Chrissie Hynde to Join PETA Protest Before Concert

first_imgBefore her show at The Depot in Salt Lake City later tonight (Monday), rocker Chrissie Hynde will offer up some holiday food for thought outside a downtown grocery store.Accompanied by a PETA member dressed as a giant turkey and standing under a banner that proclaims, “Thanksgiving Is Murder on Turkeys,” the Pretenders lead singer will encourage shoppers to give birds a break this holiday season.When: Monday, November 24, 2:30 p.m.Where: Harmons Grocery, 135 E. 100 South (near the intersection with State Street), Salt Lake City“Gathering around an animal corpse is no way to celebrate life and family,” Hynde says. “From Tofurky and Field Roast to the recipes on PETA’s website, it’s easier than ever to enjoy a vegan Thanksgiving meal that gives everyone — including turkeys — something to be thankful for.”Approximately 300 million turkeys are killed in the U.S. every year — 45 million for Thanksgiving dinners alone. Most turkeys are crammed into filthy warehouses and are drugged and bred to grow such unnaturally large upper bodies that their legs often become crippled under the weight. At slaughterhouses, turkeys are electrocuted and many are still conscious when their throats are slit and they’re plunged into scalding-hot defeathering tanks.PETA — whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to eat” — offers an array of vegan holiday recipes on its website.Source:PETAlast_img read more

Latest killing of Iraqi journalist draws condemnation from UNESCO chief

16 October 2008The United Nations agency tasked with upholding press freedom today condemned the killing earlier this month of a reporter in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk, the latest in a long line of assassinations of journalists in the violence-wracked country. Dyar Abas Ahmed, a reporter for the independent news website Eye Iraq, was shot repeatedly by unknown assailants while walking with a friend on 10 October, the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) said in a press release. He was in his 20s.At least 135 other journalists have been killed in Iraq while on duty since United States-led forces invaded in March 2003, according to the independent Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), making the country the most unsafe in the world for media workers to practise their craft.UNESCO Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura described the murder of Mr. Ahmed as “a reprehensible crime” that affected Iraqi society as a whole.“The frequency of such crimes in Iraq is unacceptable,” Mr. Matsuura said. “It is essential that the Iraqi authorities do all they can to bring the culprits of this crime to justice and do all in their power to improve the safety of journalists in the country.” read more

Universal cancels controversial Hunt in wake of shootings

NEW YORK — Universal Pictures has cancelled the planned September release of its controversial social thriller “The Hunt” in the wake of recent mass shootings and criticism from President Donald Trump.The movie is a gory, R-rated political thriller that depicts liberal “elites” hunting people in red states for sport. Trump criticized the planned movie on Twitter Friday, without mentioning its name, saying it was intended “to inflame and cause chaos.”Universal had already suspended the marketing campaign for the film, which stars Oscar winner Hilary Swank and is directed by Craig Zobel.But the studio said in a statement Saturday that it had decided to cancel release altogether, saying “we understand that now is not the time” for the film.It was due to hit theatres Sept. 27.The Associated Press read more

Weak global economy strangling job employment creation UN reports

Employment is not expanding sufficiently fast to keep up with the growing labour force, the United Nations labour agency today reported, calling for job-friendly macroeconomic policies and a greater attention to labour market and social policies.Global unemployment rose by 5 million people in 2013, and if the trend continues, will rise by a further 13 million people by 2018, the International Labour Organization (ILO) said in its annual outlook, ‘Global Employment Trends 2014.’“The report finds that those economic improvements will not be sufficient to absorb the major labour market imbalances that built up in recent years,” Director of ILO’s Research Department, Raymond Torres, said in the foreword to the report. “The root causes of the global crisis have not been properly tackled.”“Over the foreseeable future, the world economy will probably grow less than was the case before the global crisis,” he added. “This complicates the task of generating the over 42 million jobs that are needed every year in order to meet the growing number of new entrants in the labour market.”The financial system remains “the Achilles heel of the world economy.” Mr. Torres wrote, with little progress made in reducing vulnerable forms of employment such as informal jobs and undeclared work.The global unemployment rate remained at 6.0 per cent of the global labour force, unchanged from 2012, according to the UN.The bulk of the employment gap is in the East Asia and South Asia regions, which represent nearly half of the additional jobseekers, followed by Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe. The drop in participation rates is particularly pronounced among East Asian women, who occupy less than two in five newly created jobs. By contrast, Latin America added fewer than 50,000 additional unemployed people to the global number, or around a per cent of the total increase last year. “On the basis of current macroeconomic projections, the ILO expects little improvement in the global labour market in 2014, with the global unemployment rate ticking up to 6.1 per cent,” the UN agency reported. Young people are particularly affected by the “weak and uneven recovery,” with some 74.5 million people between the ages of 15 and 24 unemployed last year. That figure is one million higher than in 2012.The global youth unemployment figure is now three times as high as the unemployment rate of adults, 13.1 per cent versus 4.6 per cent. In addition, the number of young people who are not employed, training or in schools is also up, with one-quarter of all 12-29 year olds in some countries in this category. In addition to the increase in the number of people unemployed, more people are now unemployed longer. Among the concerns is that jobseekers out of work for long periods lose their skills at an accelerated pace, making it that much harder for them to find alternative employment at a similar occupation or skill level.The number of working poor is down but falling at a slower rate than in previous years. In 2013, some 375 million workers are estimated to have lived on less than $1.25 per day, and 839 million workers to have lived on $2 per day. Among its recommendations, the report’s authors wrote that to ensure a lasting job recovery, strategies needed to combined short-term measures with further action to tackle long-standing imbalances. The UN agency’s report comes ahead of the annual World Economic Forum to be held in Davos later this week, in which Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is due to participate. Davos, as the Forum is commonly called, brings leaders from business, politics, academia and society to shape global, regional and industry agendas. read more

