Fast accurate ruthless Wang talked about small and medium sized website profit Road


webmaster friends good afternoon, today we Xi’an have many foreign friends, Chongqing, a friend of Xiamen, the ancient city of Xi’an is a tourist city, I hope you play well here. I took about more than 100 master general assembly, but never feel today, what a special feeling? In Xi’an today I found a particularly high proportion of female webmaster, to participate in the general assembly in other places basically according to the current owners of the female ratio is about 3%, I think we Xi’an the proportion of female webmaster accounted for 10%. So many women Adsense proportion shows which industry beauty more, which industry most profitable, it seems that we make money coming.

today, I share the personal website of making money, more inclined to small and medium-sized sites to make money, personal website and enterprise website, big website is not the same, take their road, we may die. Today the West network, Xi’an are very well-known websites, but more and more people today are not to make money, more people are small sites, small sites to make money? We have to analyze. Because the meeting today is special, we present 500 people, but we are on the sidelines of the US stationmaster net, net, tens of thousands of Western so-called webmaster in Internet cafes, in the personal computer above we see in the meeting, listen to all the voices. I contacted many webmaster, earn a dollar from the day I met many webmaster, one day earn tens of thousands of dollars of stationmaster I have come across a lot of different, webmaster have different ways of making money, different sites have different ways of making money, China words I put these so-called broad and profound. Webmaster, profitable idea summed up in three words, these three words sum up all make money skills, my incisive language said, "fast, accurate and relentless," these three words have many meanings are very good, used in personal money is the most appropriate.

today so much beauty webmaster, talk about this fast, fast money, unless you do not want to make money blogging play, if you want your website to make a career to make money, make money fast. In the network no one will take the initiative to send us the money, we only take the initiative to take money. One thousand people earn one thousand, but no matter what

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