were refusing to back down to government on the new pricing regime, stating that “is not the case at all”.“We have had very productive engagement with the industry up to now,” he added.“We haven’t agreed to the new pricing regime so there isn’t much point to introducing an invoicing system that will reflect a pricing regime that hasn’t yet been agreed with the industry,” said Naughten.Once there is agreement, the minister said there will be implementation of the new system.The minister added:Part of problem last year was some of the operators last year were trying to change their pricing regime to increase their own margins as well as introducing pay-by-weight system. THE PAY-BY-weight system is not going to be scrapped, but is being delayed, according to the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Denis Naughten.Today the minister said the new system will be introduced by the middle of next year.The pay-by-weight regime hit a stumbling block during the summer when it emerged waste collection companies began to hike up their service charges, with some consumers being hit with 200% increases in their bills. Pay-by-weight bin charge delayed, but it’s not being scrapped – Minister Minister Denis Naughten said a pricing regime is yet to be agreed with the waste sector. Dec 6th 2016, 2:28 PM 42 Comments Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Image: Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland Image: Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland The problem was the pay-by-weight system hadn’t been fully thought through. In fairness to Simon Coveney, when he came in as minister, when he saw that it was going to be impossible to implement it last summer, made the announcement of postponing it for 12 months to allow for that engagement to take place.Naughten said it was his intention to have an agreement in place before Christmas, but stated: “It hasn’t been possible to do that.”However, he said he expects to be bring a memorandum to government early in the new year to outline the new process. A public information campaign will then be launched, in conjunction with the waste industry, he said.Naughten said he was not going to rush the process now just to meet a “political target”.The Green Party today criticised Naughten’s decision to defer pay-by-weight scheme.A statement from Green Party spokesperson on local government, Councillor Malcolm Noonan, said that further delays “are playing into the hands of the incinerator industry by facilitating a dysfunctional market for recyclables, undermining the viability of waste collection and ultimately offering consumers very poor value for money or tangible incentives to reduce waste”.Read: ‘It’s a car park by 4.30pm’: Vital upgrades and a third lane needed on N11, report finds>Read: Eir only became aware of potential security breach after reading about it online> By Christina Finn 10,940 Views Short URL Tuesday 6 Dec 2016, 2:28 PM Share37 Tweet Email last_img read more

Ronaldos move to Juventus is to keep him motivated – Kaka

first_imgCristiano Ronaldo’s shock move to Juventus has left many people baffled, in light of everything he has achieved at Real Madrid, but Kaka believes the success he has enjoyed over the years is what has prompted him to make the brave move away in order to remain motivatedThe five-time Ballon d’Or winner will be unveiled as a Juventus player later today following a glorious nine-year spell at Real, that had seen him win four Champions League titles and score 450 goals in just 438 games.Leaving one’s comfort zone for the unknown is something that many people choose to avoid in their lifetimes.But for someone like Ronaldo, who constantly looks for ways to better himself, it is just another way of pursuing their ultimate goal of becoming the best of all time.And Kaka has backed the Portuguese star and feels that now is the right time for Ronaldo to try something new at this stage of his career.“I think Cristiano is a very experienced player now, 33 years old so he knows and understands the situation very well,” said the Brazilian, according to Goal.“This decision to move from Madrid to Juventus, it’s a very conscious decision. He knows [it’s] time to move.“[He’s probably thinking] I achieved everything I could with Real Madrid and now it’s time to do something different to keep motivated.Franck Ribery, FiorentinaFiorentina owner: “Ribery played better than Ronaldo!” Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Fiorentina owner Rocco Commisso was left gushing over Franck Ribery’s performance against Juventus, which he rates above that of even Cristiano Ronaldo’s.“That’s what moved him to accept the offer from Juve to change from Real Madrid to the Italian team.”While spending €112m for a 33-year-old seems rather risky, Kaka feels that it is a good investment for Juventus.When asked if the Serie A giants will be getting one of football’s greatest-ever plays, he replied: “I think so. Ronaldo, with his numbers, says that.“Everybody who had the privilege to watch him play… in my case, I had the privilege of training with him every day for four years.“I saw how professional he is, how strong he is, how motivated he is, how strong in his mind he is, and [can] see that he still wants to get to a different level.“I think Ronaldo will be remembered as one of the best players in the world.”Ronaldo has arrived for his medical at Juventus and will be holding his first press conference, since the announcement last week, later today.last_img read more