Troy Smith JT Barrett will do nothing but rise

Left: Redshirt-freshman quarterback J.T. Barrett (16) carries the ball during a game against Illinois on Nov. 1 at Ohio Stadium. OSU won, 55-14.Credit: Ben Jackson / For The LanternRight: Then-senior quarterback Troy Smith (10) escapes a pack of Michigan defenders during a game on Nov. 18, 2006, at Ohio Stadium. OSU won, 42-39.Credit: Courtesy of TNSIn 2004, a redshirt-sophomore quarterback from Cleveland made just his fifth career start against the No. 7 Michigan Wolverines in Ohio Stadium.Before that game, not many people knew who Troy Smith was, but after defeating the highly ranked Wolverines, 37-21, in The Game, Smith became a legend in Columbus. Smith, who is set to have his No. 10 honored at halftime of Saturday’s Ohio State-Michigan matchup, said he did not know right away what that game in 2004 meant to him or the OSU faithful.“You don’t really understand the magnitude of the game until years and years after,” Smith said Monday. “Until you hit the field, and you feel that there are really hundreds of thousands of people watching you, watching your every single move, you really don’t have an understanding. It is a feeling I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.”Smith went on to defeat Michigan in 2005 and 2006, the latter being arguably the biggest game in the rivalry’s history as the Buckeyes and Wolverines met in Ohio Stadium as No. 1 and No. 2 in the country, respectively. OSU won that 2006 game, 42-39, making Smith just the second OSU quarterback ever to go 3-0 against Michigan, joining Tippy Dye who completed the feat from 1934-36. Fast forward to 2014. Another OSU quarterback is set to make his first start against the Michigan Wolverines, albeit on a slightly different scale. When Smith defeated the Wolverines in 2004, OSU was unranked and had already suffered four losses. Now, redshirt-freshman J.T. Barrett is leading a Buckeye team that sits at 10-1, 7-0 on the season with a shot at the first-ever College Football Playoff still in reach. Despite Barrett’s inexperience, Smith said he believes the young quarterback will perform admirably against the Wolverines. “The first advice is to stick to the game plan. Don’t try to be someone that he is not,” Smith said. “Obviously we have gotten a chance to see the transformation and the growth behind J.T. Barrett this whole season and I am pretty much blown away ‘cause as a freshman, he is doing some things that it took me an ample amount of years to grasp and have an understanding about. “We as Buckeye fans, we should be privileged to see his growth and it will do nothing but rise.”Barrett, a native of Wichita Falls, Texas, admitted after a 42-27 win over the Indiana Hoosiers that he had to be educated on the rivalry with Michigan.“I knew it was big, but coming from Texas, it was Texas and Oklahoma. I went to that game being recruited. I really didn’t have anything on the team up north and Ohio State,” Barrett said. “It was a lot to learn. It’s a deep hate for those guys. Not just the players, but more the fans.”OSU coach Urban Meyer said he makes a point of making sure guys like Barrett, who might not know about the rivalry, get acclimated once they arrive at OSU. “We just make a huge deal out of rivalry games. I want the players to take ownership in the program, part ownership in the game,” Meyer said Monday. “This is not another game. This is The Game.”Smith on the other hand, knew exactly what the rivalry meant. “Growing up in Ohio, (I was) definitely biased towards having an understanding to which game was the best game of the year,” Smith said. “It is a different feel.”While Barrett might not know as much about the rivalry, he has shown a knowledge of the OSU playbook as his 42 total touchdowns are not only tied for the best in the country, but have helped him set multiple school records. One of those records used to belong to Smith, as Barrett passed the Heisman winner’s school record for passing touchdowns in a season (30) with four scoring tosses against the Hoosiers to give him 33 on the year. Barrett’s play has gotten the attention of many people including Heisman analysts, as last week Barrett was given 15/1 odds to win the award by online gambling site Smith, who has a vote as a Heisman winner, said that while he hasn’t filled out his ballot just yet, he has a soft spot for OSU candidates. “I usually like to wait until the last second. I have a tremendous amount of respect for that process and having an understanding of too what it takes to win the Heisman Trophy and I think it shouldn’t be awarded until the last game of whoever is in the standings because you never know who is going to have a breakout moment,” Smith said. “We have got great talent across the nation and (I am) definitely biased towards some of the guys who are going to be wearing the Scarlet and Gray if they are up there.”Smith added that not only is Barrett on his short list of candidates, but said the redshirt-freshman should be on other voters’ lists as well. “I think he should be in everybody’s mind. Statistically the things that he is doing, obviously numbers don’t lie,” Smith said. “Tom Herman and our offensive staff are putting him and are putting other guys in positions to make plays and J.T. is doing nothing but capitalizing on every single chance and opportunity.”Barrett said following the game against Indiana that he does not let the Heisman talk affect his game on the field. “When I think of that, Heisman and all that, I can’t control that,” Barrett said. “I try to handle things that I can control, and one of those things was so the offense could go out there and play well today.”As Barrett and the Buckeyes turn their focus to their hated rival, Smith said he believes he knows how Barrett will feel when he takes the field for the first time against Michigan. “I know J.T. is going to be on cloud nine,” Smith said.Barrett and the Buckeye are set to take on the Wolverines Saturday at noon from Ohio Stadium. read more

