Double 11 online shopping Carnival is not what you think


in the world, there is no holiday made the holiday is the typical cultural festival, because the promotion is the business earned tens of ten times the traffic, often create an important way to sales record, from Taobao’s birthday, women’s event, years to promote the double 11 online shopping carnival, the year-end promotion affects many times all the activities of the network, double 11 online shopping carnival is undoubtedly one of the most successful festival. This originally was a special day called "singles day" in the West. It was thoroughly used by Taobao and labeled. It became the most important annual event for all the electricity suppliers. It was the cultural representative product of Taobao.

Why did

make this major promotional activities on the double 11? This is Ma Yun excels. Electricity supplier if you want to compete with the store market, and get more market share, sales promotion is undoubtedly the best way. The National Day golden week is the ground market season, many industries will be in force this time, greatly small promotions overwhelming hit, many consumers are unable to resist this wave of attacks, have "surrender", after the holiday is also found empty pockets. Christmas, new year’s Day is also the peak season of the store market, so the double 11 as Taobao’s "online shopping Carnival", just caught in the middle of these festivals, you can more easily get the attention and participation of consumers.

from about 50000000 yuan in 2009 to 19 billion 100 million yuan in 2012, Taobao’s "double 11 online shopping Carnival" every year has created a new miracle, to online shopping gens brought real benefits. Some buyers at the end of last year’s double 11 activities, the media Tucao business is dark up, down, play virtual price war, and he did not get real benefits. In fact, last year involving Jingdong, Gome and Suning Appliance Sales in three mainly in the price war, is really the attract buyers eye, playing the empty high price war, the national development and Reform Commission also come forward, the survey results show that there is this.

in last year’s "double 11 online shopping Carnival" activities, as far as I know, it turned out to be a naked price war. Because the official has relevant regulations, the goods sold in the mall, if you need to participate in the "double 11" activities, must be the lowest price in the last three months, on the basis of less than 10% of the original selling price, but also set the package. On this rigid rule, so many businesses headache, after all, doing so, it has become a thorough loss promotion. In order to avoid losing money, many large stores have chosen to keep a large inventory of stock, and use some new styles to do the vanguard group. They begin selling in the week before the holidays, so that they can avoid the policy. And the old money in the store can only be sold at the original price, and in the influx of ten times the flow at the same time, but also through the way of related marketing to buy out. Although that part of the pioneer group’s new product is through the price elevation, and then set below 50 percent off of the price to sell, but each shop has a price system, so this sales price is very reasonable.

why is it that consumers complain of not getting real benefits?