Be a qualified webmaster

what is a qualified webmaster, this in every webmaster’s heart has positioning, some people feel as long as the construction site if it is qualified, some people feel about some knowledge, some of what SEO can, this is not conclusive.

but Baidu has a strict definition of the station owner. It doesn’t ask for every station, but it has to make something meaningful, something new. So that many webmasters have a headache, relatively speaking, Google is very easy, and its requirements are very low, this station for the owners, it is very easy to do some.

users (customers) and if from the point of view, they love to see Baidu, because Baidu search from out of the content is always fresh, many reasons this may be why netizens use Baidu than Google with.

I have just started a station the station start is free to do, but basically behind the rankings and updated snapshot of relatively backward point, to find out the Baidu temperament, I update the content regularly, from the user perspective (net) to do stand, do they love to see the content. Do some easy to understand the contents of the back through my efforts, ranking and traffic will go up soon, hope that the webmaster to do after the station should be from the user’s point of view to do stand, so do the site will be Baidu’s favor.