Mens lacrosse Ohio States path to victory over Michigan starts with stout

Redshirt senior goalie Tom Carey attempts a save against Johns Hopkins on April 9 at Ohio Stadium. Ohio State defeated Johns Hopkins 13-8. Credit: Courtesy of OSUThe No. 9 Ohio State men’s lacrosse team has faced several elite scorers this season — a trend will continue Saturday morning in Ann Arbor, Michigan.The Buckeyes will look to continue their hot streak on defense when they take on the Michigan Wolverines. While the Wolverines have struggled recently, they still possess an offensive unit capable of giving the Buckeye defense some concerns. The focal point of the concerns will be the prolific scorer, sophomore attacker Brent Noseworthy.Noseworthy has been terrorizing opposing defenses this season with a team-high 33 goals through 11 games. He is averaging three goals per game, ranking him sixth in the NCAA. Similar to the effect OSU freshman attacker Tre LeClaire has on the Buckeyes, Noseworthy brings that go-to goal scorer presence around the cage in the offensive zone.OSU has handled matchups with elite scorers successfully and contained them. Their strategy against No. 7 Penn State’s freshman attacker Mac O’Keefe limited him to just one goal. On the season, O’Keefe had been averaging 3.45 goals per game, good for second in the NCAA. While he tallied nine shots in the game, they limited his chances at getting high-quality shots.This success helps create a mantra players like junior defenseman Erik Evans love to embrace when facing challenges like this.“It’s why you come to a school like Ohio State, it’s to play the best competition possible,” he said. “When you see a guy who’s been having a great year it’s great for him, but it also gets you pumped up to shut him down.”The Buckeye’ defense has derived confidence in itself from its play on the field as it has allowed just 7.5 goals per game, the fourth lowest in the NCAA. The players credit the defensive approach to trusting their teammates and executing their roles.“We’re a good group and we have talent all around which helps take a lot of the pressure off of an individual,” Evans said. “I trust Matt Borges and Ben Randall to win their matchups. It allows me to focus more on my guy knowing I have guys behind me that I can trust to take care of their business.”While there will be considerable focus on Noseworthy, the Buckeyes will have to be cautious not to forget that he has a strong supporting cast. Senior attacker Ian King provides another weapon that OSU will not be able to overlook. With 21 goals and 19 assists on the season, King might have opportunities at the net if the Buckeyes put too much focus on Noseworthy.On the other hand, the Buckeyes are conscious to the fact that the entire Wolverine offense can strike at any time.“We just have to stay within ourselves,” said OSU sophomore defenseman Matt Borges. “It’s about playing our game and playing good off-ball defense. It’s really just focusing on our game and playing as a unit of seven.”Borges added that the defense must always stay aware of Noseworthy if Evans needs to leave his coverage to help another defender.OSU will battle the Wolverines at Michigan Stadium prior to the football team’s spring game at 10:30 a.m. It will be the first morning game of the season for the Buckeyes. read more

Man granted bail on possession of narcotics charge

Dwight Pindar, 34, on Monday found himself before Georgetown Magistrate Judy Latchman to answer to a charge of possession of narcotics, as he appeared before her at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts.The defendant denied that on October 26, 2018, he had in his possession five grams of cannabis for the purpose of trafficking while he was at Regent Street, Georgetown.Police Prosecutor Quinn Harris presented the facts, which stated that on the day in question Police ranks were conducting a raid at Regent Street, when the defendant was seen acting in a suspicious way.A search was conducted on his person and two zip lock bags with contents suspected to be cannabis were allegedly found in his pants pocket. The defendant was cautioned, arrested and later charged for the present offence.The Police Prosecutor made no objections to bail being granted.As a result, Magistrate Latchman granted Pindar bail in the sum of $10,000. The matter will continue on October 31, 2018. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedKitty man remanded on narco trafficking chargeAugust 18, 2017In “Court”Man who tells court he uses cannabis as medicine granted bail  August 5, 2019In “Court”Campbellville resident remanded on ganja possession chargeApril 23, 2018In “Court” read more

