Local talent network learn from excellent direct sales staff

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in A5, there are many owners in the personnel engaged in the operation of the site, in the talent network, spread into many webmaster every day to work, we can see many webmaster articles published in the exchange of experience in A5, benefit. In the operation of talent networks, there is a certain difference between the industry talent network and the local talent network, and the marketing methods are different. An excellent article last seen in A5, is the author of www.nzrcw.com wrote an article "talent network industry accurate summary" experience promotion, which elaborated the industry talent network in the promotion process of some means of precision marketing, is feasible and practical. And as a local talent network, can we apply this model?.

described in this paper in a way that is like playing in England – fight, midfielder seemingly not very important, this is decided by the characteristics of talent network industry: enterprises are distributed all over the country, job seekers also are unevenly distributed. Therefore, if the local talent net give up the midfield, lack of organizational dribbling, then certainly not successful, the local talent net how to do promotional work? I decided at the conclusion of an advanced experience at the same time, the promotion of www.0736zpw.com experience gave us an inspiration: like good salespeople learn

!What does

learn from good salespeople,


1: dare to visit

is feeling together while walking, this is not false, relatives long walk, feeling light, local talent net is even more so, we in the direct selling industry, once the new, can not wait to pull you out of bed to you that the new advantage, so the local stationmaster talent network is also possible? In the traditional holidays before we visit customers, blessing? When the site has a new promotion, visit the supermarket are often sent to inform? DM don’t

in the door?

two: good communication,

used to describe some of the best tongue blossoming lotus sales is not an exaggeration, they dare to preach, preach, good love declaration, advantages of a product in their eyes just can set out hundreds of special, finally let you careless on the purchase, so we will be good at. Good at communication, promote communication, promote what? Of course is important to the website vision and website data, show that our site how professional data, how to enrich our future how far, only let him feel to your site for job recruitment is the most professional choice.

three: rigorous language,

we received insurance telephone? In the training of marketing personnel, the insurance industry is often as a marketing staff in other industries case, how? Because they are after long-term accumulation and precipitation, summed up any customers may be asked questions, and edited into a book and let all the people back, such as you >