Do share with you the guest journey

guest for a long time, always want to share with you in the jar with experience, but no time, because the guest is a tiring thing, do people know tao. The selection of goods, commodities, etc. These are looking for a place to determine your level of income, in order to achieve the maximum effect, I always adhere to strict selection of goods, I will according to the credibility of the business, sales, grade screening.

guest to earn money, the greatest experience is to choose the right goods for goods, and every day you can have a surprise and unexpected harvest, took my stand, my station is related to the theme of women, so I choose with female related products, but also to see the key a large amount of recommendation, put them on the front page, content page, and interspersed in the content inside, such as the now very popular list, you put the first hot items in the list or the middle, but must do some description of the goods, don’t tell people how to sell this, who recommended the purchase, then attach the address below, this is the goods and articles together, some of the benefits of doing so, one is to increase the number of original articles for your site, but also can get two Commission Kim, while others see your ranking, people will come back next time to see if there is no new ranking, this also increases the flow, for other advertising has also brought revenue. Why not?.

then, I again for a hot commodity in the weekly recommended to everyone, every Monday, the best selling network, the most popular are placed on a weekly basis, and then in their own website recommended weekly magazine on the commodity at a glance. Very clear, lovely girls all like it very much. This is good for the sale of goods.

did a few months down, found the Tao do really too tired to commodity screening, Ali mother the choice of goods are sometimes more than the speed is slow, it is a painful thing, so when the selection of goods is really hard, but no way, who told me who is the webmaster. This is the network, eat the meal, and then to the family pictures of simple processing, publicity, recommendation, but often you will find the mom in a background there is often a big surprise, said, in January 1, 2009, a underwear from me actually sold dozens of pieces of it a piece of underwear, I had received a 100 yuan Commission, see this income, really full of confidence for this year. What financial crisis, go to the side.

due to a few months of suffering, now I have been thinking about how to get more goods to market, so I found mom in customer service, the information is too slow, I went directly to the phone call in the past, oh, mother of the two are very enthusiastic, they really feel very friendly, I was calling to consult the API thing, the result after hanging up the phone, they look at my website, also approved it, and now API’s painstaking research toil to write "