The primary station new journey

has been following his classmate SEO for 4 months on the basis of his own understanding of the code. My friend gave me a lot of information, I will slowly to see a, ah ~ ~ Oh, that, then we go and do the women’s health website, do for a long time, because the editor is too much, we did not pay upfront, you heart qi ah.

stop further, the people’s patience to finish, the website a lot of trouble, no way, we can finally rest, I also took the opportunity to do something else, a friend gave an input method ( web site to me, let me do it myself, PR 4 is also good ah then, slowly made their start, the input method in 15, because 3 days did not update it fell to 20, my mother, you are crazy, hard 5 people went to go in front of me, oh, I feel quite interesting, and then I’ll update speed, then go to Baidu, do the chain, so do the chain, PR, Baidu spider to Qin place to pack advertising, and others to exchange connection, the site updated faster to keep up, and then to do is your site of things, the key to good Word segmentation, web site, within the chain, step by step to this.

can only do so, while studying in front of my web site, the edge of the improvement, so slowly climbing, but also one day to climb up one, ha ha ~ ~ a bit like playing games, upgrade acridine. Ha ha, and then by their own way to do C38 template, look at the article ADMIN, learn more advanced experience, but also good acridine, ha ha.

I’m talking a little messy. Let’s do the SEO.

1, website structure is done well. The 3 floor is just

2, key words, pay attention to inverted row, oh,

3, inner chain, outer chain

4, update,

5, other

that’s all I have to say.

hope you come to my website. Ha ha, goodbye,

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