Let people despise the malicious competition

recently some stationmaster always found himself site is K off It is without rhyme or reason. or drop right, they also did some means of cheating, not too much stack keywords, the last check the chain only to find their garbage outside chain too much, according to the latest Baidu Scindapsus algorithm 2 appears this situation is likely to make your site right down.

why does this happen,


because there are too many people and companies to do optimization, the hitherto unknown competition optimization industry, and the competition from the previous peace competition has become just competition, which is why there is a black hat studio, their main task is to make the black station, followed by spam links.

Google doesn’t say this method is nearly ineffective,


you can see that Google is "almost", that is to say what is not minor problems, but you don’t get a "strong", if you are a new chain within a week to 500 thousand, I think Google is certainly not calm, now anti cheating means any search engine are gradually perfect, if you do that is not


how to solve this malicious competition


now there was a chain to function, that is to say some of the garbage outside the chain of information you can directly rejected, this is why Baidu such a function, I hope you can study the chain or reject it! After all, if your site is bigger in the future will certainly be such a problem.

this malicious competition reflects the quality of nationals

China is a country with a population of 1 billion 300 million, with a large population, a large gap between rich and poor will lead to the national quality is poor, people have a difficult time not more than the idea of trying to destroy each other each other but this is a kind of use unscrupulous divisive tactics, the villain behavior, is a network of black society we despised.

Will this decrease after



have to say with the aggravation of the future competition, some people may think that this situation will be more and more in our country but I still hold a positive attitude greatly, from last year the national people which a network is more and more attention to the network development of this one, but with the increase of the phenomenon of national quality slowly disappear sooner or later, so here we still recommend to concentrate on the most important site to do their own.

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