A little experience of doing CPS

I do

video chat is a long time, always want what to write, too lazy to have no time, my friends asked me to teach him to write a way to him today, hoping to score, is dead, people are living, sensitive to use, give you a summary of a share!


1. note:

space and domain name, in order to unnecessary trouble, if foreign space space domain, all false materials, perhaps with the foreign domain. The space to be stable and fast, does not limit the number of concurrent IIS, because the very much time to release the number of traffic online, this is the main, beginning when the old because of my space stable, one can visit was not, wasted a lot of points, but also affects the speed of visitors, assuming very slow people at once on the block, looking for anything else!

2. terminal home, do not put the chain advertising, that will divert the amount of registration. It’s best to put all the conventional terminals on the inside page, because the tourists are not interested in this and maybe they’re interested in another one. Visitors need to register the page, it is best not to put the communication chain advertising back, can be placed in the rebound full screen show. Different paging, rebound, different exchanges, chain advertising show. And when it’s time to drop the bullet.

3. at 10 in the evening to test the data, first put 500 points, 1.5 bid to see how much to submit, there is no registration, you can continue to sell points. Then tune master 1.4 points bidding, the amount of entry is still a lot, the flow of general release for 1. 4 bidding price. No monitoring, just put 1. 2~1. 3 bidding, release time of late 12 to 6 in the morning. Second days, 10 o’clock, ~11, 1. 5 points bidding, put the blockade flow. The exchange chain advertising settings are also very important, you assume that you can’t write, you put 1. 5, the bidding is also very few people. Think in your own mind. What kind of ads do you want to be as a man?.


;   4., grasp the traffic cost, there are two aspects:

one is the direct conversion of the terminal, and the two is the rebound flow. The direct transformation of diligence is equivalent to the direct mastery of the cost. The return of bullet flow is direct to reduce the traffic cost. Different templates of the station, you can graft from the A station to the B station, perhaps B station traffic grafted to the A station, to achieve a dual application of traffic results. Another point is very important, but the site is to seduce, best not to put the dew point advertising, * * content, although that income is relatively high, but the risk is relatively large, but is otherwise law-abiding, beware of the police network is too much trouble for you,


            5  we use a foreign virtual machine, not a server, it is best to put audio and video files in free space, and then call. This is better, but >

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