A college student’s account of himself How did kill online education websites

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online education in 2013 from the new capital market has become a hot, we all have to the China new products of great enthusiasm and optimistic, and the emergence of a like ape exam, pass class, more than 91 foreign teachers, 51talk, the online education company.

he is now senior line education practitioners, but as early as 2009, the university graduation at the beginning, in the ignorant in the business, suffered their own online education in Waterloo. At that time, he how entrepreneurship, and how suffered defeat, in a coffee shop, he explains his brother to the horse business history, following his dictation.


I’m a rural child in the West. It’s not easy to get into the University. So, I deeply know what it is like to educate the children in the countryside or the outlying areas of the west. The University also has done some entrepreneurial projects, but are only minor, not like later as a concept, do an online education website so much.

As soon as I graduated from

University, I didn’t rush to find a job. Instead, I decided to start my own business. So I have an idea for an online education website. At that time in 2008, the market has not yet called the "foreign teacher network" that foreign teacher network. As for why to do online education website is the following requirements: first, based on the consideration of latitude China education monopoly is too strong, good teachers are in the hands of the elite students, basically admitted to a good high school or in a good city will mean good enrollment rate of good education, I want to own to change this status quo. Second, the combination of Internet and education must be a general trend. Only the open tools and platforms such as the Internet can change the status quo of the irrational allocation of resources and the centralized monopoly of teachers.

So the

based on the above, I decided to do a major is the three or four line of the city’s online tutor training primary and middle schools, this is not a general sense of the tutoring website, there is a tutor website in China long before, such as the XX tutor, but the site is mainly that the tutor tutor intermediary, or to to the user’s home to teaching, and do not say the site control not bad, and can’t help solve the problem of what I say.

so I didn’t do it at the beginning. What I need to do is a closed loop. All the experience, testing, teaching, payment, rating, a series of closed loop, are completed online interactive tutoring platform.

has this idea, the next step is money, when I did not have too much money and no experience in raising funds, so I went to the school forum BBS post, looking for investment. As a result, one of my brothers met me through the Internet and decided to invest me 100 thousand yuan. I had the first barrel of venture capital.