The Thursday Clubs 92nd Annual Rummage Sale

first_img 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) – One of San Diego’s largest rummage sale, started in 1927 and will be held again on Saturday March 9th and Sunday, March 10th in the Activity Center in Balboa Park.New and gently-used merchandise, including jewelry, art/frames, antiques, collectibles, furniture, sporting equipment, holiday and home décor, kitchenware and small appliances, toys, electronics, books and clothing will be sold to raise money for Balboa Park and community non-profits.Each year half of the proceeds of the sale go to benefit a variety of programs and projects within Balboa Park and half goes to support non-profit organizations in the San Diego community, according to the The Thursday Club. KUSI Newsroom, KUSI Newsroom Posted: March 7, 2019 March 7, 2019 The Thursday Club’s 92nd Annual Rummage Sale Categories: Good Morning San Diego, Local San Diego News FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

Thérèse Coffey appointed secretary of state for work and pensions

first_imgConservative MP Thérèse Coffey (pictured) is the new secretary of state for work and pensions, replacing Amber Rudd MP.Coffey, who was elected as MP for Suffolk Coastal in May 2010, was appointed to her new office on Sunday 8 September 2019.Previously, Coffey served as the minister of state at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs between 25 July and 8 September 2019, as well as the department’s Parliamentary undersecretary of state between 17 July 2016 and 25 July 2019.Other roles Coffey has undertaken include acting as deputy leader of the House of Commons from May 2015 to July 2016 and serving on the Culture, Media and Sport Committee, until she became Parliamentary private secretary to Michael Fallon, minister for business and energy.Coffey is replacing Amber Rudd MP, who was secretary of state for work and pensions, as well as the minister for women and equalities, between 24 July and 7 September 2019. Rudd acts as the MP for Hastings and Rye.Rudd resigned from her Parliamentary roles in objection to Brexit dealings. In a letter addressed to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, she said: “This has been a difficult decision. I joined your Cabinet in good faith; accepting that ‘No Deal’ had to be on the table, because it was the means by which we would have the best chance of achieving a new deal to leave on 31 October. However, I no longer believe leaving with a deal is the government’s main objective.”On her Twitter account, Rudd further commented: “Congratulations to my good friend @therescoffey on her appointment as secretary of state @DWP. I know she will do an excellent job in a first rate department.”Coffey’s new role will see her take overall responsibility for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). This includes supporting people of working age, employers, pensioners, families and children and disabled people with the administration of the state pension and working age benefits.last_img read more

ASMI says Chinese tariff increase will not apply to secondary processing

first_imgRock Fish. (Photo by Daysha Eaton/KMXT)Since last week, processors have been waiting to find out whether secondary processing of Alaska fish will be subject to a new 25 percent tariff, which China announced Friday in retaliation to American tariffs on Chinese goods.Listen nowThe Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute says, as far as they can tell, the answer is no.“Our information from our office in China and from our trade partners in China is that this new 25 percent tariff will not be applied to seafood that is processed in China for re-export,” Alexa Tonkovich, Executive Director of ASMI, said.Tonkovich adds that the logistics of how these tariffs will be applied are still being worked out, and ASMI is monitoring the situation as it evolves.Alaska seafood processors often head and gut fish then send it to China for secondary processing and it is exported to other countries from there.Kodiak processors have told KMXT that they have product in China, on the way to China, and product loaded into frozen containers that they have been holding in Kodiak that they want to send to China for reprocessing.A delegation from China is scheduled to visit Alaska in July.ASMI will host the group, which plans to tour fish processing plants in Kodiak and Larsen Bay. The visit comes on the heels of Governor Bill Walker’s trade mission to China.China is the largest export market for Alaska seafood and a major reprocessing location.last_img read more

