Flower shop in Valentine’s Day promotion experience

friends just opened a Taobao shop, I think the site must have a great ability, so, Gesanchaiwu urged me to help do the promotion.

speaking of promotion, I’m ashamed. Own a published recruitment information website, efforts for a year, traffic has been unable to go up. Has used several third party site statistical system, through the data display, the website most of the antecedents are brought by Baidu, Google is very little. The most terrible is that the site was punished by Baidu, has been included very low. I can’t remember how many times a man knocked at Google and Baidu, "site:365zph.com", frowning and staring at the huge gap in their numbers.

from last year began to soak Admin5, incredibly thick skinned published several articles, also made a lot of webmaster friends. Since the friend urges urgently, I have to draw lessons from other stationmaster’s experience, for its support several strokes.

friend is a florist, main flower bouquets, flower baskets, meeting etiquette, wedding ceremonies, the bride holding flower, flower, shoulder and wrist. Since Valentine’s Eve is the hottest time for flower shop business, I suggest a friend to mobilize the resources of the people around us. I have only one reason, I do not believe, who has no friends around Valentine’s Day is not the day to buy flowers! Friends QQ, MSN, Skype friends made a shop and address.

in order to expand the scope of the promotion, I suggest that the personalized signature of the friend is also changed into a florist’s concise propaganda language, such as "Valentine’s day for your lover to send flowers, http://s.shop35579010.taobao.com/!"". Friends immediately action, also asked her friend’s help, one day her friend’s signature have largely changed the slogan, has had anti CNN, MSN in the "red Chinese, magnificent scene of the whole line", even more gratifying is that even the friends of friends also joined the campaign


printing business cards is also one of the promotion methods. Friends printed hundreds of cards, first distributed to friends, let them on behalf of their colleagues and friends, friends also personally went to the entrance of the station to further expand the influence of the flower shop.

thanks to the love of friends, flower shop in Valentine’s day to a beautiful beginning, many buyers directly online trading.

after Valentine’s day, the flower market overall demand reduction. Friends shop, and just rely on the QQ signature publicity, has not been very effective. Since the Taobao store itself has been optimized in place, I can only recommend friends in a variety of products, photos and content presentation efforts, easy to search engine search. At the same time, I think the use of popularity promotion is more suitable for flower shop. She has worked in a flower shop for more than a year, and her professional quality is excellent. If she goes to visit the Taobao community or other flower forums, he will be able to meet a lot of friends, who may become or bring potential customers.