Method of flow diversion from Baidu

Baidu as the world’s largest Chinese Web site, its traffic that is quite big, so today to talk about how to flow from Baidu to its own site

is actually from Baidu’s own products which flow, who let him have so many products, ha ha, my site is also from Baidu, oh,

1, you can create entries in the Baidu encyclopedia, or revise the others create entries, then add their own connections, such as the "" Yangtze River seven "online watch" and then back to your own connection to

2, in Baidu know inside hair, then ask the answer. Note the answer time is not too AD, you would like a normal answer, don’t send a connection even, next to have a little embellishment of the


3, in Baidu’s post bar inside, to find a few and their website related, and more popular, popular a little stick, and then answer some of the members in question. If possible, try to get familiar with the owner and the inside point, convenient after his

AD, ha ha!4,

creates its own Baidu space, then they have free reprint articles about others, or if you have published some of the original in a leisurely and carefree mood, you know, a better space flow but larger than the general flow of the site.

there are a lot of places can be attracted traffic, the key is that you are not want these traffic, but this is also a risk of Oh, is likely to be Baidu K off, after all, these are not the right way, too much, too dangerous, but for those sites have dropped by Baidu K so, you can slowly, if you find some popular keywords, traffic is not a problem. Ha ha,

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