Domestic COM domain name transfer to Godaddy detailed tutorial

recently reported a large number of CCTV pornographic news, but also report CNNIC CN domain supervision is not good, and then CNNIC introduced a series of policies, such as not filed, domain name will stop parsing, and so on. In the face of the complex network environment, the transfer of domain names and space to foreign countries has become the choice of many small and medium-sized webmaster (in fact, it is also a helpless choice). There are two main specific reasons:

1, the domestic network environment for domain name protection is unfavorable, still not as a kind of virtual property to give due protection, recently, one after another by domestic domain name service providers to stop resolution. Although my domain name is not famous, it is not worth any money, my mother from Jane, after all, this domain name is their own efforts. At present, the domestic domain name service feeling is the child foster care by others, always feels in the mind not dependable, too not safe.

2, management is not convenient, modify data, URL forwarding, and so on, too many restrictions, the left one application, the right one application, special trouble. American domain name service providers, such as GoDaddy, provide more convenient services, relatively free, limited restrictions, and domain name service providers can not stop parsing unless they are strictly related to arbitration. At the same time, foreign domain name service charge is relatively low, ordinary domain name at least 20-30 yuan cheaper than domestic.

think, I decided to transfer the domain name, the preferred domain name service provider is GoDaddy, why choose godaddy:


1 and Godaddy are the world’s first Registrar of domain names, and the service is good.

2, as top-level domain name service, domain name ownership belongs to oneself completely.

3, the domain name control panel is fully functional, domain name resolution is fast, almost real-time.

below is the procedure for transferring domain names to GoDaddy, for the reference of friends who want to transfer the domain name.

1, registering a user at GoDaddy.

2, after logging in, select "Domain Transfer" under the Domain menu, or directly open "ci=8992


3, enter the domain name that needs to be transferred. For example, the domain name I want to transfer is, and then click GO,


4, this step is to verify that the domain name is locked, and if the show "Available For Transfer" means that the domain name can be transferred. Click the icon "checkout" and go directly to the shopping cart.

5, choosing whether to customize a shopping cart, is actually GoDaddy’s marketing of some of its services