How can local portals develop profitable quickly

the horn of the Internet has blown all over the world, setting off one after another myth of making rich. In a large number of small local Chinese innumerable websites sprint with the majority of Internet users to the eye shadow and off quickly into the local people’s lives in many places in the site, and to achieve the purpose of profit, I think is every webmaster every day thinking about the question! I and we discuss how quickly the local portal station the development and profit of


a local portal, if you can solve the following problems, then his website can certainly make a quick profit!


1: domain name

a good domain name can play a multiplier effect, simple and easy to remember domain allows local users remember your site, let you spend the least money in the process of propaganda, to play the best effect.

two: information

The local

website through some of the latest and the best consulting society, can attract a considerable number of users, because the three major portals have barriers, Sina’s news is not news NetEase NetEase, sina will not be issued, but the local sites can easily send, you just put some hard work, social hot news the three big portal news overwith, which facilitates the browsing cost of Internet users, and increase the popularity of the website, just how hard a webmaster. Do not, the next step we have to do is to let mobile phone users and web sites to achieve interoperability, a small town of mobile phone users in more than 300 thousand, but the popularity of the computer is not so much, how to make this part of mobile phone users know our website? Can send some news, because some understanding the reasons for other reasons to cooperate in time, major news or sports news and so on, we can respond to the user’s mobile phone through the mobile phone, so even if there is no computer of the public can also and our website link, let our website quickly into the public life! Mobile phone reply news consulting its cost to be low the mobile phone is negligible, users can realize the green through our free reply, wait to have certain popularity and quantity can be received Fee service, at that time you can identify themselves, the most important thing is that we can drive a large number of popular!


three: Forum

, a local station must have a very strong interaction forum, the forum classification should be based on local basic necessities of life, may be a hot topic in the society and the piggyback on the discussion, the local forum should be to place the main plate do not engage in some boundless, although in the short term can bring to you but for your popularity, long-term development forum will be unfavorable, built to allow local users a sense of ownership, let him feel that this is your home, online, so you can! As long as you adhere to the local food and clothing live acts of the Lord, and these are closely related with the local people life, he is no reason not to participate in the discussion, in some social hot topic on it, let us go a heated discussion forum also set >!

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