10 characteristics of failure stationmaster

wrote yesterday, "these ten people most suitable for webmaster" this article, get the support of the webmaster, so today wrote the 10 characteristics of the failure of the webmaster. Why does stationmaster fail, why does the website have no flow, why can’t make money?. Every webmaster should be responsible for the success or failure of his website. If you find yourself complaining about it: "my website why still no flow, or why not update my Baidu snapshot, a few months or why not included my site, I GG why not one hundred knife, I’m not a webmaster do material… Etc….", it shows that you have started go astray. If you really want to become a genuine living by the station of words, you should avoid making mistakes below 10.

, you’re not confident enough. To their lack of confidence in doing the station, if you even do not believe they can stand with what to see visitors go, do not know what the value and meaning of the website, who believe that your internet station is not the best in the garbage?

two does not develop and implement goals without detailed website operations and profitability plans. To put it bluntly, you don’t even know how to face the website every day. What do you do for it every day?. If you don’t have a long-term, medium, or short-term plan to define what your website is going to do first, and what to do next, you won’t be able to achieve your goals. Expect your traffic Everfount, make money in my wallet, that I see only in the dream.

three, you are lazy, and the overall operation of the site is inadequate. As a webmaster, whether team or individual, if you can not be self motivated and fully prepared, it is easy to produce inertia, you will never surpass yourself. Because you don’t even know where your website is,


four, do not know how to refuse. For example, when doing links, sometimes friends and colleagues let you hang a link, obviously know that the site is not included, or obviously know that hanging will affect themselves in the rankings, but because of the face, do not know how to refuse.

five does not have enough knowledge about the domain of his website. Any web site, even if only a garbage station on a union for a living garbage station, if you do not have the relevant field of professional knowledge, so every day, just copy and paste it, you will soon be facing my website done.

six did not learn to follow the basic rule of being a webmaster. So what is the basic law in the network, webmaster, webmaster is inseparable, as a webmaster to network with the pace, to learn something new every day! Just look at the news on Sina, bubble on stationmaster net admin5.com, Baidu billboard also know that this circle is the webmaster what happened to cause at least know your next keyword traffic sources where no certain standard and >.

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