A deep reflection on the failure of small website construction company

construction and optimization industry, first, the threshold is low, and two is a large influx of personnel, small website construction company or company room has become increasingly difficult to survive. The author before the site construction company ultimately ended in failure, but also is the site, there are millions of RMB in the first half of the income Changsha counterparts, while the former company why difficult, and even the failure of the companies? The author made the following reflection, I hope to share with colleagues.

one, personnel aspects,

small website construction company, its entrepreneurs are mostly good sales or technical background, the author belongs to the former category. Small website construction company personnel are usually below 10 people, I talk about the previous company in the personnel allocation problems.

1, programmer

small team, in fact, the programmer’s technical requirements are not high. A programmer with two years’ experience will be able to do most of the work. But a carrot, a pit, a small team, no time, no energy to train a new programmer. The author’s suggestion is that the old programmer brings new people. The new person mentioned here refers to more than half a year’s experience in building a website. Such a personnel structure can reduce expenditure.

2, web design and art

small website construction company, web design and art is usually a person. With my own experience, a high-level artist is very important to the company. I have experienced several companies, mostly to lower the level of art, the effect of making customers dissatisfied, and suffered heavy losses.

small team of business establishment, are mainly low-end, while web design is very important, to reduce the operating costs of the company’s perspective, find a picture beautification effect of high level personnel is more important than the web designer. Because of the low-end construction business, mostly in sets of templates or imitation station based, many are micro innovation. And if received a high level of web design business, you can from Taobao or pig to find senior designers, so I prefer to find a good artist.

3, optimization officer,


of the website construction company, believes that I have at least one or two years of work experience, and that there are a lot of successes and failures. The staff structure is brought up by senior staff, which is considered from the aspect of reducing expenditure. The author of the previous company, SEO this piece of no problem, that is, the station business on the emergence of a large loss and lead to failure.

4, sales staff,

small team, basically no sales staff. The author to their own experience, the first can be full marketing, second can be slightly combined. Full staff marketing is to let all employees of the company should take the initiative to attack, rather than passive and other customers to consult. "Slightly united" means that the company can work with its peers, such as SEO studio, north, Guangzhou and Shenzhen in Changsha Station Office, Teng >