Content management of the three carriages in community operation

myself according to a year of community operation, the community operation of the most critical three elements called "three carriages", they are: user operation, content operation, interaction.

in the last article, talked about the "three carriages" of "user operations", today described the "three carriages" of the content of operations".

(1) what is "content operations":

1: away from "content is king"".


explained the concept, I set out my own point of view. I didn’t understand the concept of "content is king" in the community operation.

community is different from website, do website, we can take content too seriously, I sent 5 articles today, search engine included me 5, I am very happy.

but we don’t want to have this idea in the community. Community is a place where the public gather, and it is the interaction of users before it can produce content. Therefore, interaction is the first and content is the product of interaction. If we simply to do the content, then we open the robot hang up, and a day can produce tens of thousands of stickers, ask, these posts meaningful


2: "content operations" is the combination of static and dynamic.

away from the "content is king", we understand the importance of interaction, but also understand how content is generated. Therefore, the content of non – moving can not be born, non – static can not live, move in order to better produce, static in order to better display.

in a word: "content operation" is to create content + show content + promotion content, both static and dynamic, dynamic and static combination.

(two) content creation:

1: creating the source of content:

we all create a source of community are starting location of the community, the community should provide what to transfer to others, what kind of core idea, the spindle where, what are the characteristics, these are the most important, is the source of your creation.

we provide to the user to meet what they need, this is our value proposition, do any of the products are identified in the core characteristics of their own needs, or more users, like a headless fly, become climate. Remember Mr. Ma said a word: "to do things in fact very easy, very simple, as long as we find the right direction, then do.".

so we must create content around the core of his thought, not beside the point, no tricky question, so you will be more and more prosperous community.

2: how to create content:

1) rational use of celebrity effect".

site, we can look for celebrities in the industry, to do an interview, of course, must be in the case of other people’s convenience. When you put such good quality in front of the public

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