09 years have some opinions about the local information network

local information network develops more and better, although there are a lot of people say that the local information network does not make money, but there is still a huge number of webmaster rooted to local information online, no matter how the outside evaluation, I have always believed that there is a reasonable, do anything with success and failure, the key depends on your website business skills, many people think that a website program, from the network reproduced some news information, which is called the local information network, There are plenty of people who this idea, a website that has its own characteristics, have their own advantages, this website is just like a vegetable, a soulless vegetable, will not want to develop, to the website, will be out of the ordinary, you should have your own style, its own characteristics, the establishment of an own brand. A famous man once said, "" there is no way in the world; there are many people who walk; there is no road; " good things, we should learn from them; but we must integrate ourselves with our own characteristics, and do not blindly imitate them.". Do local information network, and other types of sites are not the same, the local information network, is more dependent on the line down the line with online publicity, publicity, etc. the site has some popularity, online publicity will lead the line of publicity. Many people have paid great attention to publicity, in fact is that some publicity after all is said and done, but everyone can think, it is difficult to do, the original plan is very good, but it is difficult to find, a good publicity, need to consider all aspects of the implementation process, how to solve the problems of publicity how to communicate with customers, and business, this requires the ability of local information network station.

if you are a personal website, then as a webmaster, you need to have good communication skills. With the customer, the membership of the website webmaster good communication, communication ability is good or bad, directly affect the income and development of your site, then you need to have a good style of writing, website publicity, you need to write propaganda content, write well enough, but also consider the readability of the article, the contents of feasibility, the title is attractive people and so on, a good publicity articles to the readers can have an impression on your web site and don’t let people off. Owners also have good ability of planning, website how to develop, how to attract popularity, they need to develop a webmaster website promotion plan, site regulations to write, write not only rigorous, but also attractive. Finally, you need to have your site information, to persevere, and some of the necessary inputs can not be the province, especially in advance, many advertisements are webmaster to dig into their pockets, but these must be paid, do not want to do not spend a penny, you can go out publicity website. If you want to save money, it’s good to start with specific details, or some creative hype, but it depends on whether you have the talent or not.

the weak obeys the rules, the strong change the rules, and the wise man creates the rules". Website development in the early, we are weak, many businesses, see your site size is small, do not find you advertise, at this time we should give some preferential business, or give them convenience