2010 the United States retail website top ten experience summary

(China Electronic Commerce Research Center News) the e-commerce market in the United States is one of the world’s most advanced analysis, online retail website of the United States in 2009 really is a very interesting topic, because it is likely that some now from the trend and experience of American electricity market summed up will reappear in the China market. Recently saw a special analysis of online retail website information company launched the 2010 edition of the American online retail website 100 strong list, I will be here after the translation plus re sort to do a special, I believe there are help for domestic electricity supplier practitioners.

beat the depression with originality

at the beginning of 2009, with the United States economy deteriorates further, shoppers’ consumption is naturally decreased, but we can see the retail website from this selected list of the top 100, these businesses have come up with every kind of innovation to make the website shopping users more loyal, more healthy, perhaps it is because of the hostile environment caused.

many retail websites will focus on user interaction, including adding score comment function, construction site contains more information or blog answering function, some are more active in the SNS and user communication, such as Facebook and Twitter. Some sites will be more intuitive navigation in the station, and some websites rely on membership, sales and daily specials and other means to attract users. In addition, many retail websites have begun to attach importance to mobile channels, indicating that users are indeed increasingly beginning to use their hands that increasingly rich mobile phone shopping.

, we’ve summed up the following 10 lessons from the successful innovations of this year’s top 100 retail sites:

(a) and real shoppers "mix" this one should be the most obvious trend this year retail website creative, as a franchise footwear retail website CEO said, "the importance of social networking has become a part of our culture, as it has become (Social Network) we live in a part of the user or the same."

our 2010 online retail hundred hot list business is not simply a Facebook and Twitter page to keep up appearances, but to let users think of the initiative to visit these pages. For example teenagers clothing brand Forever21 on his Facebook page attracted more than 510 thousand fans, supporters can see the brand new clothing here and score and share, and there’s a fun game, a large number of pictures and active discussion forum.

diagram 1: Forever21’s Facebook page, you can see in detail is a lot of effort, for example, page operators use the text and tone are very consistent with the target user group positioning

figure two: users can >