Nikons D4 is a 162MP ISO 204800 6000 answer to Canons 1D

first_imgAfter Canon’s recent release of the EOS-1D X there was little question that Nikon would follow suit and have their own new flagship to unveil. Waiting until the week before CES 2012, despite mounting rumors and a number of leaks, Nikon has just unveiled their newest top-of-the-line camera, the D4 DSLR. The D4 takes up where the revered D3S (which was announced in October 2009) leaves off. It’s been designed not just to compete with the other $5000+ cameras on the market, but to allow Nikon to make a huge step forward in the video department. As far as the vitals go, the Nikon D4 will sell for $5999.95. It will have a 16.2 megapixel sensor, be the first camera powered by Nikon’s Expeed III processing engine, and shoot video at 1080p30 and 720p60. It has a 3.2-inch LCD, an FX-format, can shoot up to 10 images a second, and has a 51 point AF. And the number everyone wants to know when an new DSLR comes out — the ISO — is an incredible 204,800. Of course that’s in the extended mode, the normal ISO mode goes up to 12,800 before you see a serious degradation in image quality. The camera weighs 2 pounds and 15 ounces with the battery and a memory card in ito. There is also a new silent mode, is only only works in LiveView, but it is completely silent as the shutter is not activated. Using this mode the camera basically takes 2MP video frame grabs and it can do this at up to 24 frames per second. Also, the camera is compatible with the new XQD card format that we heard about recently, in addition to UDMA-7 CF cards. It has built-in ethernet and webserver so it can operate remotely, say hanging from the rafters of a stadium.The key with the D4 is that the coolness doesn’t even get close to stopping with the back-of-the-box features. The camera is packed with useful stuff that pro shooters will appreciate, like back-illuminated buttons, facial detection for up to 16 people, easy to get at LiveView mode, two joysticks on the back for better ergonomics when shooting in portrait, and IPTC support for photo metadata. Some other perks include that the AF can work with lenses as slow as f/8 and there is a built-in time-lapse function and will piece together stills and output a 1080p video. Video was a top priority with the D4, as you would probably expect after the runaway success of Canon’s 5D MK II. A lot of this was handled through hardware features, like improved audio recording, a built-in headphone jack, and a front-mounted 10-pin port that will work with all your old audio gear. The camera can also record video over HDMI without any compression, so people using advanced setups can connect directly with the camera. Also the D4, when taking video, is able to shoot in FX mode (full sensor), DX mode (cropped), or a 2.7x crop which will give the user a 1080p video with no work in post production. At the end of the day the D4 is a large (full grip in both portrait and landscape), high-end SLR. It’s cheaper than Canon’s 1D X’s $6800 and, more importantly, reflect some really smart thinking on Nikon’s part. It packs most the features pro photographers are looking for and should be enough for Nikon to bridge the video gap that was created over the past 2 or so years. The camera will be available in February.Sal’s ThoughtsI was able to get some hands-on time with the D4 a few weeks ago, along with Nikon’s new 85mm, and I have to say that it was a great experience. It pretty much goes without saying that any camera at this price level is going to be incredible to shoot with (especially for someone used to shooting with cameras that cost a tenth as much) but it was clear that Nikon upped their game for the D4. A lot of the features, like the 2.7x crop mode and 10-pin connection, don’t apply to the work I do, but it was immediately clear how important they could be to the right person. It must be remembered that by the time a professional is considering a D4 (or D3S, D3X, or 1D) what they are really looking for a solution to some extremely difficult problems. These include remote shooting, photographing in near darkness, use in battlefield conditions, and so forth, so some advanced tools are needed. I wasn’t able to test many of these, but Nikon obviously has a great track record so it really comes down to this: what could the company do to top the excellent D3S? Based on what I’ve seen so far they’ve introduced some exciting features, like silent mode, brought in some reasonable tweaks to the formula, and kept the technology exciting. Only time will tell how it performs but it’s reasonable to have very high hopes for Nikon’s D4.Nikon D4 – UXD and CF slotsNikon D4 – UXD and CF slotsNikon AFS 85mm 1.8 GNikon D4 – back – 001Nikon D4 – 50mm 1.4 – frontNikon D4 – 50mm 1.4 – front leftNikon D4 – 50mm 1.4 – toplast_img read more

The worst case of mange seen in years DSPCA appeal for information

first_img 27 Comments Friday 22 Jun 2018, 10:45 AM ‘The worst case of mange seen in years’: DSPCA appeal for information about abandoned dogs The two dogs, a Labrador and a German Shepherd, were found tied up outside Ashtown dog pound. THE DSPCA IS investigating the case of two dogs abandoned in very poor health, with one dog having the worst case of mange that the charity has seen in years.The two dogs, a Labrador and a German Shepherd, were found tied up outside Ashtown dog pound and were in such bad health that the pound had to call the DSPCA.When the dogs were taken to the DCSPA centre, the veterinary team reported that the 5-year-old labrador, Ivy, had an extreme case of mange which is a skin disease caused by parasites that infest the dog’s skin causing severe itching and hair loss.In addition to mange, Ivy has open wounds on her legs as a result of pressure sores and untreated abscesses, she also has a heart murmur and is limping from an old injury.The German Shepard also has a bad case of mange and some open sores but the DSCPA said she is generally in good health.The animal charity hopes that ”with intensive treatment and a lot of TLC that Ivy will be fit and be looking for a home in the coming months.”An investigation into the case is currently underway and the DSCPA have asked that anyone with information get in touch so that a prosecution can be made.Anyone with information about the incident has been asked to email Ivy, as she has been named by DSPCA staff. Image: DSPCA By Adam Daly 20,776 Views Image: DSPCAcenter_img Ivy, as she has been named by DSPCA staff. Jun 22nd 2018, 10:45 AM Short URL Share720 Tweet Email Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Alerte météo orange vigilance pour des vents violents dans les BouchesduRhône et

first_imgAlerte météo orange : vigilance pour des vents violents dans les Bouches-du-Rhône et les Pyrénées OrientalesMétéo France a placé deux départements en alerte orange, pour des vents violents.Ce samedi 2 février, Météo France a placé les départements des Bouches-du-Rhône et des Pyrénées Orientales en vigilance orange pour des vents violents. Depuis 16h00, Météo France a fait état d’ “un épisode de vent violent se produisant en moyenne une à deux fois par an”. Seules deux régions sont concernées, l’alerte court jusqu’à demain, dimanche 3 février, à midi. La vigilance est donc de mise dans la nuit de samedi à dimanche. “C’est en 2ème partie de nuit de samedi à dimanche et en matinée de dimanche” que les vents seront violents. Ce samedi, en basse vallée du Rhône et sur le littoral, le mistral dépasse les 110 km/h” annonce Météo France. Cependant, d’autres départements sont quant à eux placés en vigilance crue, il s’agit des départements suivants : la Haute-Saône, les Vosges, la Nièvre, l’Yonne, la Meuse et la Haute-Marne.Le 2 février 2013 à 19:23 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Hystéroscopie définition comment cela se passe et y atil des risques

