Teamsters Local 215 Members Employed By Irving Materials Incorporated (IMI) Evansville Went On Strike

first_imgOn Monday, June 3, Teamsters Local 215 members employed by Irving Materials Incorporated (IMI) Evansville went on strike. The strike is an unfair labor practices strike. The pickets were extended to IMI Ft. Branch on June 4, and Teamster members there have been honoring the picket lines.Accordingly to Teamsters 215 President Chuck Whobrey “this strike was totally avoidable. Teamsters 215 members have only wanted to maintain the insurance plan (Central States TeamCare) that they have had for many years, and also to get appropriate wage increases. IMI Teamsters currently make $19.48 per hour. That is $1.60 per hour behind Teamsters employed by Concrete Supply. Teamsters at Concrete Supply have the same insurance plan IMI Teamsters are fighting to maintain. Under the company’s proposal IMI Teamsters would lose dental insurance, life insurance and retiree’s insurance. Teamster members worked without a contract for over two months in an effort to reach an agreement without going on strike. Finally, after some of the things the company did in negotiations, the local union filed unfair labor practice charges and the strike commenced a few days later. Those charges are currently under investigation by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Region 25”.Mr. Whobrey also stated that “IMI as a company has benefited immensely over the years because of the Teamsters who work there. On repeated occasions IMI has been awarded contracts because their employees are represented by Teamsters Local 215. The most recent example of this happening was theCostco warehouse construction project on Evansville’s east side. The concrete work on that project was originally awarded to a non-union company. Due to the work of the Teamsters Local Union, that award was reversed and awarded to IMI. The thanks Teamster members got for this is to have the company try to take away their insurance. There are many other examples of work that IMI was awarded because of them being a unionized company. IMI needs to stop attacking the very employees that make them a profitable company”.FOOTNOTE: This article was posted by the City-County Observer without opinon  bias or editing.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

UK firms flock to IBA

first_imgExhibitors including GB Plange, Bakels, Baker Perkins and Cereform unveiled details of recent corporate developments at Europe’s biggest bakery fair, IBA, last week.A total of 23 bakery companies from the UK travelled to Germany for the show, joining the 965 exhibitors from around the world.The exhibition gave international ingredients supplier Bakels the opportunity to unveil two new joint venture companies, Bakbel Asia (formerly DLA Inc) and Bakbel Europe, which will be operational from next March and based in Belgium. These companies will specialise in products including fillings, jams and glazes, extending Bakels reach into new markets, Bakels UK MD Paul Morrow said.Ingredients company GB Plange was also at the show, alongside yeast operation GB Ingredients, which it split from following its purchase by German conglomerate Werhahn earlier this year (British Baker, July 14, pg 5).General manager Marie Parnell told British Baker: “We want to be seen as the innovators, bringing novel products into the UK. We are under the ownership of a family company and that gives us the opportunity to invest in long term relationships and growth.”Equipment supplier Baker Perkins attended the show, following its acquisition by private investors earlier this year (British Baker, April 28, pg 5). The company is now much more reactive and focused on research and development, bakery sales manager Geoff Harley reported.The restructured AB Mauri, a division of Associated British Foods which includes Cereform, used the show to highlight its international reach to visitors.The trend towards health and speciality in bakery products was a theme for exhibitors from across the world, with numerous new speciality and convenience products launched at the show.See next week’s British Baker for a report on the show.last_img read more

