Don’t go too close to her the moral and legal issues of the garbage station

what kind of station is the garbage station,


my understanding, garbage station is to rely on collection and pseudo original fill content, wandering in the edge of law and morality, and actively practice SEO techniques, do not seek repeat customers, cheat you did not discuss personal sites. The garbage station is the product of the Internet, can not be eradicated, also cannot get great development, but in the face of the garbage station multiply new phenomenon, I think it is necessary to remind the webmaster friends: do these wary of moral and legal issues of the dumpster.

Moral problems dump

a lot of people in the discussion, as a novice webmaster, I A5 have repeatedly expressed his position, its all, with "pseudo original" strong. Because "pseudo original" is not a simple copy and sticky post, this kind of way to cross the work of others, rude trampling on the Internet spirit of democracy, and real society robbery is not much difference. A lot of rubbish site for the processing of original works, just remove the original author’s name, even worse, directly dubbed "the original" stately issued issued. I believe that, in reality, these owners have dignity, they hope to get the respect of others, but why once hid behind the screen, it exposed hideous face, wantonly trample the dignity of others and work? Some garbage station hang a blatant picture, when you click on it want to see, found in the webmaster trap: you click into the dead cycle, finally fruitless, can not see anything. A man should speak his conscience, and a station too. The Internet is a tool, should benefit mankind, and not alienated several multiple personality of the webmaster. The moral problem of the garbage station is actually a very serious topic, worth talking about.

in addition, the garbage station faces serious legal problems. Although a relatively realistic society, Internet related laws are not perfect, but as a netizen, especially for the station, to the legal issues of site may involve very careful, as if. The issue is particularly prominent in the large number of websites that rely on pornographic films to sign and provide infringing software downloads. Many webmaster play the legal edge ball, under the name of health care buy erotic content, and some friends earn flow and dollars. But just as in the real world, the attitude towards the law, if we despise the law, will eventually be punished by law. Those who rely on erotic content and provide pirated software download sites, if the long run, the outcome is dismal, or sad. The negative lessons on the Internet is too much (A5 forum has a "old master" is about the problem, why not) some Adsense attention? I do stand only as a hobby, but also a large number of webmaster friends expect site hunfanchi. Therefore, I think walking the ball of garbage owners should pay attention to this issue, reined in, don’t rely on her too close.

(postscript: in fact "dump" is originally a small webmaster said, this was not a derogatory term, but for the money.

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