Soft Wen writer’s career direction

on the Internet, about soft article writing is really countless. However, most people are teaching people how to write an excellent soft text, or how to become a good soft Wen writer. However, few articles mentioned a soft Wen writer should have what kind of professional development.

in fact, for soft Wen writer should have a kind of career development problem, I also think for a long time. Because, I have been writing in the soft text as a living. Although not as a professional writer, but after all, has been eating on it. Therefore, for their future how to develop, but also has been entangled with the problem. In the vast Internet, bitter search for no fruit, can only once again ponder.


soft Wen writers have the basic ability

before talking about this question, we should first reflect on ourselves. As a soft Wen writer, we have what qualities, or skills,


first of all, we say that the basic skill for a writer is writing. Show your thoughts, opinions, and all your advantages through your essay. So, the process of writing is also a process of showing yourself and me. But there are some techniques to show it. This also requires writers must have a certain combination of language ability, but also a certain degree of persuasion. That way, your opinion will be convincing and your essay will resonate.

in addition, we all know that soft text naturally has the characteristics of advertising. Perhaps you think that soft Wen and advertising equate itself is a mistake. But undeniably, soft Wen does have this kind of characteristic, and soft Wen popular, also because it has this kind of characteristic. But the soft text and hard advertising compared to, it also has certain concealment, not as hard as the direct, soft Wen is the pursuit of subtle effect. The best effect is through the soft Wen to "education" to your readers, so as to achieve the purpose of guiding readers (of course, the song itself does not advocate to mislead you smart readers, can not take the reader of your trust joke).

since the soft text has advertising characteristics, then you need someone to spread this kind of advertisement. So you have to have some knowledge about advertising. You also have to make your essay as interesting as possible to your readers, and make sure that your writing is well known and actively spread for you. And among these, you must also understand some of the psychology of your target audience. So you’d better master some psychological knowledge and marketing knowledge.

of course, the soft text among the most authoritative and persuasive, but also a number of news soft Wen, so we must also have a certain ability to capture information, news writing ability.

and single soft does not have too much power, so you need to be able to create large quantities of soft power. Let your soft text produce chain effect, just like Domino, have the power. Large quantities of soft writing to >

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