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this article is a topic I shared with my friends at the WAW event in Guangzhou in May 28th. The main content is to share how I am learning website analysis, and I think more effective learning methods. The original title was called "how to learn website analysis."". But I feel the subject is too didactic. I am just a web site analysis of beginners, can not afford such a big topic. And my method is not the best. There must be friends who have more effective learning methods than me. So here’s how I learned web analytics. Simply share my learning methods with my friends.

in the course of my website analysis, can be roughly divided into 5 stages, they are: basis, input, practice, advanced, output. In short, interest + make mistakes. Next I will introduce each phase of the content one by one.


1, basic stage: the reason for learning

the first stage is the basic stage, and before you decide to start learning the web site, you need to understand the reasons for your learning. That’s why I want to learn website analysis, not SEO or SEM. I think it’s the foundation of the whole study, and it’s very important. I used to buy books when I was SEO in the past few years. I went to the forum and studied SEO, but I didn’t finish my studies. Because I do not have a clear reason for learning. There are many reasons for this, such as career change, salary increase, job hopping and so on. These are all reasons.

apart from the reasons, another very important factor is interest. The reasons may help you begin your learning process, but you really need the support of interest when you stick to it. For example, it’s like looking for a girlfriend, and if it’s only for a reason that you need to find a girlfriend, you’re not interested in the girl. Then this relationship will not last long, either. Therefore, interest determines the effect and depth of learning.

2, input stage: read a good book

the second stage is the input phase, and when you start learning website analysis, you must first find a good book to read. Although the practice is the best method of learning new knowledge, but I still recommend in practice before you want to read a book, because the blind practice will make you feel unable to start, and greatly increase the chances of making mistakes, which will discourage you, eventually lose interest in learning.

choose a good book to understand the trade terms in website analysis, as well as basic analysis methods and rules of the game. If you are learning tools, you can go directly to the official help center. Here are some learning resources and books. More resources can be found in my web analytics library.

Google Analytics help center

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