Promotion without shortcuts is hard work

SEO network promotion can be said to be a lot of people have abandoned the industry, the reason is very simple, Baidu is in the network environment this year to clean up the action made by the algorithm changes. And since that change, the people who believe in it all will find that Baidu’s temper is becoming increasingly erratic and that it makes us SEO elusive. In fact, this year, the entire Baidu for the purification of the network environment, we can clearly understand that Baidu is aimed at the disposal of spam. Many website owners just complaining website began to decrease, Baidu keywords ranking began to fall, why I started to become the site not normal? And so on a series of problems in the promotion of his start as one falls, another rises inside the circle, has now become the mainstream".

in the past, SEO promotion is actually very simple, a site to get the hand set keywords, pseudo original update, then the doom heap links, such a web site keywords ranking can quickly improve. But these work is now a can not do, and get the hand of the site, we first of all to analyze, analysis of the nature of the site, site positioning, the site of this, then that. The station can not only find the update article change the sentence, must have their own thinking and the correlation. Link itself, not to mention, which webmaster dare to do the same forum as before, I’m sure you will die here, very miserable.

in fact, for these changes, Xiao Bian is also very annoying, but for now such a change, Xiao Bian believes that it can still be accepted. A lot of people are just getting used to the way they used to get out of the way. It’s normal to think of that anomaly. In fact, we have not thought about Baidu love those things in fact we all know, Baidu love meta label, H1 label, within the chain, the original content, the chain, also love the user experience, the webmaster will say I don’t know this, then I can only say that you are inexperienced. In fact, all this we all know, but there are a few people to insist on carefully doing these things? Why can others sites in Baidu storm Jingjiubushuai, our website is not? But we can think carefully, no matter how Baidu update and change it is for the entire Internet environment, is not to say that their website is affected by just only hurt yourself.

is for SEO regardless of Baidu again how to change, we have to pay attention to many things and things are never changed, and these things are on your own consciousness and daily accumulation will be able to see the effect. Why do we site included reducing, thought not our site updated articles and things are not their own original? If you are original then there is the problem of Baidu, if is collected article, so we can not blame Baidu. Is there a sufficient link to build our website?

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