Y education network year station summary

in the blink of an eye, I’ve been doing the IY education network for a year. It’s only a year since the domain name was filed in May 17, 2008. I have seen the summary of the Moonlight blog for one year before, and I have also summed up my achievements in doing a small station for one year.

one, traffic chapter

site on-line, in May 17, 2008, the purchase domain name began production, and now there are a total of 1532 articles, Baidu included 923, GOOGLE is included in 2290. GOOGLE included is the date is May 21st, Baidu officially included is 2008-6-4, can be seen, when Baidu included new sites, inspection period is very long. GG soon included very quickly, but there was no weight. Baidu included, IP came quickly. About a month or so to reach IP1000, and then Baidu seems to be down right. Included slow down, update is also very slow. The traffic resumed only three months after this date. The highest IP1546 site, when GG has more than 400, the highest PV3091 in December 2008, where GG gave me a high stand weight. There are hundreds of IP, and I didn’t do anything. GG suddenly ignored me. The flow will be down. Total annual volume: 132130 IP, 293822 PV, no more than a day. The PV number is not particularly desirable. Average daily: 365 IP, ha ha, just 365, good. This is the website traffic aspect aspect.

two, optimization article

website optimization. 1., the soft text of the chain: feel in A5 wrote a few soft Wen, good. Reprinted by many websites, so many chains have been obtained. Of course, also applied for a lot of the chain. The PR value is July, directly from 0 liters to 4. Then in September dropped to 3. in January 2009 rose to 4, April is 5 and the DL, the chain inseparable. Send an article in A5, you can get good outside the chain. 2: content optimization, mainly want to do some long tail keywords, but the effect is not ideal. A key word from Baidu is only 2-3IP.

three, Wangzhuan

do have some cost, so do not make money website is the most free space, my space and domain name 200 yuan a year, the main income comes from the Wangzhuan GOOGLE ads, a year down about 60$, basically no profit. The optimization of GG needs mentioning. In the past, when the content was completely merged, the click rate was only 0.2%, which was later changed to "red", and the click rate also increased. For 0.5%, of course, there were some places that were put into picture ads to increase poor click through rates.

four, harvest chapter

a year income RMB about 200 yuan, if count on the site of the production, maintenance, add content no money to earn. I learned some simple things about using DEDECMS to make websites.

summary article, a rookie, now do not always want to make money on the site, if you really do web site