Talk about the O2O industry profit model and its future development through the rise and fall of gro

O2O is a concept of the electricity supplier industry in recent years the rise of the O2O (Online to Offline and Offline to Online) is divided into two kinds, one is the consumer from online to offline consumption, one is the next line to the online consumer groups, a project before the start of the author is to the latter. That is, the positioning of the two or three line cities, for the line of the main consumer groups to sell local brands do not have products, in the business community to establish an experience shop model, sales services. Very similar to the British Argos e-commerce model, this model is very successful in the United kingdom. But today I would like to explore the first O2O, which refers to bringing online consumers to reality stores — online payments, buying offline goods and services, and going offline to enjoy service. The current group buying is one of the O2O models.

In fact,

O2O in Chinese is one of the earliest business model, Ctrip pattern is a classic O2O model, but he is the realization of the information flow, capital flow and online service is realized, can be said to be a stage of the model, O2O finally need to realize the flow of information and capital to realize online business. Flow and service to achieve online.

currently on the market more familiar is the group purchase mode,, 58 city (classified sites), love, word-of-mouth network local search these belong to O2O mode.

I want to talk about group purchase, as we all know, the granddaddy of the group purchase is the United States groupon. Originated in November 2008, with its simple profit model, to achieve profitability in just 7 months, set up a year will have a net income of $50 million, more than $100 million in 2009, more than $400 million in 2010, to the third quarter of this year, the 3 quarter of 2011 Groupon revenue of $430 million, an increase of 426%, and in November 4th this year in rasdaq listed. In an interview with Forbes and others, Groupon said his goal was to reach $1 billion earlier than any other form of sales in history, and he did.


group purchase mode is simple, the world crazy follow-up imitation, group purchase website does not include Chinese has more than 1000, China more outrageous peak when the group purchase site more than 5000, the group purchase website of the tricks in the market to fight hand to hand with the capital market, but also to seize this opportunity, crazy investment, according to Analysys International Statistics. Chinese network group purchase website in 2010 received a total of 13 financing, involving 9 group purchase website, the amount of financing of nearly 700 million yuan, of which handle network, F group, full, ah ah group, cool group, the U.S. group and other well-known sites accumulated investment has reached 10 million yuan level.

with capital intervention, the group began to frenzied expansion, a short period of time, from dozens of companies quickly expanded to thousands of teams, branches throughout the country, mainly

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