Blogging money making and Google Advertising

and yo2’s friends chatted about the topic of earning money in the blogosphere today.

( from my blog, I have tried a lot of ways to make money blogging, the longest time is Google Adsense (Google ad), the other is the Ali Mama, feedsky topic advertising, so far, see cash most is feedsky topic advertising, the second is the mother of Ali, as Google Adsense, although also a lot of income, but don’t know when I can see cash.

In fact,

said Google Advertising, the beginning is by hecaitou spell. On his blog, he showed off the envelope of the Google check with a simple, generous print of the Google logo. What I really want to get a like an envelope at the time, and also with a Google advertising account, began to put ads.

also because Sina, Sohu, bokee and other blogs do not allow themselves to advertise, I finally left them, removed in blogbus, DoNews, yo2, and eventually placed in the yo2 nest.

I’ve been putting Google ad on for a year now, but I haven’t reached half of the payment standard so far. No matter how I optimize the advertising space and put in more advertising, the growth is still slow. I finally know one minute the money is what kind of feeling.

so later, I slowly realized. See those big foreign clients with the Google monthly advertising story will no longer build up the family fortunes. But first I confuse advertising Google the hecaitou began again and again criticized Google for advertising, and the "Three Guarantees" the mother of ali.

may be really, as yo2 chief oneoo says, making money on blogs is difficult for average blogs. Maybe there is so much time to study, optimize, reverse the position, adjust the color of the plate, so that it is better to sit down and write one or two excellent articles to be realistic.