A webmaster’s network career

remember, 3 years ago, I don’t know what websites and web pages are, but computer hardware and systems are pretty familiar. BBS how to post don’t know, one day, a friend and I talked about, get a movie BBS, after the flow can make money, then listen can also do with friends. Buy space, buy domain name, everything is good, who knows no technology is not good. Online download a PHP forum program will not be erected, it took a month to do well.

later encountered problems in the first year of development. Are technical problems, they will only delete posts, other friends are all, are rookie, but his level is a little bit higher than me. It was me and my friend who started learning the technology. I study programs, and he learns art. I spent 3 months in the selection process on depression, ASP, PHP, JSP, asp.net, then select asp.net, then I bought a book, buy a book cannot read, the two still cannot read, know what is the third after the dynamic web page, according to the database is dynamic state ", to the background program at the same time.

went to work, went home, read books, rested and read books, and spent more than a year. The concept in the brain is cleared. I have my own idea too. My job is CNC operator, doing the same action every day, bored to death. Decided to resign, the original 2000 more than a month’s salary and annual salary of more than 3W jobs and positions, but also ideological struggle. Half a year to decide the resignation, and finally decided to change careers. Many things have been simplified, ha ha, and my friend’s cooperation is also because he has no intention of learning graphic design and sprinkle.

look at what I did six months after my resignation. I spent three months studying graphic design, setting up a shop online, writing programs, and studying every day. After half a year looking for work (the main reason, shop did not succeed, the graphic design program did not learn, progress every day, can get to the amateur level) to do management work in later years, spare time doing what I love to do such a good network. Amateur network can earn points, for the network is really a sub ah. 07 years in September began job hopping, because just changed career, no experience is not good. Now with one year’s experience, no problem. At the same time, there are many works on hand. To the new company, the first step is to fix the network, and then began to develop programs to do small projects. The programming level is not average at this time.

for the time being, the work is still possible, and the work is more substantial and more free, although it is very busy when I go to work. Think back 2 years ago, my job is CNC operator, operation is a few 1000W yuan imported equipment, every day do the same action, bored to death. Overwork turns out to be death. It was right in the short run to decide to leave and switch to IT. It’s been 3 years since I studied IT. The kind of bitter in the middle, not a little bit of foundation, no one taught, that is, to buy their own books to read, and actually write their own procedures. In this way, read a book, read the first half of the year. And then get yourself from >