How many functions do you drive What are the most important attributes of a product manager

ha ha, many days did not open the public number backstage, and then found that netizens asked me why the new year, not to the user to send a "Happy New Year" blessing…… Well, I’m sorry, I’m not your Lucky cat, do not bow and scrape to the holidays. Because I know, I just want to make a happy new year, and some people will say, "you become vulgar."".

wants to talk about two products and one question today. "What are the most important attributes of a product manager?"

because of family reasons, the wife and children in the US country new year, will can’t do anything here without a car, every day to the frequent use of Google maps. In China, I am the loyal powder of Gao De’s map. So when the two applications are compared together, there are some feelings.

1, giving people a sense of trust or frequency brush presence?

just landed when using Google Maps Navigation, some does not adapt, because the habit of noisy High German navigation, in front of fifty meters straight "," high moral map has been for your navigation "," crossing in front of cars"…… It basically rings in two or three minutes.

and Google maps are no nonsense, very high cold, and often I drive for 40 minutes, and it doesn’t say a word. In the beginning I thought it was not the mobile phone crashes (sweat) to speed, but when, at a distance of two miles will prompt accurate "and two miles, a certain export", then 0.5 miles to remind one, 0.25 miles a reminder.

used for a long time, Google map gives me the feeling is a sense of trust, as long as it does not speak, I feel at ease to open the music, just go ahead. And the high moral map, when I need to drive, always focus on what it says, for fear of missing important information.

well, I know some of my classmates will say, High German map old driver mode of, ah, need to open the bottom navigation "more", and then enter the "Settings", then enter the "navigation settings", and finally into the "broadcast mode", "to become a classic simple broadcast". I believe that the proportion of users who know and successfully change here is certainly not large.

2, more functions, is the cow,


interested students can go to look at Google maps and high moral map center personal personal center, the difference between the two is approximately equal to the wore no make-up of a campus of pure beauty and a bare breasts long legged walking the red carpet sexy actress.

I believe in some operational data indicators, whether it’s a high moral map or a Baidu map, it’s better than a Google map. For example, the high moral map has "my wealth", has "continuous daily check win gold coins", there are a variety of information topics can improve the user’s online time. None of these Google maps.

, but I don’t want to open a APP. Tell me how to get there. When I’m bored, I have WeChat, and there are all kinds of mobile games. I don’t expect to be in a navigation application

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