Me and my two marriage nets

some people see this topic, make sure dizzy, 2 of the same station, ha ha, is a bit iffy, fell down. However, I have confidence, because it is a regular station, Baidu must face to the point, first introduced the first, Anqing Jiayuan network ( this station for several months from the beginning to now, artists and programming the station from the beginning to the light I all do a good job, a total of 2 months in no way, lazy people, every night a little, when you want to do, get up, have not done this kind of station, this station is on the function and structure is not very clear, but to Jiayuan matchmaker network and Chinese to register, and then look at their membership system, analysis of their the function, the overall feeling of China who is suitable for the public, Jiayuan function is a little fuzzy, like we have some professional knowledge, want to find something, are not easy to find, Baidu emphasizes the "user experience" is not very good, my art Not very good, on the Internet east looking for, looking for a lot of related stations, and finally put together a plane, East copy West copy, also make do, is the appearance of today’s Web site, for me, it’s not easy.

Second days

line on the website, GG finally included, in the next 10 days, GG frequently included, and Baidu is not good, like him, until 25 days later included, see Baidu snapshot, halo, is the site of the online date of second days, that on the second day of the launch site only included, but Baidu did not show it, it can be speculated that Baidu for the new sites included, must use, watch the attitude you see is not garbage station, how to update the content of the original, how, etc. fortunately, like friends of the station, is the basic membership registration, are original the content, from the start I do not worry, Baidu included Baidu, unless they have a problem, I here is no problem.

Baidu included my target keywords, ranked second, ha ha, is also good, the key is, our local marriage network name, Baidu index is probably around 100, I ranked second, until today, is second, can dip the light every day. At the beginning, every day about 2 30ip, and now the difference, but the 2 and 30 IP, unlike entertainment station out, come and go, friends of the station, as long as they are registered, is fixed, they will often come, perhaps this is the site membership from the original. I feel like I’m the station SEO, quite good, in Baidu search "Jiayuan network", ranked fourth, "company", the first page of the last second, Baidu index one day but thousands of ah, I do not know how to engage in, will go up, and Jiayuan grab traffic, there are many I no optimization keyword rankings are very good, is really the gander.

about the station’s profit model, is actually very clear, as we all know, did the network of friends all know, I feel that if a simple dating may charge more difficult, because the free internet dating site too.