Fat under fire

first_imgIt wasn’t long ago that the baking industry was at war with trans fats, spending vast amounts of time and money on new ingredients, reformulating recipes and changing production processes. The campaign was successful, with the so-called ’killer fat’ more or less vanquished from bakery products. But just when bakers might have expected some respite, they are suddenly under pressure to take on another enemy of the arteries: saturated fats.Heart disease targetsFollowing its work on salt reduction, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) is on a mission to lower cases of heart disease by reducing the nation’s intake of saturated fat from 13.3% of the food we eat to below 11% by 2010. To this end, a wide-ranging consumer campaign launched earlier this year, and the FSA has been working with the food industry to reduce sat fat levels in food.However, in the next few months, the FSA is widely expected to up the ante by launching a consultation on setting targets for reducing saturated fat in food components, such as pastry and cream, which are used in biscuits, cakes, pastries and savouries. In other words, the kind of reduction targets we have seen for salt in food are likely to be rolled out to saturated fats.For the moment, the FSA is keeping tight-lipped about the consultation, although a spokesperson did say: “We have noted the excellent progress already made by some companies that have reduced saturated fat significantly across many lines. We believe our recommendations will galvanise and encourage wider industry engagement and quicken progress.”As reported in BB’s 10 April issue, the baking industry is dead set against the idea of targets for saturated fats. Several baking industry sources have told British Baker they feel such a scheme would be a step too far, especially when the industry is already working hard to cut saturated fats. “It’s another example of the nanny state. We’re already addressing the issue and don’t need government interference,” is how one irate baker put it.Mark Muncey, marketing manager at pasty and bis- cuit company Proper Cornish, echoed this view. “Targets are not the way to go. A pasty is an authentic product and if you take out too much fat, you lose that authenticity. There needs to be a balanced view – more education about diets rather than targeting particular groups of products.”Technical difficultiesAccording to Barbara Gallani, Biscuit, Cake, Chocolate and Confectionery sector manager at the Food and Drink Federation, cutting saturated fat is technically more difficult – and hence more expensive – than reducing salt, especially if the FSA goes down the route of setting targets for individual components of a product, rather than the pro- duct itself.”Reductions couldn’t be made in chocolate, because of strict legal definitions of what chocolate must contain, while there is very little that can be done with cream,” she said. “There are also issues with composite products. If you use dough with reduced saturated fat in a chocolate-covered biscuit with a cream filling, there would be problems with fat migration and shelf-life.”The costs involved in reformulating products are highlighted by United Biscuits’ recent work to halve saturated fats in its McVitie’s biscuits. The project took three years and a whopping £6.5m of investment to complete.At bakery consultancy Bake-Tran, director Stan Cauvain said there are also technical hurdles to cutting saturated fats in meat-based bakery products. “Manu- facturers know that targets are coming over the horizon and they are already working to cut saturated fat, but there is a limit. If you look at trying to reduce fat in a pork pie, it’s difficult. Generally, cheaper cuts of meat are used and fat is marbled throughout, which means you cannot trim it away. You could use a different cut of meat, but then that would push up the price. Then there is the pastry. There are things you can do to reduce saturated fats, but in reality, a good crisp pork pie crust needs a high melting point fat (usually an animal fat), which is a key characteristic of saturated fat.”As Stephen Bickmore of Vandemoortele explained, fats suppliers have been working hard to reduce saturated fats by using palm oil and palm fractions, as well as a process called interestification. “These changes do not all come cheaper and, to maintain quality, there needs to be an acceptance that there could be a cost associated,” he warns.Gary Atkinson, operations director at AAK, a leading supplier of fats to the baking industry, said that emulsifiers and enzymes can also be used to improve functionality in low-saturated fat shortening, although this kind of technology clashes with the trend for clean-label.Predicting what kind of reduction targets the FSA will set for bakery products is not easy, but the overall target of reducing saturated fat in our diets from 13.3% to 11% equates to around a 20% decrease. “That kind of reduction would have to be taken in stages, so that people’s palates could adjust to the changes in the products,” said Atkinson. “I would expect a 10% cut in the first year, which could be achieved reasonably easily, followed by further cuts, which could be more difficult depending on how much fat is in a product in the first place.”—-=== Sat fat action ===Manufacturers are already working to reduce saturated fats in bakery products, as evidenced by a sat fat achievement table for own-label products, published by The British Retail Consortium last month.l Asda Standard sausage rollsThe retailer completed a project in January that saw saturated fat reduced by 18% across its sausage roll range. This was achieved by changing the cuts of meat used and lowering the fat level in the pastry.l Asda chilled pizzasSaturated fat levels were reduced on average by 32% across a range of 14 pizzas last year by looking at the type and amount of cheese, pepperoni and oil used.l Co-op chilled cheesecakesA 12% reduction in saturated fat has been achieved since 2007 by changing the proportions of base, cream and soft cheese.l M&S sandwichesThe retailer worked with suppliers last year to achieve a 30% reduction in saturated fats. One of the ways it did this was by reformulating mayonnaise to include healthier monounsaturated oils.l Tesco cakesTesco says that 110 tonnes of saturated fat were removed from its cakes last year by reducing the use of margarines with high levels of saturated fat.last_img read more

