Doomsday is approaching analysis of electricity providers on behalf of the plight and change

agent operating electricity supplier company treasure statue submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission IPO application, plans to finance about $200 million, ready to list.

main cosmetics agent operation, electricity supplier beauty Li makeup also announced that it has completed the B round of $100 million financing.

as a stealth promoter who brand behind the scenes, on behalf of the operators is an important part of the business, and now, more and more operators decided to come from behind the stage, into our line of sight, but the operators shrouded in the head of the clouds have been dispersed.

generation of electricity providers before the road

beauty beautiful makeup for example, throughout its way of development, the key word is one of the bundled affordable herbal, as a domestic brand, beauty beautiful makeup let it online monthly sales doubled all Watsons stores do offline, it also let Li Renli in the world became the makeup agents operating their own brand ceiling powder. The endorsement by the agent of the brand ability, has been MaxFactor, NIVEA, Lancome, Biotherm, Laneige and other brands of favor, become their online licensing agency operators.

beauty beautiful makeup CEO Huang Tao in the beginning, they do not adhere to the Commission mode, make their own dealers to buy the business, since the sales. Then by using the Tmall platform will influence the brand effect in the Taobao platform two amplification, due to dual role, beauty beautiful makeup relative to other agents, have inherent advantages, analysis of professional market data and unique marketing tools, sales of products far exceeds his agents, thus becoming the ACE agent.

review and choice, vice president of Huangmei beauty said: "the two sides we compared to other operators brand advantage is our role, is the first brand dealers, and is the brand operators, for brands, an online channel is a good thing, so we made Sinoway, success later, to attract more brands. It is precisely because we do not do commission agency model, let us distinguish other agents, have their own independent advantages."

2015 beauty Li makeup in the development of the quality has been a leap, to get financing, beauty Li makeup decided to go to the stage before the official, into the B2C. The future will force the mobile side, to launch its own APP, to seize the mobile terminal market, the market is mainly through the integration of brand resources and platform resources, enrich their own brand; and another is to launch cross-border cross-border business. In this regard, beauty beautiful makeup has begun to try, March 7th to 8, beauty beautiful makeup cooperate with fast, fast in App integral mall home carousel, consumers can use a taxi to redeem beauty beautiful makeup MaxFactor, Maybelline, and other well-known brands of ten coupons package. And cross-border aspects, the main push sea Amoy business, the company has been set up in Korea, Japan, Britain and other business division, mainly to meet domestic consumer demand for foreign brands. Beauty Li makeup has accelerated the pace of brand promotion, to enter the B2C force.

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