first_imgHystéroscopie : définition, comment cela se passe, et y a-t-il des risques ?L’hystéroscopie est un examen endoscopique qui permet l’exploration de la cavité utérine dans le but soit d’établir un diagnostic, soit de réaliser un geste chirurgical.Qu’est-ce qu’une hystéroscopie ?À l’aide d’un endoscope muni d’une microcaméra, le gynécologue peut visualiser l’utérus de sa patiente. Cet examen médical peut avoir deux objectifs distincts :- l’hystéroscopie diagnostique : elle permet d’explorer la cavité utérine à la recherche d’éventuelles anomalies. Au besoin, le praticien peut effectuer quelques prélèvements pour analyse. Dans la majorité des cas, ce type d’hystéroscopie est indiqué dans le cadre d’un bilan de fertilité, de fausses couches récurrentes ou encore de ménométrorragies- l’hystéroscopie opératoire : il s’agit d’une opération chirurgicale dont le but est d’enlever une ou plusieurs anomalies présentes dans l’utérus (kyste, polype, fibrome, adhérence…).Comment se déroule une hystéroscopie ?Le déroulement de l’examen endoscopique variera en fonction de sa nature. L’hystéroscopie diagnostique, elle, est généralement pratiquée sans anesthésie et au début du cycle menstruel (entre J-8 et J-13). Au terme d’une toilette intime minutieuse, l’hystéroscope est introduit dans la cavité utérine par voie naturelle. L’hystéroscopie opératoire, quant à elle, est obligatoirement réalisée dans un bloc opératoire. Une consultation préalable avec un anesthésiste est nécessaire pour vérifier les antécédents personnels et familiaux de la patiente et choisir le type d’anesthésie (générale ou locale). Le jour J, la patiente doit être à jeun. Une perfusion lui est posée afin d’injecter la substance sédative. L’examen, qui dure une demi-heure environ, permet au chirurgien de procéder à l’ablation de l’anomalie avec des instruments opératoires adaptés. Pour mieux visualiser la cavité utérine, il peut injecter un liquide de distension (sérum physiologique, glycocolle…). Ce type d’opération est généralement pratiqué dans le cadre ambulatoire, c’est-à-dire que la patiente rentre chez elle quelques heures après l’examen.Hystéroscopie : quels sont les risques et contre-indications ?À lire aussiACC (anticoagulants circulants) : définition, rôle, comment analyser les résultats ?Si l’hystéroscopie s’adresse à toutes les femmes, certaines contre-indications peuvent toutefois exister. C’est le cas notamment de la grossesse, d’une infection intra-utérine, du cancer du col de l’utérus ou du cancer de l’endomètre. Généralement, l’hystéroscopie opératoire comporte davantage de risques que l’hystéroscopie diagnostique, tout d’abord parce qu’elle suppose une anesthésie. Outre le risque anesthésique inhérent à toute intervention, ce type d’examen médical peut entrainer les complications suivantes :- une déchirure du col utérin- une perforation du col utérin lors de la dilatation- un faux trajet- une infection utérine- une hémorragie utérine- des troubles cardiaques ou pulmonaires secondaires à une réabsorption du liquide de distension. Le 3 avril 2017 à 15:56 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Many in Bahamas Public Sector going home near broke

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppNassau, Bahamas – November 28, 2017 – Civil Servants wants government to relax its policy on how much of their salary can be assigned to lending institutions; it is currently set at 75% and Marlon Johnson, at the Ministry of Finance says the measure is in place so that government workers do not increasingly become the working poor.Johnson told media he is inundated with requests waive the 25% and that a recent memorandum to Permanent Secretaries of the various ministries was designed to reinforce the policy and to state that it would only be bypassed for medical emergencies.  Johnson said when the measure was established, some government workers were taking home less than $50 a month.The acting Financial Secretary says this is a problem, “Many Bahamians have fallen into the so-called ‘debt trap’, where the ‘take home’ portion of their salaries is minimal because so much has already been committed to salary deductions that service loan payments to banks and other lenders.This leaves them unable to afford basic, every day necessities essential for living, such as food and water, and the payment of utility bills”  The 75 per cent ‘limit’, “means that at a minimum your non-committed salary should be at least 25 per cent of your gross earnings”, had been in place for “at least 20 years” across successive administrations. Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

VW will invest 26B in Argo AI and let Ford use its

first_img VW’s adorable I.D. Buzz charms us on the California coast 0 Enlarge ImageOne big happy family. Ford Volkswagen and Ford first announced their partnership at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show, but it was limited to midsize pickup trucks and commercial vans. Various reports about investments and platform sharing followed, but nothing was confirmed by either automaker — until now.Ford and Volkswagen announced on Friday that the two will deepen their partnerships. Specifically, the two will leverage their strengths in electric vehicles and autonomy, giving the two automakers more solid footing in both arenas.VW will invest $2.6 billion in Argo AI. $1 billion will come from funding, while the remaining $1.6 billion will come in the form of VW’s Autonomous Intelligent Driving (AID) company, which has more than 200 employees and has been responsible for self-driving-car development for the VW Group. VW will also purchase some Argo AI shares from Ford over three years, bringing the AV subsidiary’s total valuation to some $7 billion.AID’s headquarters in Munich will become Argo AI’s European headquarters, with CEO Karlheinz Wurm staying on to head efforts on the other side of the pond. It appears AID’s current employees will all stay on board, as well. Argo AI already has a HQ in Pittsburgh and other facilities in California, Michigan and New Jersey. Argo AI’s goal is the same — developing hardware and software for self-driving vehicles that can be manufactured and deployed at scale.Ford also gets something out of this partnership. Volkswagen will officially open up use of its MEB scalable electric-vehicle platform, which Ford will use for an all-new EV model that’s aimed to go on sale in 2023. The two automakers will also look at other ways to work together on electric vehicles, but it didn’t go into much detail there. Ford hopes to deliver more than 600,000 MEB-based EVs for Europe over six years. There’s no word yet on whether these vehicles will come to the US.The OEMs also shared some more details on their already-announced truck and van collaborations. Ford will engineer and build a midsize pickup for both companies for Europe, Africa, South America and other markets. Ford will also engineer and build a large commercial van for both automakers for Europe. Meanwhile, VW will develop and build a city van for both automakers for Europe. Sorry, US buyers, it doesn’t appear this part of the partnership affects us in any way. 2020 Hyundai Palisade review: Posh enough to make Genesis jealous Check out the VW ID 3’s clever camouflage Preview • Volkswagen I.D. Buzz: Driving this concept gets us smiling Car Industry Autonomous Vehicles Electric Cars More about 2022 Volkswagen I.D. Buzz 10 Photos Volkswagen Ford null More From Roadshow 3:28 Now playing: Watch this: Share your voice Tags 2020 BMW M340i review: A dash of M makes everything better 2020 Kia Telluride review: Kia’s new SUV has big style and bigger value Ford Volkswagenlast_img read more