Moe. Digs Deep To Close Out Quentin Tarantino-Themed Halloween Run [Full Audio]

first_imgFor the second night running, beloved jam band moe. brought the heat to The Fillmore Philadelphia for their “Tarantino. Halloweenoe.” run. The band got things started on night one with a show full of both classics from Tarantino movies, as well as reworded moe. classics to make them thematically-appropriate. Listen to it here.That trend continued on night two with a great performance, opening with a twangy take on the classic Kill Bill instrumental, “Battle Without Honor Or Humility.” After playing “Annihilation Blues,” the band broke into The Centurion’s “Bullwinkle Part II” from Pulp Fiction. A play on “Shoot First” came next called “Shot Marvin,” referencing the classic accidental death of Marvin in Pulp Fiction. After “CalifornIA,” the band closed out their set with a parody of “Head” called “Ear,” a call back to Reservoir Dogs.The band opened up their second set with “Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon” a la Pulp Fiction, before playing a parody of “Timmy Tucker” called “Vinny Vega” – another Pulp Fiction reference. Next up was “Rumble” from Pulp Fiction as well, before the band played a rendition of “Bring You Down” called “Budd.”The Pulp Fiction set continued with “Jungle Boogie” and a “Watching Pulp Fiction” that was a parody of moe.’s own “Stranger Than Fiction.” Finally, they ended the set with the theme from “Kill Bill.”With still time to burn in the set, the band brought back the Pulp Fiction vibes for a rendition of Chuck Berry’s “You Can Never Tell” and closed out the show with an amazing 26 minute version of “Recreational Chemistry.” What a show!You can check out the full audio below, courtesy of taper Marcus.Setlist: moe. at The Fillmore Philadelphia, PA – 10/29/16I: Battle Without Honor Or Humility >(nh) Annihilation Blues, Bullwinkle Part II, Shot Marvin (Shoot First) > CalifornIA > Ear (Head)II: Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon, Vinny Vega (Timmy Tucker) > Rumble > Budd (Bring You Down) > Jungle > Watching Pulp Fiction (Stranger Than Fiction), Kill BillEncore: You Can Never Tell, Recreational Chemistrylast_img read more

Joe Russo’s Almost Dead Offers Explosive Headlining Set At SweetWater 420 Fest [Video]

