Five essential roles of network team of tourism website

tourism industry belongs to service industry, and tourism website needs powerful function and content. It is hard to break through without team operation. The role of the team and the division of labor determine whether the team is efficient.

briefly introduce myself. I’m a tourist practitioner. I’m in charge of the overall planning and operation of the website. I also manage the network team. After more than 2 years of polishing, I found that if you want to operate a good travel website, you must have a core network team. Today, we will discuss with you how to build a network team of travel websites.

travel websites, like most other types of websites, are divided into roles such as editing, promotion, art designing, programming, operation planning and so on. Each character acts as part of the chain of the team, and the importance of each link is different in different periods. Each role has different workloads and requires different people.

one, website editor: 2 people.

site editing is the foundation of a network team whose main job is to fill and update web content. For the tourism website, the contents of the product without much modifications (especially as the platform type of tourism website poly travel way this), so only in the information, travel, Raiders, do some relatively independent content. Suggested that the website editor’s work focuses on the travel strategy this aspect, can enhance the user experience effectively.

two, network promotion: 2~3 people.

network promotion role is to site more and faster display in front of the user. This role can be divided into two aspects: SEO optimization and bidding promotion. In the early stage, the network team should cultivate the first loyal users on the basis of bidding. Because the SEO optimization effect is relatively slow, but we can not wait for it to work out.

here recommend SEO optimization personnel 2, bidding Commissioner 1.

say a bid to seize the core keywords, do promotion in the target area in the country, long tail keywords can do such a phrase matching, save manpower and material resources; SEO optimization mainly concentrate on the competition of small long tail keywords, there are detailed answers to specific optimization methods in an article on the "three types of unconventional chain" in the way of construction.

three, website art: 1 people.

artists can help the website give a good first impression, so the higher the site traffic, the greater the role of the artist (also an important part of reducing the rate of jump out). Here art can also be divided into two cases:

(1) self built travel websites, in this case, need to start from the beginning of the art of planning the overall style of the site, and to ensure that this style can continue in the future pages. The art designer has high requirements.

(2) buy travel website system, in this case, the artist usually only need to do three kinds of work: topics, styles, advertising map. >