Five words that you can’t miss in your life

first sentence: excellence is a habit,


" is the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle said. If excellence is a habit, laziness is also a habit. When a person is born, except for his temper, he will be different because of his nature. Other things are basically acquired, which are the result of family influence and education. Therefore, our words and actions are accumulated habits. Some of us have formed good habits, some of us have bad habits. So, from now on, we should turn excellence into a habit, and make our excellent behavior habitual, and become our second nature. Let’s get used to creative thinking, get used to doing things, get used to being nice to others, and get used to appreciating nature.


to " ", continuous and uninterrupted " ", mounted on a really long, they become accustomed to, for example, on time, every time to be on time, you try it, you can see with 30 years, with a long time it was the habit of.

second sentence: life is a process. Although the outcome of the matter is important, but the process of doing things is more important, because the result is good, we will be more happy, but the process of enriching our lives

human life, the final result must be death, we can not say that our lives meaningless. There is very little eternity in the world. College students in love, every day vowed to say I will love you for a lifetime, this is actually untrue. Statistics show that 100 pairs of college students fall into love, 90 pairs, eventually break up, and half of them get divorced. You say love can last forever? So the truest expression is: " I am in love with you today and at this very moment. ": tomorrow, maybe you will be lovelorn, lovelorn, we will experience the pain of lovelorn. This experience is also a process that enriches your life.

notes: life itself is meaningless, just the life you give yourself, the meaning you want to achieve, so the process of enjoying life is a meaning.

third sentence: the shortest distance between two points is not necessarily a straight line

it’s hard to get things straight from the point of human relationships and doing things. Sometimes we need to wait, sometimes we need cooperation, and sometimes we need skills. We do things will encounter many difficulties and obstacles, and sometimes we do not have to stiffness and hard, we can choose to bypass the difficulties, there are obstacles to go around, and maybe do things more smoothly. Let’s all think about it. We have to think about something better when we talk to other people. Especially in China, this complex society, we should learn to think of ways to understand others, to make people think you are mature, very good, you can make things.

notes: if you’re taking the math test, you have to