Baidu off road two Alexa temptation

really do stand, more and more concerned about traffic, how many users come to visit every day, how much more comprehensive flow, access to those functions, the world ranking rose? Google, what included Baidu? Do station it is a system engineering that, how many webmaster for these parameters to enhance the night busy.

‘s own website finally on-line friends, really a little happy while also looking forward to Google, Baidu, Alexa included, after a long wait, Google, Baidu, Alexa are included, the beginning of Google, although only included dozens of Baidu, but it is to be included, are included, there may be a user keyword search out possible, natural flow is the money that. How many new webmaster for this matter and sorrow and happiness, and Baidu that thing has been widely circulated.

One day when

Baidu guest view Alexa have included, ranked about 7000000, is from the beginning of the day, every day I see a web site, for no reason to see their rankings, seeing every ranking rising for two consecutive months, almost 20 thousand and 2 per day million rise, happy the mind, when in one hundred thousand is good, perhaps in one hundred thousand after they can engage in a small advertisement hang on the site can support itself.

Alexa is that really important? People always have vanity. Alexa really can reflect the real situation of the Internet? You calm down and think of the time, Alexa is the realization of website statistics through the browser plugin mode, that is to say when the Alexa Toolbar is not installed on the user to access your site is not statistical, less than 1% of the current global users to install Alexa Toolbar in 1%, the user behavior of users to 99% is a bit far fetched. Since everyone knows that Alexa is inaccurate and can only show a trend, why are so many people flocking to it? That might be the attraction of Alexa. Many people say that the Hurun list is nonsense, catch the odds of winning the lottery are basically equal to at home by thunder, but why have so many people to participate in and be concerned about it, an explanation is human weakness. People sometimes can not be too rational, for their website Alexa ranking promotion jump for joy:). Personally feel that perhaps Alexa is not bought by Amazon and Google acquisition will develop better, but also look forward to the continuous promotion of Alexa, or replaced by a larger rival.

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