The core step of enterprise network marketing diagnosis

now small and medium-sized enterprises, more or less have carried out network marketing to promote enterprise sales, but the lack of long-term and systematic planning. If the enterprise can do network marketing to self diagnosis of electronic commerce, can not avoid the blind? Guest network marketing institute said: "the enterprise network marketing diagnosis is a complex process, but the marketing process" is a system first, network marketing network marketing diagnosis based on holistic understanding, the function and form of the foundation of network marketing. First of all, the network marketing is divided into three levels:

first level: website marketing is also the lowest level. To enterprise own website marketing as the core, customers through search engines and other means of access to enterprise website.

second level: network marketing, with the public website as the core. At this stage, most of the enterprise network marketing in this stage, it can be said that this is an inevitable process of network marketing development, but not the ultimate goal.

third levels: Internet users marketing, Internet users as the core. By the end of 2009, netizens in mainland China had exceeded 400 million, and Internet marketing, with Internet users’ demands as the core, was the ultimate goal of enterprises.

as an online marketing training institute, we diagnose the website in teaching from the following aspects:

diagnosis: include the company independent website, and the secondary domain name website built on the public platform, setting from the key Title, Keywords, Description three labels, to analysis the website page design technology, keyword set, domain name registration evaluation path of rationality, internal and external links, a comprehensive assessment of health website.

diagnosis: input in the search engine’s core keywords, keywords or business, such as the guest network marketing institute is "network marketing training" and "network marketing", the development of the search results appear in the company’s business interests, and whether the content is coherence and oriented. Content appears on what kind of marketing platform, and in what way to carry out the advertising.

Methods: the diagnosis of

marketing is still in search results as the evaluation content, video marketing, email marketing, event marketing, blog marketing, marketing news and so on, which are suitable to the enterprise in the industry. Each industry applies different network marketing combinations.


diagnosis means that transaction means, different products and services by the chamber of Commerce different sales channels, basically, the application of B2B, B2C, C2C platform respectively corresponding to manufacturers, retailers and brands and retailers; from the observation of the sales platform, to determine the most suitable for the development of the industry sales.

of course, for the site to do comprehensive diagnosis, but also to seize the key to analysis, so as to guide your web site in a healthy direction.

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