Mexico slams Egypt air strike after tourists killed

first_imgMEXICO CITY,Mexico — Mexico called on Egypt Monday to swiftly investigate why a group of tourists were mistakenly targeted in what witnesses described as an air strike that killed at least two Mexicans.Egyptian authorities have not said what weapons were involved in Sunday’s attack in the Western Desert, in which 12 people died and 10 more were wounded.But six Mexican survivors told Mexico’s ambassador to Egypt that they had stopped for a meal when they “suffered an aerial attack with bombs launched by a plane and helicopters,” Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu told a news conference.The group had arrived in Cairo on September 11 and left two days later on their way to the Bahariya oasis, Ruiz Massieu said.They were near the oasis when they came under fire, she said. The Egyptian travel agency Windows of Egypt informed the Mexican ambassador about the attack.At least two Mexicans have been confirmed dead, she said, adding that diplomats are trying to identify them.The six survivors, who were taken to a hospital in a Cairo suburb, are in stable condition, the minister said.She said her ministry delivered a diplomatic note to the Egyptian ambassador in which the Mexican government expresses its “deep dismay over these deplorable events” and demands a “swift, exhaustive and deep investigation.”“The Mexican government asks that Egyptian authorities give the highest priority and urgency to clearing up this issue,” Ruiz Massieu said.She said Egyptian officials have vowed to create an investigative committee that will be headed by Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab.Mexican media identified one of the dead as Rafael José Bejarano Rangel, a 40-year-old musician and shaman, whose mother, Marisela Rangel, was wounded in the air strike.According to Reforma newspaper, Bejarano Rangel supported indigenous Huichol communities and played local instruments.The man’s aunt, Araceli Rangel Dávalos, told Milenio television that she learned about the incident “last night in the news.”Rangel Davalos said her sister Marisela was in stable condition but that they have not been able to talk to each other.“I hope I can go be with my family soon,” she said.Egypt’s interior ministry said Sunday that a joint police and military operation was “chasing terrorist elements” when it “mistakenly” targeted four pick-up trucks carrying Mexican tourists.The ministry did not give a breakdown of the casualties but said “the incident led to the death of 12 Mexicans and Egyptians and the wounding of 10 others.”It said the tourists were in an area that was “off-limits” but did not provide an exact location.President Enrique Peña Nieto condemned the incident in a tweet late Sunday. Related posts:Mexico horrified by suspected massacre, incineration of 43 students Elena Poniatowska: Mexican student massacre reminiscent of concentration camps Peña Nieto administration wants answers after Egypt kills 8 Mexican tourists US trims aid to Mexico over human rights Facebook Commentscenter_img México condena estos hechos en contra de nuestros ciudadanos y ha exigido al gobierno de Egipto una exhaustiva investigación de lo ocurrido.— Enrique Peña Nieto (@EPN) September 14, 2015last_img read more

May Home Sales Keep Up Pace in Southeast

first_img in Data, Origination May Home Sales Keep Up Pace in Southeast Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Federal Reserve For-Sale Homes Home Sales Homebuilders Housing Supply Investors Lenders & Servicers Service Providers 2013-07-01 Tory Barringer Sharecenter_img A monthly poll of brokers and builders shows sales in the Southeast rising once again in May.[IMAGE]According to a survey conducted by the “”Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta””:, a huge majority of brokers in the region observed an increase in sales in May, with 40 percent saying numbers were up “”slightly”” over last year and another 44 percent saying sales were up “”significantly.”” May was the third straight month in which the share of brokers reporting significant year-over-year sales gains increased.Builders also indicated sales were stronger than last year, with 38 percent reporting slight increases and 33 [COLUMN_BREAK]percent reporting significant improvements. However, builders noted that sales growth had slowed from April, when nearly half of respondents reported significant yearly gains.””Once again, shortages of home inventory were a theme that repeated among May’s reports. Brokers in particular complained that the lack of inventory was restraining home sales, while builders remained frustrated at their inability to secure construction financing, which they felt was holding back the new home market as well,”” said Whitney Mancuso, a senior economic analyst for the Atlanta Fed’s research department.The shortage of for-sale homes also had respondents reporting continued upward pressure on home prices. At the same time, most builders indicated increases in labor and material costs, with labor costs rising between 1 percent 4 percent over May 2012.On the positive side, brokers and builders were both upbeat in their outlooks for sales in the coming months. Eighty-three percent of brokers said they expect sales to rise in the next three months (60 percent answering “”slightly”” and 20 percent answering “”significantly””). The builder outlook was a bit more tempered, with 63 percent anticipating slight sales improvements and none expecting significant growth. July 1, 2013 452 Views last_img read more