first_imgOn Friday, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead performed a headlining set at Atlanta, GA’s SweetWater 420 Fest, held at the city’s Centennial Olympic Park. The evening also saw performances by The Avett Brothers, John Medeski’s Mad Skillet, JJ Grey & Mofro, Rebelution, Billy Strings and more.Joe Russo’s Almost Dead opened up their single set show with an exploratory, open-ended jam, which led way into “Jack Straw”. The quintet smoothly segued out of “Jack Straw” into “Dancing in The Streets”, which featured a tasty Dave Dreiwitz bass solo, along with a tease of “Here Comes Sunshine”. JRAD moved into “Uncle John’s Band”, as Joe Russo and Marco Benevento took their opportunity to jam on “Becky” with their bandmates, a tune from Benevento Russo Duo‘s catalog. The five-piece added an extra layer to last night’s “Uncle John’s Band” with a “Playing In The Band” tease before Russo kicked up the tempo.The band charged forward with an exploratory segue of “Help On The Way” -> “Slipknot” -> “The Eleven”, highlighted by guitarists Tom Hamilton and Scott Metzger tearing it up, as they showered the crowd with mind-bending solos on their six strings. Joe Russo’s Almost dead kept on chugging with a tease lathered rendition of “Truckin’”, featuring snippets of “New Speedway Boogie”, “The Eleven” and “The Other One”. The quintet kept in the theme of “The Other One”, as Russo crashed into the song’s opening drum breakdown, with Dreiwitz ferociously holding down the low end. The teases kept coming as the band segued into “Eyes Of The World”, which included elements of Young-Holt Unlimited‘s “Soulful Strut”, “The Eleven”, and the second “Here Comes Sunshine” tease of the night. JRAD brought their one-set blowout to a close with “Brown Eyed Women”.Head to the 3:32 mark of the video below to watch Friday night’s Joe Russo’s Almost Dead set:Joe Russo’s Almost Dead – SweetWater 420 Fest – 4/19/2019[Video: nugsnet]For a full list of the band’s upcoming tour dates and ticketing information, head to their website.Setlist: Joe Russo’s Almost Dead | SweetWater 420 Fest | Atlanta, GA | 4/19/2019Set: Jam -> Jack Straw > Dancing in The Streets @ -> Uncle Johns Band # > Help On The Way $ -> Slipknot -> The Eleven -> Truckin % -> The Other One -> Eyes Of The World ^ -> Brown Eyed [email protected] – With a DD Solo and a Here Comes Sunshine Tease (Band)# – With a Playin in the Band Tease (Band) and a “Becky” (Benevento Russo Duo) Jam$ – With a “Myxomatosis” (Radiohead) Tease (Band)% – With a New Speedway Boogie Tease (MB), The Eleven Teases (MB then TH) and a The Other One Tease (TH)^ – With a “Soulful Strut” (Young-Holt Unlimited) Tease (MB), The Eleven Tease (Band), a DD Solo and Here Comes Sunshine Teases (TH & Band)last_img read more

Colombia’s Largest Oil Pipeline Attacked by the ELN

first_imgBy Dialogo July 31, 2013 Saravena, like a number of towns near the border with Venezuela, has a strong presence of the leftist rebel group, the National Liberation Army, or ELN. The ELN has expressed interest in holding peace talks with the government, along the lines of the negotiations underway in Havana with the FARC, the country’s largest leftist rebel group. Colombia’s largest oil pipeline was hit by an explosion causing a significant oil spill in an attack blamed on leftist guerrillas, the Army said on July 29. The 780-kilometer (485-mile) Limon-Coveñas pipeline, operated by U.S. oil firm Occidental Petroleum (Oxy), was attacked near the town of Saravena, in eastern Colombia, the regional Army commander told reporters. center_img The oil spill has affected the local water source and vegetation, but the attack caused no injuries, he added, saying repair work has begun under military guard. The rebel group, Colombia’s second largest with some 2,000 fighters, claims it aims to prevent the exploitation of the country’s natural resources by foreign companies. But the government has insisted that any talks would be conditioned on the group releasing hostages — which would include a Canadian engineer held since January — and abandoning the practice of kidnapping.last_img read more

U.S. Middle District Bar membership renewal grace period kicks in

first_img U.S. Middle District Bar membership renewal grace period kicks in While the deadline for renewal of membership in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida Bar was June 30, there is a grace period built into this process so all forms and fees related to the annual renewal of membership which are postmarked on or before July 30 will continue to be accepted by the court.Forms and fees received after August 1 will be returned to the sender and may result in loss of membership. An attorney whose membership has lapsed must apply for new membership and the attorney will be required to pay an admissions fee of $165 and attend an admissions ceremony before practicing in the Middle District of Florida.All forms must be completely and legibly filled out and mailed in the pre-addressed envelope provided, to the post office box indicated on side two of the renewal form, along with a check for $10. No renewal forms or checks will be accepted at the courthouse.More information about attorney renewals, including a Frequently Asked Questions Page, Renewal Forms, MDFL Attorney Admission Clerk contact information, and Attorney Admissions Applications, may be found on the court’s Web site at in the Attorney Resources section. July 15, 2005 Regular News U.S. Middle District Bar membership renewal grace period kicks inlast_img read more

