A small webmaster site construction process

I am mad cow stock network (http://s.www.kngpw.com) is one of the founders, together with my friends, but two people are busy no time management. Therefore, the amount of collection is always difficult to get up. Website PR value is not worth mentioning. Flow is less poor.

preliminary work is to find a web program, because it is not the web professionals, so only from the Internet to find a BBS program, started a website course of more than half a year, during the replacement of a web page. Unfortunately, because of the DEDECMS program is not very clear, the site is empty, there is no content, the amount of inclusion began to decline in a straight line.

later changed back to the original version of BBS and collected tens of thousands of articles on the Internet with a locomotive collector. Recently, that is, dozens of articles a day, but they are completely copy the content of other people’s Web site, I know manual collection and automatic collection of a little difference. But I’m a copy here, I don’t have any of the content of my website, let alone my experience. People SEOER, professional and technical personnel, web programmers, and so on many aspects of technical talent, but we are two rookie webmaster, how can compare with others?. SEO is also looking everywhere. See how others do it. But it’s not good to do it. Depressed ing……

two of us are not in one place. We don’t work in a city, so we should discuss how to optimize the website. There’s no more chance. Now, that is, two people casually go online, often look at some successful webmaster articles, learned a little bit of fur. Now write this article is what people say soft writing.

sucks, the writing is poor. I wonder if it can cause other people’s sympathy. I know the weight of the A5 website is high. As long as my article to be included here, perhaps, that bird I stand, should be more than a reverse connection, my mad cow stock network, should be one more reason to mad, because I have the website of ADMIN5 chain. Hey。

now domain name, better domain name, good corn, have been applied for by others. The domain name is also very garbage. But I think my domain name is a little longer. But it’s pretty good to remember. If the article can have a little of his own article, do not go online to extract, for Baidu, Google included is a good. Having its own characteristics is the biggest principle for a website to survive. I think so, if there is no originality, no more articles, no more content, no matter how strong your SEO technology is. You see what I’m saying, right?.


, it’s okay to go around and see what others do. Why do others succeed and we fail?. Why。 Ask more questions. Why?. But friends in this area are also quite small, I hope that there are experts can point pointing. >