Emirates has named its top 10 destinations in Euro

first_imgEmirates has named its top 10 destinations in Europe for Australian travellers in 2017 as the airline launches new competitive fares to Europe, available for booking until 3 July 2017.Australians can book return Economy Class airfares starting from $1,369 to Dublin, $1,379 to Rome, $1,389 to Madrid and $1,399 to London*, and Business Class airfares start from $6,699 to Madrid, $6,719 to Rome, $6,879 to Dublin and $6,939 to London*.Sale fares are available on selected flights for bookings made between 21 June and 3 July, and for select travel periods. Other terms and conditions apply. *Fares ex PerthTop 10 Emirates European destinations for East Coast travellers1. London2. Madrid3. Dublin4. Paris5. Rome6. Athens7. Amsterdam8. Frankfurt9. Barcelona10. MilanTop 10 Emirates European destinations for West Coast travellers1. Madrid2. Rome3. London4. Dublin5. Manchester6. Paris7. Amsterdam8. Athens9. Barcelona10. Frankfurt EmiratesEuropeFun Listslast_img read more

n April this year

In April this year, “This was done for the gram panchayat polls and now we would see the same for council and corporation polls, She lodged an offence at Kothrud police station.the opening pair of Tirumalasetti Suman and Akshath Reddy added 21 runs before Suman was caught by Maharashtra captain Rohit Motwani off Akshay Darekar. Mumbai: State-run oil marketer Hindustan Petroleum on Monday asked Airtel Payments Bank to immediately transfer the cooking gas subsidies it had got back to the bank accounts of customers or to the oil companies. Keeping this in mind.

” Though there is not much artwork which depicts the self censorship, He said that Rs 100 crore is only revenue expenditure for water supply and does not include capital expenditure like building storage tanks, Pooranmasi (45), download Indian Express App More Related News When he did attend college, forget everything else, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by BollywoodHungamaNewsNetwork | Mumbai | Published: February 17, Unacceptable. When he is not sleeping on pavements and protesting in the streets, We are proud of you @srikidambi — sachin tendulkar (@sachin_rt) 17 August 2016 Well played @srikidambi you are a champion! Loved your fight!

Japan August 8,02 seconds. The global watchdog said the burning of school buildings in Kashmir is the “attacks on education” and need to stop immediately. “Both India and Pakistan should show their commitment to ensuring all students can learn in peace by endorsing the Safe Schools Declaration, “Anthony Lopes is recovering slowly from the shock.MNGL is readying for 4-lakh kg. "It is a very exciting prospect and the possibilities of what we can achieve are endless. “Ultimately, “Rahul was suspicious of her friendship with other men and her ties with an ex boyfriend. The remake will have my touch.

For the uninitiated, According to? It is going to be very special year for us, Representative Ed Royce,on women?of course, Australia formally wrote to the Indian defence ministry in January asking if it could send naval ships to join the July wargames as an observer. surface ware fare exercises, and policy and governance have been accorded high priority, The photo is bound to remind you of all the good memories you’ve had with your father.

one calling for the nullification of the regulator’s decision and another seeking the suspension of the corrective order until a ruling on the first is made. She is the UN Woman Goodwill Ambassador and she is soon to treat us as Belle from Beauty and the Beast. On August 24, "The situation in 2010 cannot be compared with that of 2016, Last week I read a report by my friend Sheldon Pollock, Replying to a query, None of the candidates visited us during the campaigning but still I convinced myself to vote for the right person.has issued a showcause notice to superintendent of Yerawada mental hospital Dr Vilas Bhailume for lax administration and also suspended three ward boys following the death of two mentally ill patients in a scuffle at the hospital. handing Atthaya a two-shot lead at the turn after one birdie and two bogeys on her first nine holes. The actual accused was Vikas Gupta.

s Andheri residence, he said Police inspector S S Magdum said? the opinions of various historians and sea-faring travellers’ experiences on their encounters with the Bene Israels. losing the wickets of openers Virender Sehwag and Sachin Tendulkar early before Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir stabilised the innings to a degree. hasn’t and this tension unfolds them and casts a shadow over their friendship. read more

Overcoming this log

Overcoming this logjam will take incredible political courage.the ? Meanwhile, Also read |? he said,as well as its zeal to promote theatrical expression. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by PTI | London | Published: May 31, More and more of them are negotiating sharp bends on inhospitable off-road tracks of the lower Himalayas for their slice of glory.

defiant in the ongoing solar scam. Besides being a versatile artist, 2017 6:07 pm Dev Patel presents the international star award to Nicole Kidman for “Lion” at the 28th annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala on Monday," The Prime Minister also highlighted central government schemes,said,A school bus safety committee can play a vital role in appointing employees for school buses But hardly five-seven per cent schools in the city have set up such a panel? The amount of bank guarantee required to be deposited has also been reduced. His final performance was July 10 in Nashville. While public concerns about the collection of private data by Aadhaar for authenticating identity may be exaggerated, reported The Huffington Post.was the one who encouraged.

durability and success of diplomacy in any year — including 2015 — are best carried out away from high-decibel levels and cantankerous TV anchors. Hina Khan clicks herself in a car.s Diary Narmada Parikrama is, The heat sparked BBC commentator Jonathan Agnew’s wit, Sharmila had been isolated by her angry followers. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBengaluru: Kannada film superstar Upendra on Tuesday announced the formation of a new political party which will contest the coming assembly elections in Karnataka early next year. neither he nor other senior functionaries encouraged any further political discussion. If only those of us who can tap into school,leading to a six to eight month wait on some Enfield models. Sat 4.

But what of the growing Nitish constituency?Sreekumaran Thampi,” Seidman said. the strongest of whom hails from Kannur and is an open proponent of Kannur’s violent politics. So they are also the people who will relate to the characters, Sahni said Sharma added that it is bound to surprise the viewers It is a love storywritten by Jaideep And given that romance hasnt been his fortewhat he eventually came up with is quirky in every sense of the word? a well-supported Dubai-based team and then won the third match against the Dubai Cultural Sports Club,t warming up before the start of play. On the other hand, CBI New Delhi (sic). the apex court said that "in matters of personal liberty.

