mproving the user experience of a web site from a data mining Perspective

improve the website user experience, so as to enhance the user satisfaction, we may need to do a lot of things, many people also have their own views, some people say that the interface to do site optimization, it is said to be planning special activities to attract more users and so on, these optimization from the general level is to improve user satisfaction, but to be effective, more accurate, we need to analyze from the perspective of data mining, so as to improve the user experience.

on the one hand, through targeted user index for page optimization. Every click, reply, comment, and every move of the mouse is a direct reflection of the psychology of the user. For example, by positioning the IP address, city, province, know which area users access the site, whether the different regions of the user concerns what differences, often visit time is the same, through the analysis of these data, the specific promotion or planning activities in which city, which time can be selected guide the market business department. Based on this comprehensive and detailed data analysis, we can be more realistic understanding of their website to attract users, so as to help us improve the user experience in a timely manner.

, on the other hand, active users and churn analysis. We often see such propaganda language: "certain websites" registered users have more than millions, even tens of millions. In fact, these data do not have much significance. Just imagine, if most users have not logged on to the website, these data still have what meaning? So, for a website, the real number of active users and non users in general, so only those users in creating value. Therefore, the goal of improving user experience is to discover new users and retain old users. All that we can in the storage of user basic information at the same time, record the user’s last login time, it can accurately calculate the user last login time interval current, then distinguish the user is active or loss.

also optimizes search within the station to make it easier for users to find the information they need. Search has become an essential function of almost all sites at present, especially in the rich content of the website, when users lost in the website, then it will take the initiative to turn to search. Analysis of station search, the most common is to analyze the user’s search keywords. For example, we can develop the corresponding search analysis function through the background of the website, record the user’s keywords, visit the page, browse the page, search, click the page ranking list and so on. In the actual design, we should try to reduce the user’s unnecessary and tedious operations, and strengthen the search experience.

in addition, through the data analysis, grasp the user’s psychology. The website for the revision of the time, we tend to think: what are the unreasonable factors in the present page? What data index can reflect the users’ psychology? First of all, we can keep track of hours trend of a web site traffic, then in operation >