Supreme Court declines PFI leaders plea in RSS activists

first_imgNew Delhi: The Supreme Court on Monday declined to entertain a plea of a Popular Front of India (PFI) member, Asim Shariff, challenging the framing of charges against him in the killing of an RSS activist in Bengaluru in 2016. Rudresh was hacked to death in Shivaji Nagar area on October 16. A bench comprising justices A.M. Khanwilkar and Ajay Rastogi declined any hearing on Shariff’s petition. Besides Shariff, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has charged others too. Shariff moved the top court challenging the framing of charges related to murder and terrorist activities.last_img read more

Better Call Saul Is off to a Slow but Intriguing Start

first_imgBetter Call Saul took its time getting back into things even more than it usually does. The story in this series moves at a very slow pace, but that’s OK. We already know where these pieces end up, so the tension comes from watching them fall into place. This might actually be the one show that’s more fun to watch when it moves slower.Season three kicked off with an extended look at the life of Gene, the man Jimmy/Saul becomes after Breaking Bad. We see him working in the Omaha, Nebraska Cinnabon of which he’s the manager. On his lunch break, he spots a kid stealing some DVDs and hiding from the police in a photo booth. He points the kid out to the cops, but for a moment, he remembers who he used to be. He advises the kid to stay silent and get a lawyer. The cops call him an asshole, and he returns to work, spreading white goo over processed cinnamon rolls. Then, he collapses on the floor. These black and white season openers are becoming as interesting as the rest of the show.The main story picks up right where season two left off. Jimmy leaves his brother to call HHM and tell them that Chuck will return to work after all. While he’s out, Chuck hides his tape recorder in his desk for later. Jimmy walks back in and helps his brother take down all the aluminum foil from the walls while Chuck lectures him about finesse. For a moment, it seems like everything is back to normal. They’re brothers again. It doesn’t last long. Jimmy brings up some old memories, and Chuck shoots him down. Chuck promises that Jimmy will pay.Michael McKean and Bob Odenkirk (Photo by Michele K. Short/AMWhen Jimmy returns to his own office, where Kim has been forced to take on some of his clients, he tells Kim that for ten minutes, Chuck didn’t hate him. “I forgot what that was like,” he says. That might be the saddest line of the whole series. Vince Gilligan knows the art of the gut punch. At this point, it’s unclear just how Chuck intends to make Jimmy pay. He plays the tape for Howard, who immediately points out that a secret recording wouldn’t be admitted in court. Even if it was, Jimmy would find a way out. Chuck, of course, knows all this but doesn’t seem bothered. He appears to have a long con in mind. Later, when Ernesto is delivering groceries, Chuck has him replace the batteries in his tape recorder. When he accidentally hears part of the recording, Chuck makes Ernesto promise not to tell anyone. What is he planning?That sense of dread is really what makes the episode’s slow pace work. The entire hour is spent building anticipation. We know something is coming, but it’s not here yet. Kim, feeling guilty over how she ended up with Mesa Verde as a client, dreads making a similar mistake. She spends her entire evening agonizing over a semicolon. Jimmy, on the other hand, meets the Air Force soldier he tricked into letting him use the bomber for his TV commercial. While there are no immediate consequences, the man warns Jimmy that he’ll get his comeuppance eventually. That will definitely come up again later this season.Jonathan Banks (Photo by Michele K. Short/AMC)Finally, Mike had his most tense episode in a while. After receiving the mysterious note warning him against killing Hector Salamanca, he takes the car to a junkyard and rips it apart. Not finding anything, he asks the manager to call him a cab before realizing he hadn’t checked inside the gas cap. Sure enough, there’s a tracker in there. When he gets home, he checks his car and finds another tracker in that gas cap. He orders an identical model from his electronics dealer, swaps it out with the one in his gas cap and breaks the one that isn’t his. He stays up all night watching his car until finally, someone comes to take away his gas cap. Now that he’s able to track the people who have been messing with his cars, he follows them.A very slow first episode expertly set things up for the season to come, and it did it while moving the plot forward, and giving us a tense, entertaining hour of TV. The first two seasons made Jimmy someone we care about, so I’m anxious about what Chuck has planned. We also know that Mike is going to meet Gus Fring this season, but they’re making us wait. As unbearable as that can be, it certainly builds tension nicely. Once again, this methodical character study has me hooked for another season.last_img read more

