A non professional webmaster experience

to Anhui talent recruitment network (www.ahjob.cc) to today’s summary, but also my summary of network life summary,.

from the beginning I began to register the domain name. At that time only know to register a domain name to buy a 100M space is equal to the later had a big site. At the time of registration of a registered automation domain, then the message and good relations between the brothers, some friends the information to said admire. I am also very happy. Domain name and space in that year, it will not be the cicada…..

I have a new understanding of the domain name, the domain name is better remember feeling at that time, the registration of a ahuitong.com for a friend of the Anhui business network, I still don’t understand for the website, the background will not get in, could not add content. Some time later, a virus found on my website. After a period of time, what did not enter the domain name….

the third also registered a juncaiwang, then I feel very excited, because CN, COM.CN are registered, unregistered COM gave me a chance to register after the students from Xiangfan that bought a set of personnel system, the system is relatively ugly. I put the name of the site for Chinese talent network in Guangdong there is a China talent network, I think this name can be stained with their light. The site put a period of time, there is always someone to publish news. Soon or out of the old problem, my only network virus! Jun is also finished. In the 07 year of the day, a a stranger and I want to buy my QQ juncaiwang offer 120 yuan, 120 is only enough to think about the funny, I have rejected his request one day. This domain name has expired, I do not renew the.08 I checked the handsome now under the past. It was registered and the name margin That’s the end of it…..

walked out of the school to do things in the securities industry, 07 years of the bull market let me just the young people into the community pockets drum up. In the society also want to do something and wanted to return to the community. In the group of friends together to support several students in the mountainous area of Anhui, 5. 30 after the market, we have lost a lot. Support for students in the mountains has become nothing. I told the students employment and enterprise recruitment website has been carefully. In the university graduate to find a job, find a lot of companies have no experience is concerned about the work, some schools do not have work experience, it is difficult for students to find a satisfactory job. If it is convenient for small businesses to recruit employees anytime and anywhere, this year’s graduates will have the opportunity to practice and work. Small businesses have relatively large turnover, and their recruitment hopes to keep costs down. Be able to be a web site for business and personal recruitment and job search, even if there is no profit, it is also for the community to do something meaningful. But because I basically " in the website technology, ", if I still want to do it

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