Eight strokes teach you play you out

is not only heard and not heard "taobao.com, Amoy Amoy off what? We can understand this, to help Taobao sellers promotion of goods and in accordance with the turnover Commission (who can be a person or website). If you want more detailed understanding, you can go to Ali mother’s Web site, there is a detailed introduction.

today is mainly about how to play out, then, I think the only need to do the following eight things, you can put a guest network operation good


one, want to locate

Ma Huateng has a three question philosophy in management that asks each of the following three questions before deciding to do one thing:

first, this new field, are you good at


second, what would you lose if you didn’t do that,


third, if you do, how much competitive advantage can you maintain in this new project,


we have a new guest network should not think of new field ready? This website, is the user wants you to accept a site like


these three questions you might feel for a guest website is not too much, I think we should do a good station should have this spirit. Because this is the direction of our development, the driving force of development, no matter what you do is the website, we should do a good job of differentiation strategy positioning.

two, station design

we have this idea of the next step is how to plan the site for you, you will need to understand what is "Tao" only you fully understand that he can make a perfect website layout before doing this, for this class you can refer to the website of peers has done better, combined with my own experience, do the site must not be copied.

three, do content

we do above also have their own set of techniques, to understand what is your website users need, what is love, of course, more content, and also have some originality. Also, the title is also very important, and you can often introduce a topic of content. This is a half times.

four, leaving the user

if a user comes and not because you are content to attract, he did something to you are interested in how to do? If we do this when he is interested in the content, but also because of concern about this content and often visit, you keep him on this site reflect your value.

five, a value

everything has, and only owe the east wind, here, we should need to establish a good value incentive and sharing mechanism. To put it plainly, put the money in your pocket and bring back a portion of it to the user. This is what we are