Local portal station optimization practical method to share

today’s national day, we all have a holiday, I did not expect the server is also a holiday, and may be like everyone else to watch the parade. It is not accessible from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.. As a local gateway, if you want money, be sure to have an independent server. Choose the best brand, reliable service provider. Domain names are the same. These are the website optimization survival most basic thing.

local portal station, the general should be the main information to local practical classification combined with the forum, as the general webmaster, the personal webmaster, should choose suitable for their own classification information in a class based, as a breakthrough, I think they are used to people network based, is the slogan of the people net, second-hand is fast! I think there are a lot of people can be worthy of our reference, they do the user experience is good, the page is very simple, the operation is relatively simple. I also try to simplify my station, classify as little as possible, provide free registration, release information function, in the release information button add color, let the user easy to find.

For example,

I was in the real estate information, early every day to collect some real estate information, if you have time, is also appropriate to collect some second-hand, talent, friends and other information, not much, a few also, there are a few tips to share:

, a note of each piece of information as much as possible including title, place, price and other information, because the title of the right of major, try to use up, because users generally do not know the words of this importance, for the sake of convenience, can save the province. This is also a good original information, the information is not much, in essence. Some people may like to use software and other information collection, this I have not tried, I do not know in the end good or not. Collect information, you can also take offline collection of methods, such as to go to the streets to collect some shops leasing, sales staff recruitment and business services information, by the way also promoted the site.

two a day, do not suddenly let out to collect the information, can be divided into two or three or four times the way home, if each can display eight words, each update eight, so you can make the website the frequency of updates, love more crawler.

three, the content of the information should also be a Shimonoseki, see if there is no contact, is not true, whether it has been released, try not to repeat the information released many times.

of course, there are many ways to optimize, such as I write some soft text, the site itself construction, etc.. There are some real estate information, you can find some real estate network Links, every day for two or three PR, not necessarily high, but the site right important, analysis included, snapshots, keywords ranking etc., so to increase website weight, real estate keywords ranking quite useful.

I like the

channel information network in Taizhou real estate this two directory PR quickly rose to 3, with good content and ranking, we can try to find a real estate intermediary cooperation, can try to charge a fee, we give him V>