Discussion what exactly is the concept of doing a website

in the webmaster circle, the most frequently heard is to do the word "website", such as what you do website, we also made a new website, and so on. But what exactly is called a website? Do you take a discuz to build a forum and use CMS to change a system? It’s called a website. I believe that many people understand this, and I understand it. But now I have a new understanding of the word "website".

is actually a website for users to provide a product and services, such as forums for irrigation network, chat, video sites allow users to watch movies online. So, we make the first step is to consider, what is the needs of users, we can provide what kind of products and services for users and users, because you only have to provide products and services to make money, do a website to make profits. But in the specific implementation process route can be different, we provide services and products in the early time may not use, only to a certain amount of users have significance, so we can do some preliminary groundwork. For example, we do mall, then we can do this kind of product BBS to attract users, and then do shopping malls. We do manufacturers BtoB, we can also do some related users often use data to attract users, and then began to develop BtoB platform. But let’s not forget that we end up providing products and services to users. There are many cases, we started a web site is because of interest, and slowly find what we can provide for users of products and services. On the whole, the former approach certainly develops faster than the latter. To put it in depth, that’s what we’re looking for: you provide products and services for users, and then users pay for it, and you make money. If the service is free, then you have to find other ways of earning money, just like current video sites. It’s not realistic to collect money from your users, and you can only find advertising and other forms of profit.

do not want to do a website and do a website, can provide what kind of product and service for the netizen through the website, should be the problem that you often think when you do a station.


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