Awesome A5 website optimization into high quality links to fast track

Zoupian Jian Feng rain eventually adhere to the original content and quality of flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, dual link awesome, optimized up will take some time, and the intensity of competition is so big the word "SEO"? In Cardiff SEOWHY, which included quantity and reverse link number is above 10W, it is not difficult to understand what is the core of the web site optimization; again SEOWHY for up to two years Baidu ranked first, it can easily know the popular search engine search engine website how to love. For the website construction and website optimization, "content is king, link for emperor" is the truth! However, Wang said the emperor of the contents of the original difficult unceasingly, easier said than done, quality and quantity of the link is more difficult.

talked about the link building, except for a limited number of exchange links, many people first thought is the forum, blog post, but the search engine algorithm after adjustment, has significantly reduced the forum, blog link weight; soft links have obvious advantages, and are very many webmaster successfully, but writing skills and thinking experience is not a the day of work; if the chain is regular, the purchase link effect is good, it is need to continually renew, will cost if things go on like this is not cheap, but once the stop site weight will inevitably be down, let the webmaster dilemma. Enhance the website ranking, essential link, high quality links come from? According to my understanding, A5 is the official beta and the upcoming on-line marketing and link Alliance (, may give an ideal solution.

soft text marketing link alliance, fully tap A5 both resources, between the webmaster, build soft text marketing and link construction supply and demand platform. On the one hand, a large number of grassroots Webmaster Station has no way, because the website weight is low and its own resources and lack of experience, and continuously improve the regulation of the Internet access threshold, growth path is unusually rough; on the other hand, attention to website optimization and search ranking webmaster, as the above analysis, the link quality and quantity always seems so far away. There is demand, there are markets, A5 soft links marketing links, so that the station itself to full value, but also effectively solve the web site optimization links difficult, quality links more difficult reality. The author and the work units in Shanghai website construction company pilot technology, in the soft link alliance test at the beginning of that pay to participate, measured that A5 marketing link has the resources of higher quality, more stable links, more diverse forms, cheaper, more abundant, the effect is more ideal six characteristics.

(red part for Baidu snapshot included part, black for temporarily not included by Baidu)

one, better quality of resources,


has a strong supply and demand market, and regardless of the weight of the site geometry, but not all sites can A5 link resources, but there is a rigorous selection

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