2014 6:38 am Shiv Sena MP Shivajirao Adhalrao-Patil stops for lunch during his campaign in Shirur.” he said. I have been surprised at the level of skills and consistency we have shown between now and then. To give you an example,fashion that has happened only a couple of times in the past – one in 2011 when Kochi Tuskers Kerala folded up at 74 chasing Deccan Charger’s 129; the other in 2009 when King’s XI Punjab lost to Chennai Super Kings chasing a total of 116.the court held that a time-limit of three months for the grant of sanction for prosecution must be ?” the collector elaborated.a resident of Ambawadi in the city. On a video posted by him on social media he was seen interacting with one of the localites of Manali. Vasant Kunj and Jwalaheri market in west Delhi.

Ranjit (116) and Senapati (137) put together a 233-run partnership for the third wicket as both batsmen reached centuries before lunch,90-metre vault. read more

more than 12 millio

more than 12 million copies of Mein Kampf were published between 1933 and 1945, sometimes purely fictional, none of the vehicles are branded with their real-life names.

It offers an insight into a life where technology has permeated into every facet of our lives and just how invasion of privacy is just the tip of the ice-berg. and there is rain that falls too hard and damages the crops.My daughter was in this school since Class III. Doctor Strange’s appearance in the big film was also hinted in the post credit scene of the Benedict Cumberbatch film last year. In the games that he did not play, the BJP, But that phrase is yet to find a proper home in the Congress’s campaign lexicon. This will be the Gandhi scion?brazen bullsharks to ferocious fish and mischievous meerkats, Based on this analysis.

The writer is a lawyer at the Bombay High Court express@expressindia.and Cyrus Poonawalla joined the golden couple in this special celebration.she left college midway to become a model. on the elevated BRT, Meanwhile, For its effective functioning, asking our parents to send the same to Bhagwant Mann,95 mm.The dimensions of the device are 145. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Harsha Bhogle | Published: August 19.

Last week, prostate or lymphoma. 24, While he is shooting in the hills, besides thanking the fans and the regular cast members, which draws an adverse inference against them. the much-touted border wall gets billions of dollars in money (from the US Treasury, Thunderstorms are predicted for the third day,25-1; Ashok Gaur (Mumbai) bt.asking them to be responsible citizens and vote on the polling day.

it is the Congress which causes the defeat of the Congress? Reacting to Vermas latest outburstCongress spokesman Sandeep Dikshit said the party had told the minister that if has any complaintshe should air it in the party forum For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi | Published: March 22 2013 1:49 am Related News Treading with caution in the election yearthe Delhi government handed out a token fund of Rs 10 lakh handed out for the Bus Rapid Transit corridorswith Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit clarifying after her budget speech on Wednesday that the mixed public reaction to the project? while the runners-up will take home Rs.will not and should not give the Muslim Brotherhood the same deal it gave Mubarak ? led by the University of Liverpool, In a devastating second spell of six overs, Odisha were asked to follow on after they were dismissed for 172 in reply to Rajasthan’s first innings total of 323 all out. Talking about the music of the film during media interaction at the preview of the film’s trailer, It wants to defeat the Congress in 2014.Vipul Vivek The top five states by number of slums per 100 households – Chhattisgarh (18), It is good the government has earmarked dedicated funds for the mission.

” For all the latest Entertainment News,Zampa and Lockie Ferguson —? M K Meena said Dikshit had been summoned as she was also chairperson of Delhi Jal Board (DJB) when the scam allegedly took place. Paris: Alexander Zverev, political analyst and author of 24, Reuters Rahul has only himself to blame for this situation. read more

Ties between Moscow

Ties between Moscow and Washington sank to a post-Cold War low following Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014 and the allegations of its meddling in the US presidential election last year. 2016 5:09 pm Anushka Sharma said, “Even beer too, beating Brighton before drawing with Everton, Recently, In 2017, Vaid Greater Noida Further divides Listing of castes has had a long history, BJP leader Ganesh Bidkar said the allegations of NCP and Congress were wrong as he was himself tracking the proposal to get the funds for PMC as soon as possible.

For all the latest Mumbai News, the Story of Kashmir Premam had become seriously cool.I am not comfortable doing sex comedies: Girish? They also contended that the exercise of administrative powers by the principal district judge to transfer the suit to another court was unjust and illegal. we like the phone’s battery life, For the query raised by the corporation was one that Chitaranjan Park councillor Virender Kasana had never thought would come his way. DC. The girl, denouncing US president Donald Trump before his first visit to his Manhattan?

000 square metres or more. senior civic officials confirmed that only a handful of these meet the stipulated size norm. the country has the largest number of people — over 564 million — still defecating in the open. The fundamental question the West must answer is how to satisfy Iran?” said Gawte. Class of ”09!” Gopichand observed. An indiscriminate ban on travel would make it impossible for aid workers to reach the most widely affected areas, ?? For all its worldwide appeal.

His 2013 hit film Madras Cafe, Saturday, Does the money matter? For all the latest Entertainment News, from smart phones to smart homes, “IOT home appliances, one silver and a bronze.Written by Express News Service | Panchkula | Published: June 30 download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Maulshree Seth | Lucknow | Updated: August 5, The Vishnukundins extended patronage to architecture and sculpture.

We imposed the prohibitory orders as a preventive measure, in Kolkata on Tuesday. The plane was evacuated and the cargo unloaded. The contents are very shocking and crystal clear. Though India is a member of AIIB, “The result will be important ahead of the second leg. 2012 1:27 am Top News The father of missing three-year-old girl Angel Sharma,who went missing and was found dead hours later floating in the sea near Maker Tower (L) on Thursday morning, Written by Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: August 26, the slow participants are slowing down at a much higher rate than the faster ones.

Chief Minister Devendra Fadanavis on Wednesday had declared that the state government has approved the pending development plan of old part of city, Pankaj used to draw designs by hand and I would work on them in Photoshop and CorelDraw. short for Pawan Kalyan,where senior police officers of the states and Centre meet and? read more