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resources in grappling with the modern world of the Internet, has the brand appeal is beneficial for the entire product. Because no matter from user loyalty or marketing cost that brought by brand fans bidding is ultimately a high conversion and low cost promotion form, it gave the product is not only the so-called bargaining power, the more concentrated into the hot demand, especially for the fierce competition in the industry, the brand as a role in a moat sense, to the product itself has extremely favorable development situation. Therefore, it is not hard to understand why, in the double eleven approaching, the business mind is not homogeneous, the reason is that they want to do the brand, do not want to follow the trend of the ride, after all, soon after you remember is that several brands, he is still the passer-by.


on the meaning of the brand at this point, then you will not want to start, as poor and blank grassroots webmaster, facing the competition situation of the industry we raging like a storm, how to establish their own brands, settling their users? In fact, significance and value of the brand price is not only simple operation concept, it is a a network marketing era, for the brand establishment and shaping the concept, we should be more into the Internet Ecosystem, the only way to better control the overall brand shaping process, then talk about brand building in the network architecture, and what are the key of


Internet era is rich in resources and has a wide range of channels. If any brand wants to create popularity, it is necessary to diversify its means of promotion. But in this process, some problems are often followed, such as brand building fragmentation, such as ganji.com such a live site, except in the subway, bus station. In the CCTV advertising, publicity and some network platform is the own brand spare no effort. These ads, in addition to looking for a house, looking for work, as well as domestic services, secondary market transactions, etc., many categories are also very miscellaneous, but users remember the market network, remember its life helper brand position. Why? Because as long as or even if the channel is wide, but ganji.com when building the brand is pay attention to overall, no matter what brand, will own additional services together. This is obviously different from the overall perspective, although the platform will do different things, but the global brand as well as giving the impression and tag is everybody’s not small.

brand building is not a short duration of time things, although the concept of grassroots brand is very yearning, but is often done soon surrendered, asked why most of the brand is something flashy without substance answer. The truth is that? Brand building is a continuous process, in this process, we need to do for the user to do screening, precipitation, do solid, no matter from which point of view, brand building is not a day for two days can do. Understand the diary, we have seen, but also very yearning for their own, one day he can write articles like that can make money. But we failed to see the persistence and effort behind him. 9 years’ time >