The Coolest Movie and TV Trailers from Super Bowl LII

first_img Unless you somehow managed to spend the entire day in a TV and internet-free, you probably noticed there was a football game yesterday. Not just any football game either. The biggest one. Honestly, even if you aren’t normally into football, or even sports in general, chances are you probably watched this game. Not only is it typically the most exciting the sport ever gets, the commercials are just as much as a draw. While many feature big celebrities selling you on junk food, watery beer or laundry detergent, the most exciting commercials are the trailers for upcoming movies and TV shows. Studios and Networks know this is the one day a year where a huge number of people is actually paying attention to the commercials. They tend to go all out. Except for when they don’t have to, as was the case for Solo: A Star Wars Story. We just got a few glimpses of characters, and the promise of more footage to come.Whether or not the rumors of Alden Ehrenreich’s acting turn out to be true, he does look pretty cool as a young Han Solo. Even in this brief teaser though, he doesn’t hold a candle to Emilia Clarke and Donald Glover. Can we get a Lando movie after this? Please?UPDATE: Disney and Lucasfilm made good on their promise on early Monday morning with the release of the full trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story. This one is a lot more than a few shots of the actors. We finally have a good sense of the story.Well, that certainly looks promising. With its troubled production and rumors of Disney’s disturbing lack of faith in the final product, expectations were pretty… well, let’s say tempered. This trailer’s putting at least a few of those worries to rest. Ehrenreich seems like a fine young Han. He’s no Harrison Ford, but nobody was ever going to be. Most importantly, it feels like Star Wars. It feels like a grand space adventure with the sense of fun that’s always been essential to Star Wars. It’s a completely different kind of Star Wars story from Rogue One, and that’ll be cool to see. It doesn’t excuse the firing of Phil Lord and Chris Miller, which is still a worrying sign of how Disney and Lucasfilm plans to handle the series from here on out. But it at least looks like Ron Howard is doing a fine job on this movie. He’s at least done well enough to cut together a good 90-second teaser. I only have one problem with it: Still not enough Lando.Brief teasers were kind of a running theme for Disney during last night’s game. A spot for Avengers: Infinity War debuted with some new footage, but even here, nothing all that substantial. I guess they figure they’ve already got the audiences. They just need to give the hype train a little jolt. They certainly succeed in doing that. What new footage we do get, all delivered in quick shots that last less than half a second, looks amazing. This really is going to be the biggest Marvel movie.The best part of the Avengers movies is when we see all of the superheroes together on one screen. With as many as there are in this movie, I don’t even know if that’s possible. This trailer comes close though, with its shots of Captain America, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Black Widow and too many other heroes to name. Even (I assume) teenage Groot is seen running into action. 30 seconds isn’t a lot of time, but Avengers: Infinity War definitely got its money’s worth here.Then there’s the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom trailer, which… yeah, they got me. They got me again. Yes, the last Jurassic World had some serious issues. Yes, there hasn’t been a great Jurassic Park movie since the first one. But Jurassic World was fun enough, and this trailer just looks like more and bigger. And hey, maybe they took some of peoples’ problems with the last movie to heart. Maybe Bryce Dallas Howard has since invested in a decent pair of running shoes. No matter what, at least we’re in for some cool-looking dinosaurs.Do you like Dwayne Johnson? Of course you do, the only thing the man has more of than muscles is charisma. Not all of his movies are great, but you can say one thing about all of them: Johnson’s presence makes them better than they’d otherwise be. No matter how Skyscraper turns out, I’m going to go see it. It’s The Rock fighting bad guys in a tall building. It’s like his own version of Die Hard. Do I think skyscraper will be as good as that Christmas classic? Probably not, but I’m definitely down to see it try to be.I love these movies so much. Ever since Mission Impossible III, they’ve just been getting bigger and more spectacular with each installment. This trailer does not have the stunt that broke Tom Cruise’s ankle, but it has plenty more. The joke has been made before that this series is basically just Cruise dramatically hanging off of things, but it turns out that’s really fun to watch. Whether it’s a tall building or an airplane in takeoff, I am happy to watch Cruise dangle from high places as long as he wants to keep doing it.One of the biggest surprises came from Netflix, with The Cloverfield Paradox. The third movie in the Cloverfield franchise isn’t in theaters, which is almost kind of a shame. I want to watch these giant monsters on the largest screen possible. These movies have all been super fun so far, so I’m happy to watch the next installment from the comfort of my own couch. Nobody can laugh at me when I jump and scream, at least. You can actually watch this one right now. The ad aired just before the game, and the movie was available on Netflix immediately afterward.Stephen King adaptations are enjoying a revival right now. It was fantastic and terrifying, and Netflix had a surprise hit with Gerald’s Game. Now, it’s Hulu’s turn to get in on the action. Honestly, it’s hard to make anything out of this trailer. I guess that’s appropriate, considering the nature of this show. Rather than being adapted from a single work, this series has King characters from multiple stories crossing over in the town of Castle Rock. It’s a cool premise, but it sounds like it could be difficult to pull off. If they manage it though, this could be something new and unique for horror television.Amazon debuted the trailer of Jack Ryan, based on the main character of Tom Clancy’s novels. It looks… pretty much exactly how you’d expect a Tom Clancy TV series to look. If nothing else, this’ll make for some exciting military spy drama. And hey, a character like Ryan could be better suited to a TV series than a movie. Especially if they plan to adapt any of those long, loooooong books.This was definitely my favorite surprise of the night. When the ad starts, you have no idea what it’s going to be. It looks like a tourism ad, which is just perfect. It’s not until the robot bull shows up that you start to realize what it is. And man, is the rest of the ad just chilling. Especially Evan Rachel Wood’s smile right at the end. We don’t even have to wait too long to see the full season either. Season two of Westworld premieres on HBO April 22.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Mattel Unveils Fashionable ‘Star Wars’ x Barbie Dolls‘Star Wars: Resistance’ Finale Sets Up ‘The Rise of Sk… Stay on targetlast_img read more

