Lin Haoming how far are you from the Web Operations Director

wrote yesterday’s article, "a few important factors in the success of the website operation" released, not long after, there are friends in the group reflected that Baidu has been received, and comments are included. A5 contribution to the morning, not only through the review, but also recommended to the home page. Just take a look at the A5 home page has 3 articles I wrote the article, "the birth of Tuiyou network owners spend less time and money" this article is the most reproduced. Lin Haoming promised us today as yesterday to share the website operation today to write a blog, "the site director of operations and how far you are". Maybe you are an excellent designer now, or maybe you are a promotion expert now. Perhaps many webmasters do not know the director of operations need to master a few points, or you have already achieved the following points, below write down a good director need to have a few ability.

site building capacity

to build a website from the home page layout, page structure, time structure, correlation degree of each page, the entire station structure etc.. The layout and the page all need to consider is the user experience. In functional analysis, what colors can be used to make users more impressed with the site. As Sina’s women choose to use red, parents choose pink. Let the user see the color, feel the function of this page.

technical capabilities,

yesterday’s article also mentioned, and now do not need to master skills, but also to build a web site, such as Disucz only need simple installation, and then set a template, a beautiful station will come out. However, as an operation summary, you need to know the pros and cons of not writing a language, ASP/PHP/.NET/JSP, and so on. Many large portal also choose to use.Net development, such as 5173 this big game trading platform, SF EXPRESS this online single system, they are chosen to seal the source code development.

product packaging capability

If the

site can hire an operating director, of course, is to make the site profitable. Season, stage launch the appropriate products. The most important thing is to open up market revenues and to have the means of marketing to create high profits with minimum success. Peer competition requires insight and early adjustments to responsive sales products and sales strategies.

operation promotion capability

needs to know how to operate all kinds of websites. Whether it’s paid promotion or free promotion, you need to open unlimited resources with limited resources. In the promotion, we need to quickly find the right partners, negotiate with each other with good communication skills, and lead the team to implement.

strategic market capabilities

integrates the network with real resources, online resources and offline resources. Constantly create advantages and opportunities for cooperation. The entire market needs attention at all times, the hand when the shot, act according to circumstances, adjust the whole slightly.