Hempstead Man Convicted of Murder

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A suspect was convicted Tuesday of stabbing a 28-year-old man to death in Hempstead two years ago.A Nassau County jury found Luis Moreno guilty of second-degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon.“Mr. Moreno held his victim’s jacket to ensure that he could not flee,” Acting Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas said.Prosecutors said the 38-year-old stabbed Darwin Hernandez in the chest, hand, abdomen, groin and head behind a Laundromat on Clinton Street at 4:20 p.m. on March 2, 2013.Hernandez, who died from blood loss caused by a puncture wound to his heart, was found dead nearby on Lincoln Boulevard.Hempstead village police arrested Moreno less than a month later near where Hernandez’s body was found.Both men called Hempstead home.Moreno up to 25 years to life in prison when he is sentenced July 15 before Judge Helene Gugerty.last_img read more

Syked up

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UK prepares to extend virus lockdown, says peak has not passed

first_imgThe government must decide by Thursday whether to maintain three-week-old rules to keep schools and shops shut and order people to stay in their homes to try to stop coronavirus spreading.”We don’t expect to make any changes to the measures currently in place at that point, and we won’t until we’re confident as we realistically can be that any such changes can be safely made,” Raab said.He said that “if we eased up too early, we’d risk a second wave” of infections.New figures from the health ministry on Monday revealed that 11,329 people hospitalized with coronavirus have died in Britain, making it one of the worst-affected nations in the world. The British government warned Monday it would not be lifting a nationwide lockdown anytime soon as the country remains in the grip of a coronavirus outbreak that has claimed more than 11,000 lives.Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, who is deputizing for Prime Minister Boris Johnson as he recovers from his own bout of COVID-19, said there were some “positive” signs of progress.But he warned at a daily media briefing: “We’re still not past the peak of this virus.” Topics : This number is up 717 on the previous day, down from previous daily tolls. However, data on a Monday is often lower due to underreporting at weekends.Johnson became the most high-profile world leader to contract the virus last month and spent a week in hospital — including three days in intensive care — before being discharged on Sunday. The 55-year-old issued a video thanking the medics who cared for him, and admitting that at one point, he believed it “could have gone either way”. ‘Saved my life’ Johnson’s government has faced questions about whether it was too slow to impose the lockdown, keeping pubs, shops and schools open even as they were shutting across Europe.According to The Times newspaper, 10 cabinet ministers — just under half — are pressing for the measures to be eased next month over concern about the economic impact.Raab insisted the government was “united” in its determination to tackle the virus.The government remains under pressure as doctors and nurses complain of a lack of protective equipment and a shortage of coronavirus tests.In his video message, Johnson paid tribute to staff at the state-run National Health Service hospital in London where he was treated.”I hope they won’t mind if I mention in particular two nurses who stood by my bedside for 48 hours when things could have gone either way,” he said.He named them as Jenny from New Zealand and Luis from Portugal, adding: “The NHS has saved my life, no question.”The parents of Jenny, identified in media as Jenny McGee, spoke of their “exceptional” pride at her role.”She has told us these things over the years and it doesn’t matter what patient she is looking after, this is what she does,” her mother Caroline told Television New Zealand. Deaths expected to rise Johnson is recuperating at Chequers, a 16th-century mansion northwest of London used as a retreat by British premiers for the past century. He has reportedly been reunited with his pregnant partner Carrie Symonds, who earlier this month reported suffering from coronavirus symptoms herself.Johnson asked Raab to stand in for him when he was admitted to intensive care one week ago, and remains out of action. “The prime minister is focusing on his recovery, and he’s not currently carrying out government work,” Johnson’s spokesman said Monday. Government data suggests the number of new cases is beginning to flatten, although testing is limited, as is the number of people in hospital beds.But Chief Scientific Adviser Patrick Vallance warned deaths were expected to keep rising this week, before reaching a plateau, perhaps for two or three weeks, and then decreasing.But the official toll only includes people in hospitals, and “there are of course unfortunately many deaths that also occur outside hospital”, he said. The government said that 92 care homes have reported an outbreak of coronavirus in the past 24 hours, and there are fears many fatalities in institutions are currently underreported.last_img read more