Reflection of soul

first_imgThere are many stories hidden behind a veil in India, shouting to be told, to be revealed, to be expressed and to be staged. ‘Aaina: Reflection of your soul’, an event organised by Indian Dance Theater revolves around one such story, while adopting the mystic palette of eternal values of the human condition. The event, which will be held from April 4 – 5, 2019 at Kamani Auditorium. Since time immemorial, humans have been confiding their deepest fears and anxieties to the mirror on the wall, along with sharing their moments of vanity and glamour. It is time now that the mirror speaks up, to give people a glimpse of their desires, longings, anxieties, pains, fears, vanity, affections, love, and every facet that makes up the human psyche and soul. Bringing together a variety of art forms and blending seamlessly music and dance styles both Indian and International, Aaina is a sensory spectacle. It is a concept which will make you ponder and revisit notions of existence. Conceptualised by a team of passionate artists and thinkers, Aaina is an honest telling of humanity’s tale – one which is sure to resonate with all who witness it.last_img read more

Gulf Air partners with VFS Global and launches Bahrain tourist visa service

first_imgGulf Air, the national carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain has signed a partnership with VFS Global to launch Bahrain tourist visa service which will be available exclusively for the airline’s passengers flying across its global network to Bahrain.Waleed Abdul Hameed Al Alawi, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Gulf Air, said, “We are delighted to, in partnership with VFS Global, launch the Bahrain Tourist Visa Service making the process of obtaining a visa to enter Bahrain easier and more convenient.”Expressing his delight over their partnership with Gulf Air, Vinay Malhotra, COO-Middle East and South Asia, VFS Global, cited, “Our partnership with Gulf Air and the Government of Bahrain is to develop a convenient, next-generation visa service for Gulf Air passengers visiting Bahrain. A dedicated online platform not only makes applying for a visa to Bahrain quicker and more convenient than ever before, but also provides passengers with 24×7 accessibility and online tracking of their visas, amongst other advantages.”last_img read more